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6th Jul 2002, 10:26
Does anybody have any saved games for COTW?I'm where there are three inclines with burners at the bottom.You are SUPPOSE to jump to the middle incline and spin around and grab the crack in the wall but I just keep getting burned.I have been in this spot in the game for about a month now.If sombody has a saved game they could send me I would very much appreciate it.

6th Jul 2002, 15:20
I doubt that anyone keeps savegames but there's another way. You can send me your savegame and I'll play it for you and send you back the savegame. But this is not that difficult to play. You're doing it the wrong way, I suppose. If you catch the right timing everithing should be ok! ;) What is the version you play, the stand-alone or the copy/paste tomb4.exe?

P.S. Do I know you from the old forum? :)

Second P.S. :p Do you have Drew's walkthrough?

6th Jul 2002, 17:50
2.Yes I was in the old forum
3.Yes I have the walkthrough.I just can't get the jump right.
4.I don't think I know how to send it to you.I'm only showing 7 saves in the file but I'm on save 40 in the game.

6th Jul 2002, 18:55
You will find files like:


In your Tomb Raider A folder.

the file extensions are how they will appear in the slots in-game menu.

Number 40 is just that at the time it was the 40th time you saved.
Count the slot number (starting from 0) and find your savegame.

Then send the savegame.

7th Jul 2002, 14:49
Also, there are two ways to do this --- easy and expert's challenge. If you only have one way (difficult) written on the walkt, then that's an old version. I suggest you update your copy 'coz there've been many adds.

7th Jul 2002, 16:17
Where can I get the new one?

7th Jul 2002, 17:10

8th Jul 2002, 08:10
as the progress of my "Tomb Raider A" is getting really deep, I changed the PC I use for my internet connection, this means I hope I won't have hackers problems into the PC I use for building my TR-A until I finish it :)

Then, I removed (even from the BIOS of that PC) the Floppy Disk Drive to avoid ANY kind of problems, so as into this one I use now for internet connection I CANNOT run the COTW (it is a very old PC), I even CANNOT provide you a savegame! :(

So I hope someone can do it (actually I hope YOU can go on by yourself.. have you tried starting with a FLIPPED JUMP directly from that position? COTW is done all by flipped jumps or back jumps :p LOL), but the reason why I post here is that it should be better I finish my TR-A before to pubblish some savegames from it, because the new COTW is not compatible again (ARGH.. I know what all of you are thinking of.. LOL :D)

I wrote this because one of the two italian sites:


wanted to provide some of them and I though someone was thinking the same... TR-A won't be compatible with ANYTHING I released before... but the problem is that once something it published on the internet, that remains forever, so when I will retire all OLD levels people could be confused by some "useless" savegame on the internet (I would be confused too...)

8th Jul 2002, 10:41
Hey psiko, good to see you here ;)
I really doubt if anyone expected the old savegames to be compatible with the TR-A - it's completely illogical. Don't worry, there's a bunch of people here who can help the others and provide savegames if necessary, although I recommend to all players not to quit trying to do it themselves! ;) As I have both versions of COTW, I can ensure the compatibility as well! :)

8th Jul 2002, 10:52
are you keeping BOTH the versions into your HD now after all this time? Whew, this makes me really proud :)

and yes, nice to see all of you here, too :)
(I need a short time to be fine with this and all its new options, but I can go through all of this) LOL :D

8th Jul 2002, 10:59
I don't keep both versions installed at the same time but I have them burnt on CD-R, so if there's a need, I install the proper version! ;)

9th Jul 2002, 03:36
Interesting, I'm doing the same as both of you - I have an old PC I use just for long, unattended internet connections, and also have started burning a whole collection of custom games on CD...

I think I have some COTW savegames from the old version - so let me know, davwags, but I thought you were playing Saudi Arabia ??? Both ???

9th Jul 2002, 21:28
Yes I am playing both! I must be CRAZY!! I just started the underground level in Saudi.As far as COTW,I don't understand where to go.I shimmied right to to hallway and the w/t says to go to the higher level and drop down on the yellow incline but I don't see where.Should I just print the new walkthrough?

9th Jul 2002, 21:48
Is there a new version of COTW?If so I think I had better just finish the old one and Saudi before I try that one!

9th Jul 2002, 22:29
while playing you'll have a lot of revelations about the "Tomb Raider A - The TechnoEgyotians" story: after you finish, there is a folder for you called "read after u played".

There is NO any other new COTW version on the internet. As you will know the COTW is actually the SECOND PART of an ENTIRE GAME, a "trilogy" which will compose TR-A

"the mother", "the father" (this is the cotw you are playing) and "the son". To the first part belongs the TechnoEgyptians Portal.

Now I am going to release the ENTIRE GAME on october but it will contain (as you can see in the previous post of my signature) a NEW tep (build again from the beginning, so NOTHING related to the previous level which is already on line, and it will contain too a NEW version of the COTW which I called COTW_v3.0 which until now is only into my machine and it is ready for the third part, "the son" :)

You'll know what "son" I am referring to, simply playing this COTW :)

10th Jul 2002, 02:21
Hey Psiko :) Finally! Nice to see you on here. Busy...busy...busy eh?

@Dav, :eek: COTW and SA at the same time!

Both are under major renovations --- remastered (SA) and reconstructed (COTW) versions have not been made available online (as Psiko confirmed). So what you have are the older versions. The link (on Hiking's post and Psiko's sig) to the cotwalkt is the latest one and still relevant.

So in this area above the red/heavy water room, explore well and you see the only way down to the incline. Up a greenish tube/corridor and left end is the much sought after 1st buggy garage switch, and down below thru the ladder is the much coveted 1st buggy key. You're off for a spin!

10th Jul 2002, 21:58
hi Drew, nice to see you here :)
Well, you always surprise me.. I know that I am repeating myself now again, but I need to tell you this.. how can you remember that level so perfectly? with a friend of mine, we noticed that you often give an answer more detailed than mine, and we asked how that could be! we answered that or you played it that SO many times or you have a STRONG memory...
I had difficulty myself to understand where dav was (I understood only after CyCro's post...).. but you?.. :o

I can justify myself simply because I am playing/building other levels and I am forgetting the COTW...


BTW I was thinking from your emails that you were male, then I remembered celebrities like DREW BARRIMORE and I thought you were FEMALE... now I see that you are a male... ooops sorry :) This confuses me a little bit.. your name is "Andrew", right?... :) Sorry if I asked you a too personal question in a pubblic forum, maybe you want to keep the secret... just tell me :)

10th Jul 2002, 23:40
I just wanted to thank all of you.I finally got it and now I'm crusing around in the buggy.If I run into anymore trouble I will know exactly who to ask!

P.S. PSIKO....I can't wait to finish all of these so I can try you new adventure!

11th Jul 2002, 04:33
I agree psiko - drew's memory is amazing !!! I'm pretty good at remembring certain events, but I think somehow he has the whole thing recorded in his bio RAM !!! :D

11th Jul 2002, 06:38
Well, i did post in the 'ol forum that COTW was the first custom level I played. You believe that --- first level (love) never dies *lol*. I'm kinda surprised myself at how much detail i retained. You guys are scaring me :eek:. Maybe 'coz i haven't played too many levels yet and the ones that strike me (i write wt's for) remain fresh in my memory. and Juno, i'm normal. no chips implanted or anything :D

Psiko, it's ok. It's anDrew (and as i posted on another gender thread) NOT as in Barrymore ;) You are perfectly excused. You should concentrate on what you do best --- level editing. Leave the help department on people like us whom you have immensely pleased with your brilliant levels!