View Full Version : german members site spamm-problems

5th May 2016, 08:08

(not 100% sure if this is the right place but found None that would fit more...)

I never had a good opinion of the german se-Team after experiencing some of the Events they were involved with
like the gamescom one several years ago

but now it seems as if they are doing nothing anymore

someone is posting now and nesw to the german site but thats all

most of the time it is my Job to Redirect people to the ff xiv loadstone - the "real" square enix support or explain what a one-time-password is

fine by me BUT when there is someone spamming suspicous links to the blog-entries
it shouldn't take several weeks to remove them after they were reported

if I recall correctly thats not the first time - no one is managing the german site
there should still be much more older entries with spamm, heavy insults and more


22nd May 2016, 13:53
great so here you don't get any reaction either ... I'm really impressed ...

thanks for letting our german site turning into a junkyard óO