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15th May 2016, 17:14
After waiting on 2 months on the Elusive Target, the experience was underwhelming.

Your requirement of getting only 1 chance at the target gave players very little choice to kill the target. Most of us chose to kill him quickly in his cycle/path. Crew starter, distract and dispose guard, lure him into the next room and kill him

And that's it! We don't get to see the work you guys put into for the rest of his travel path. I would even think many of us went to YouTube to check out how to kill the guy so we don't miss the opportunity. Other than the 1 chandelier kill, most of the kills are quite basic. That on top with whatever bug is going on, and server disconnects, creates a lot of frustration in the community.

Please change the Elusive Target to something like the Escalations, multiple levels of difficulty, infinite attempts within the 48 hour window. Bonus points for various ways to kill him. Keep it single target, because we are not interested in kilingl guards as targets for something like an Elusive Target.

Bonus points or gear granted for different types of accident kills. So instead of relying on a flawless speed run for points, one can plan out events to lure the target to his/her eventual death. I would sure love to try to kill him with the Piano. Or somehow lure him towards the helicopter with fireworks, and throw Dalia over him. These makes great videos. Great promotion for the game.

Killing the Elusive target whichever way grants the kill count. Special kills, and finish on max difficulty, unlocks exclusive suits or gear.

This game is released in episodic form so it's best to complement it with unlocking achievements to keep players busy while we wait. It doesn't take too long to reach level 20 on either of the maps. Some sort of progressive unlock for Elusive targets with the 48hr timer makes this quite interesting.

Please consider redesigning Elusive Targets, because as it is now, it's wasting development time, wasting anticipation, and wasting a very good promotional opportunity.

16th May 2016, 12:12
I agree with many points on the above post.

The idea of Elusive targets is awesome, I'm pretty sure everyone agrees. But the execution of it probably needs refinement. I think the goal should be to ensure that everyone gets a good solid chance at playing the Elusive Target levels. Whatever form that comes in.

Currently, many people missed out (for various reasons), myself included, despite the fact that we purchased what IO calls "The Full Experience".

Even for those that do play it, as the post above demonstrates, many would simply quickly eliminate the target or watch YouTube videos first on how to do it, to ensure they don't miss the rewards that come with completing it. I think the end result of the Elusive Target isn't necessarily what the designers wanted it to be.

17th May 2016, 08:56
I disagree. Elusive targets as they are, are the best live content I have ever experienced. If you choose to go on YouTube and ruin your own experience with it, then that's your peroggative. If you want to kill him however you want, then that's your peroggative. If you want to try and make the best out of the opportunity and take your time learning what he does and where he goes so you can find a creative way that may get you killed, then that's your peroggative.

Elusive targets are all about how you wanna approach it. If you want saves, if you want loads, if you want unlimited amount of attempts, go play contracts or escalations or story mode. It totally contradicts the idea of elusive when you can do it over and over again.

The reason I say this is cuz I tried to be creative and got killed with my elusive target attempt. But now I know for the next one, I will take an hour or more if I have to just to find the best possible kill. Plus, I also play with minimap off cuz I like to give myself a challenge cuz that's my peroggative. ;)

So I say keep elusives as they are.

17th May 2016, 14:20
While I do agree with your view on Elusive targets, and I would feel that's how the devs currently has designed around it given the current restrictions on ET, it does end up creating a lot of dissatisfied players.

Your prerogative argument is valid. Ultimately if one wants to ruin their game play, they can do it whichever way they decide to. And yes with mini map off and not use you instincts this game plays 10 times more intense. But here's the take away from this.

1) Given the only 1 attempt, what do you say to those that unfortunately had disconnects during the event? What if your system crash for no particular reason? What if your cat tripped over the powercord? As the developer, as you willing to setup extra customer services personnel to deal with these situations every time you launch a new ET? How will the CS suppose to identify who had a legitimate claim versus those that just wants a second chance and are willing to do it by screaming at your CS people? Or would you tell everyone that's too bad, but we will not give any do-overs regardless of what unfortunately situations you may have? Tell your paying customers "Too bad, so sad, better luck next time?"

2) Elusive targets was promise at release, but was delayed twice and now 2 months in we finally see it. Assuming they only started working on ET at launch, which I would think they started earlier than that, but for argument sake, assuming at launch. This one Elusive target took 2 months. Now, they did sent out a survey on the ET this week, and I really want to know the statistics they collect from it. How many people took 5 minutes and how many people like yourself failed the target but still had a blast, and how many spend most of the travel path and killed up near the end? Because if you are going to spend that much of time developing the content, you want more players to be able to enjoy it. Should you design a system where only a small number of "Elite" players can enjoy it best, or an inclusive system that allows multiple player styles to enjoy the content equally, as well as let the "Elite" players enhance their game play as they see fit?

3) Elusive targets were never preludes to be a 1 attempt contract. Until this launch we only knew elusive targets will not show up on instincts, limited intel on the target, and limited time to kill them. Honestly, if we knew earlier, a lot of us that were plagued with disconnects and crashes would have plead them not to limit to 1 attempt. While as you put it, the 1 attempt created the sense of urgency, creates additional suspense for those that loves it, but it equally created frustrations, discontent, and dissatisfaction among a lot of equally paying customers. This game had a rocky start, is it really necessary to give it more bumps along the way?

I hate to say it, but there needs to be a mechanism in place that allows the replaying of the elusive target content. Whether it is from player reward tokens, or god forbid, micro transaction tokens, these needs to be a way to get more playtime on the developed content. A piece of art can only shine if enough people can witness its glory, otherwise the work would go unnoticed as legends of the art's existence slowly drifts towards being a folk lure.

17th May 2016, 14:48
I hate to say it, but there needs to be a mechanism in place that allows the replaying of the elusive target content. Whether it is from player reward tokens, or god forbid, micro transaction tokens, these needs to be a way to get more playtime on the developed content. A piece of art can only shine if enough people can witness its glory, otherwise the work would go unnoticed

This is a pretty strong argument. SE/IO warned us in advance to plan very carefully, so I played the ET and succeeded and was very happy with the way I did it. I used an outfit from one of the well-known opportunities in the main level that could get me anywhere, and I was able to follow him around on his entire path (with the exception of a few feet of trespassing which is easily remedied).

Yet, days later I still find myself thinking about it and what I could have done differently or slightly better, probably like most of us do with every contract...except for the super-human folks who somehow get only perfect scores in everything.

I support the folks who are asking if there is a possible way to play again for the no-faults-of-their-own (network disconnects), as opposed to clearly being killed in the act or something. I also support the argument that someday we should be able to try all the ETs again...though I would wonder if something like Dreamsky is suggesting is already in the works as a paid DLC later.

17th May 2016, 18:16
[Giving a second chance totally contradicts the concept of elusive. He's not elusive if you can kill him over and over and over or if he escapes to get another chance at him. That's not the point in the mode. That's why you have to plan it out. Be patient. It's all about it being "LIVE" content. So it makes it more intense on the hit. It's either you get him or you don't. If you want repeat ways on hits, play contracts, story or escalations. Plenty of content and modes to rinse and repeat.

This mode should not be like that. It should be once and that's it. Live content is probably the best concept ever introduced and it works so perfectly on Hitman. If it was me, I would mak it more difficult like removing the mini map and map, disabling the starting point (have to start outside with suit), obviously not recognized in instinct. And more guards around him.