View Full Version : Just Cause 3 Saving Issue

12th May 2016, 17:37
Just made this account to ask this question. I know so many other people have had this issue, and I'm hoping for a way to fix it for me and them. (I haven't seen a post about it on here.)
I run a Windows 10 OS on my desktop, and I have Just Cause 3, along with steam and all of my other games, installed on a second internal hard drive. (Not my boot drive.) I can play the game all I want without any issues, but if I leave the game and then start it back up again, I lose all of my progress and I get started back to where I have to destroy Vis Electra. The only thing that saves are the effects of my gear mods. For example, I Still can use glass grenades, but it doesn't show that I've unlocked them yet. I'll try to get the bavarium wingsuit again today to see if I have the mods for that unlocked too.
I'm not sure if the issue arises because of the seperate drives, as the save file is in my documents folder on my boot drive. (Although I don't see how this could cause any issues.) Or if it's faulty because of Win10. Suggestions, fixes?