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19th May 2016, 23:07
Travis I just wanted to reach out. I feel your selective communication and absence of any true clarification on the state of what many are starting to see as a botched rushed product speaks to your professional integrity.

I realize for all intents and purposes your presence here is for PR purposes still I can't help but read between the lines and see your handling of the consistent delays game breaking bugs and server issues as a genuine attempt to ignore the state of your product.

I feel cheated as a gamer. I grew up on Hitman and love it. I used to replay the Chinatown demo over and over as a kid because my parents wouldn't buy me the game. I see so much about this game from an artistic perspective that telegraphs the love your team has for the IP loud and clear.

That said you guys have gone way past what could be deemed as a rocky start. This most recent delay where we should expect not to hear anything regarding Episode 3 until Mid June is so utterly pathetic.

I am no longer that kid playing the Hitman demo. I am a 29 year old successful small business owner. I can tell you if I interacted with my customers in such a jovial selective manner in light of constant product delays and quality issues I would go out of business.

Reskinning weapon models and adding glow sights for Master Crafted versions while recycling bodyguard models and leaving Sapienza half empty while lacking even minimal depth with voiceover talent makes for a truly underwhelming experience. Your team got so much right in regards to level design and it seems your resources were cut mid development. I wish people like you didn't make a living off this kind of dirty pool that goes on in the video game industry.

I won't even get started on the bugs..

If your fully aware of this in your heart and simply have your hands tied as an employee I empathize barely... I still see you as the face of a product that has left me feeling cheated beyond what words can articulate here. I hope you go home at night with that hanging over you. Your the face of a botched consumer product that costs as much as a steak dinner for 2 here in Downtown Pittsburgh.

There is hardly anything about that which I consider 'a game'.

I would recommend you at least attempt to own that for what it is and improve on your teams communication instead of ignoring the elephant in the room any longer. It's beyond insulting.

19th May 2016, 23:13
I'm not too sure this thread is appropriate. I'm going ahead and lock it for now until Travis gets a chance to review and decide what he wants to do with it.