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24th Apr 2016, 20:45
First, sorry for any possible concordance error, English is not my native language.

I'm new in this forum and I looked for the correct session to post this, I believe is here, if not, sorry again, please move it (staff).

I'm a web developer and I'm working in some animations and using some sprites to it.

I want to make an animation with Lightning (FF 13) but I'm having to much difficulty to find sprites from her (I'm hopping them even exists).

Anyone here knows of it?

I found a mugen with her, but I can't find the archive.

(to those who don't known, sprites are basicly images of a character in most positions, an example is below)


2nd May 2016, 07:03
Well, updating here.

After a while, I got contact with the owner of the mugen I had said before, and he released the sprite to me:


Well, almost there. This sprite was harsh to find, but it is she in FF 13-1. If anyone could help me to find her Knigth of Etro and/or Savior... :)