View Full Version : IOI, fix that! Elusive Target almost gave me a heart attack

14th May 2016, 13:46
First of all I want to say I love the Hitman games and the elusive target mission even more so. Maybe I take those games and the achievements too seriously.

BUT, IO Interactive, you guys might lose fans due to heart attacks.
When I had killed Sergei Larin and was trying to drag him over to a closet (I was aiming at the silent assassin achievement) his foot got stuck in a wall and I was unable to free him for about 15 minutes.

So, please, if you value the lives of your players, fix those clipping bugs.

For details please check this video (https://youtu.be/wvfR1easgaw) at 24:40.

14th May 2016, 18:09
I've had that kind of issue occur too, not on the Elusive target, disconnected before I got that far, but it does happen on other missions too. It's a pain having to drag it in all directions trying to get it free.

14th May 2016, 23:04
Hopefully the next one will be a challenge, I was done inside of 3 minutes, head shot in the art gallery, dodged bodyguards view and out the front door. Soon as i pulled silenced pistol out everyone in area had white dot over their head but none could see me. Said Crime was unnoticed but i dropped him right in front of his "haha bodyguard". Should have gotten silent assassin for it. But i guess using the silenced pistol from a sniper's vantage point and exiting the mission crime unnoticed doesn't meet the criteria.