View Full Version : Audio Issue reappeared after Elusive Target

19th May 2016, 16:31
So when we only had the tutorial missions and Paris I had no issues with Audio, music played fine when i took people out or finished a mission i get that "Da Da Da Da" song play as 47 walks away from the level.

Then came out that dreaded April Pre Sapienza patch ( https://hitman.com/en-gb/news/episode-two-sapienza-launch-trailer-and-release-notes ) that practically broke my Audio, the "Da Da Da Da" bit dissapeared and 47 walked away in silence and no music played during missions plus it broke the Catwalk music in Paris: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9BNs0OH8b4

Anyways Sapienza came out and so did a small patch which repaired the music and in fairness it did: http://steamcommunity.com/games/236870/announcements/detail/847051226700800971

So Elusive Targets came out and i took the plunge to do it and finished it quite easily, however shortly afterwards when playing again in Sapienza the same Audio problems cropped back up.

Now no music plays when i leave Paris or Sapienza, the only music that plays is when i kill the last target, in Paris i noted that the Catwalk music played normally but when i killed the last target and the music played the Catwalk music became tinny or echo'ey like i was in another room even though i was stood in front of the Catwalk.

I mean its 2016 how hard is it to sort out music, sound and audio for a supposed triple A title, with no propect of a patch or the next episode till June 2016 i am likly not to be seeing another update to fix the Audio (AGAIN!)

I dont mind the episodic releases as it gives me time to explore a map more.

On a final note! The Catwalk music when it played was loud (not blow your speakers loud) but whereever you were in the Palace you could hear it as in real life you would, no stood in Dahlia's bathroom next to the window the Catwalk music is silent, what gives IOI?