View Full Version : Can the portuguese idiom be one the languages in game? Brazil is a huge market!

1st May 2016, 12:33
I and many Brazilians love the Deus Ex franchise. Is very sad for us because the portuguese language no is in this game. The Brazil is a large game market in Americas, and the largest in south America. Our market is one of the world's largest! The proof is that very great games were translated for our idioms, such as The Wichter 3, Fallout 4, GTA V, Uncharted, Assassin Creed franchise. Final Fantasy XV also will be! Why no translate Deus Ex Mankind Divided?!

Although many Brazilians are able to express in English, a video game RPG needs a very deep understanding of narrative and story! Therefore, it is important to the translation of this game for a true immersion!

In terms of investment, subtitles will come very cheap, with the return you will have to game sales here in Brazil, Eidos Montreal.

in Brazil we have several amateur translation teams can help the Eidos Montreal translate this game, such the Tribo Games team!

if the game can only subtitle, already it will be great for us!!

please make this happen! the brazil gamers thank!

3rd May 2016, 00:48
I agree, very few Brazilians are knowledgeable/fluent enough in English to fully enjoy and appreciate the DX experience. Having subtitles would be a huge extra for most of us.