View Full Version : DX12 Option using HDMI-DVI Cable 24hz

11th May 2016, 05:57
I own Hitman on Steam, I have a MSI R7-370 2GB gaming GPU and it is connected with a HDMI-DVI cable to a 1080p60hz television. This is the only game I am experiencing the issue with. When choosing DX12 it switches the television to 1080p24hz, but when using DX11 the television is remaining at 1080p60hz.
My question is: Is this a Crimson issue needing driver support to not lock the television into Film Mode when the game begins to load, or is there something that i need to do on my end?

I have submitted the above Question to AMD as well, and doing it here too. Not real sure which avenue is the proper route to go with it. My other DX12 titles run at 1080p60hz, thinking that there is nothing on my end setup incorrectly and either DX12, Crimson Drivers or Hitman needs a hotfix. max framerate using the in game benchmark is 180 FPS and average framerate of 40 or so frames. Locked at 24 frames for game play makes me sad when I know it is a 1080p 60 FPS capable system using DX12 and all previous versions of the DX drivers.

12th May 2016, 09:48
Update- AMD replied since it's only happening on this game and not the others its a Developer issue. Where can i File a Bug Report?