View Full Version : Activation key for older FF7-Remake

8th May 2016, 07:32
As I was installing Final Fantasy 7 on my new PC, I received an error message saying that the activation limit
for that game has been exceeded, saying:
"Too many activations on different PCs or too many reactivations on the same PC have been performed...".

I looked up on the internet what it says that the solution is to revoke the game on the previous PC, but it
says that a revocation is possible only on an already activated system. I am unable to do this because that
entire computer (not just the hard drive) is no longer working; and the HD is no longer accessable.

I have the older version of FF7, the one that does not require the use of the Steam Application, so is there
some other way to revoke the license for that computer; or is there a way to increase the number of PC's that
the game can be activated on at the same time. If not, can I purchase the Steam version of the game and
use the serial/activation number from that with my older version of the game?