View Full Version : Revenue and stats of ported SE games, porting efforts

11th May 2016, 22:54
Hi there,
first, I'm highly appreciating the effort SE puts into porting games from Windows to Mac and Linux.

However, I'm wondering when the games are distributed via Valve's Steam, how the commercial effects can be seen by SE.
Personally, I'm using Linux everyday for work and other stuff and boot up Windows on a dedicated system only for gaming. I think there is a considerable amount of people doing so. However, with the fresh release of Tomb Raider (2013) for Linux, I was very excited, yet a bit disappointed. That is, because I already bought the game and played it on Windows. If i knew there would be a Linux port 2 years ago, I might have waited until now, bought the "Linux-version" and played it on Linux, so SE would have gotten me in the stats as a customer buying and playing games on Linux.
I'm not motivated to play the game again on Linux or even buy it a second time. But I'm afraid that's the only way to show to the publisher that I'm interested in games ported to Linux. So what am I supposed to do? Write a 'thanks'-email for every game that is being released on Linux several years later? I think that's not working, especially for the whole amount of people encountering the same issue. And I'm afraid, the efforts would be shut down by the management, if there are not enough "Linux customers" bringing revenue.

Now I'm in a kind of dilemma. I'm interested in playing new Games but I'm also interested in having games ported and showing interest to publishers. Seeing SE deputing studios like Feral for porting games, I'm being hold back to purchase newly released games even when I'm interested in playing them. I'd like to wait until ports are released but how can I be sure there will even be any? Could anybody indicate if upcoming ports of newer games are planned? Couldn't there be a public roadmap or something?

Speaking of newer SE games like RotTR or Hitman, they use render engines with the new d3d12 API. It is a huge wish of the community that there will be ports of these games utilising the Vulkan API. From a developer's perspective, the port should be easier to (compared to d3d11->opengl) do and from a consumer's perspective the performance should be way better than wrapping d3d into opengl and finally match the one on Linux. Especially for those two games; are there any considerations for ports, even using Vulkan or is it too early to say?
Yes, customers are aware that devs like Feral use to just wrap a d3d game into OpenGL and therefore sacrifice performance. So that's not much better than playing the games with wine at all. So it would be nice if there was put a bit more effort into the ports and having really "native" multi platform games. It's not very satisfying seeing the ported game running at half the performance and it has a chilling effect on interested users that consider switching to another os some day...

I'm obviously new here, hope I'm in the right subforum, thanks for answers. And again - thanks SE for having porting efforts at all :thumb: