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6th Jul 2002, 11:43
I am about to begin looking for outfit or texture set creators to take part in the TRClothes World Series. Basically, all required of those wishing to partake in the competition have to submit either a texture set or an outfit that is in the tradittional dress of a country in the world.

Any suggestions as to when the competition should start and how long it runs are welcome here! When I have gathered enough material for the series everybody can vote for their favourite texture set and outfit featured in the TRClothes World Series either on these boards or via a poll on my site, or various polls on competitors sites.


I need to stress that :

1. Only one outfit/texture set per competitor

2. If we have more than one submission for the same country, votes will be taken to determine which outfit is a better representative of that country <phew:p> - designers will be allowed to re-enter as a different country however if they are not selected for their first choice

3. The prize will be a special banner and text stating your supremacy in your chosen field of design or something decided upon at a later date!


Anyone interested? So far, details are negotiable - the competition hasn't started yet ;)

Level Planet
7th Jul 2002, 05:40
Hey I am ins.... and I got a good one, it is.... that will be an secret :D so I want people to come and versus me :D

7th Jul 2002, 16:35
Thanks Level Planet - your attitude makes this worth while!

anyone else? pweeeease?!

21st Jul 2002, 15:40
bump! bump! bump!

Level Planet
21st Jul 2002, 15:56
If there is no one here to versus me in 5 seconds my head is gonna explode







21st Jul 2002, 17:32

no, don't do that...you need your head for the competition! :);)