View Full Version : Some feedback after 2 levels

16th May 2016, 19:15
Just wanted to through my 2 cents out there for the game so far. I am enjoying this game, and I have hopes that this game will evolve with constructive feedback from the community.
1. Cannot put my finger on it, but Sapienza is more fun than Paris. I have avoided "how-to" videos on both levels, and have enjoyed trying to figure out all the challenges. The escalations are fun, since they force me to focus one specific area of the map, and I end up learning things I did not know before. I enjoyed the elusive target. More of those, please.
2. I have not experienced frequent disconnects, but my heart goes out to those that do. I strongly recommend either improving the service of the servers, or removing an online connection requirement for so much of the game.
3. Gunplay can use some work. A headshot should not be the only thing that instantly kills someone. If I hit a target in the chest, especially with a sniper rifle, they should die. Aiming with the PS4 is very difficult. Sometimes aim assist kicks in, sometimes it doesn't. Makes it hard to get efficient.
4. Sound is a little strange. Sometimes I am right next to 2 NPCs, and cannot hear them, while other times I am 50 feet away on the other side of a wall and the conversation drowns out everything else.
5. NPC pathing should not be triggered 100% by player involvement.
6. Keep working on the load times, its still a bit much.
7. Keep up the great work. I know you guys are trying to make everyone happy. There are those of us that are enjoying this game. If these issues were fixed tomorrow this would be almost perfect. Then we will have to work on those voice actors from middle-America all over Italy and France...

18th May 2016, 05:16
I am getting fed up with the BS with this game. Tried to play tonight, can't connect for about 2 hours. Tried offline, and it's garbage. This game has been a miserable experience since day one because of the damn incompetents in development and at S. Enix. Bugs, glitches, bare bones content. We were all duped into being beta testers. Patches & updates that break the game even more, silly ass triggered events, sound issues, single digit frame rates on Sapienza, non localized voice acting is absurd, AI inconsistencies, no difficulty settings (47 takes 3 shots and he dies?), useless unlocks that don't work properly, weapons that are broken (tac SMG anyone?), an alpha version of contracts mode still not updated, zero communication, Guarantee after this disaster, there will be no season 2, and the whole team will be gone, and they deserve it.