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5th Jul 2002, 21:04
Kain is like what, 7 feet tall? Janos is pretty tall too. But the Sarafan Lord towers both of them! Ok, maybe he's no Dumah, but still, how tall do you think he is?

Umah Bloodomen
5th Jul 2002, 22:26
I think Kain is tall for the era the game is supposed to be set in (kind of a medieval era)
I think he's around 6'5" to 6'8". I think TSL is between 7' and 7'5".

6th Jul 2002, 00:47
I would have guessed on the lower scale of that.
I always assumed Kain is in the market of 6'3'' to 6'5''

6th Jul 2002, 02:50
Well The SL is a demon

what demon do you know is short :D

Sade Lyrate
6th Jul 2002, 06:02
Imps are pretty small...:D

Anyone able & willing to make a kind of a 'size-chart' of the people of LoK?
Put them in a nice line and do a comparison... with Moebius, I think,
as the shortest one...

Time Streamer
6th Jul 2002, 11:31
I believe Elzevir the Dollmaker would be the shortest. ;)

6th Jul 2002, 11:44
Nah, EG is cos he's below sea level, like -200ft or something :D

Sade Lyrate
6th Jul 2002, 17:54
...where do Turelzevir and Caterpillar Squire fit?:D

Umah Bloodomen
6th Jul 2002, 18:11
I think the Caterpiller Squire said he was around 6'1" (Correct me if I am wrong oh great Squire :p) Unless he wears his boots then he't taller than that.

As for Turelzevir, I would say 8-foot easy. :p

8th Jul 2002, 05:13

we are so easily amused

from boots and leather pants, to kains nipples (god help us), now we go to height comparison lol

:D :D

its all good

Umah Bloodomen
8th Jul 2002, 06:27
Hey! You left out the "package" discussion... :p

8th Jul 2002, 17:15

Oh yes how silly of me

how could i forget all about the "package" discussion

:D :D :D

21st Jul 2002, 09:36
On a Bio Webiste i found on the LOK characters here is what I found:

Kain = 6,10 to 7 Feet tall = 152 KG
Janos Aurdon = 7 feet 2 = 167 KG
Raziel = 6 Feet 8 tall = 141 KG
Vorador = 7 Feet 1/2 inches tall 158 KG.

and it was official to.:)

21st Jul 2002, 09:41
The Sarfan Lord is 7 Feet 8 and 212 KG

devoled Dumah 21 Feet 6 inches and 928 KG.

that is what I have heard on this site and from other reliable sources at Crystal D.

Sade Lyrate
21st Jul 2002, 19:02
...do you happen to remember the address of that site?

21st Jul 2002, 20:58
those lengths may be correct, but the weights: NO WAY!!!!!

Raziel weight: 141 KG??? he would be massive. Raz has no flesh left, no skin, no organs. if he weighs 141 KG, then i`d weigh about 500

Sade Lyrate
22nd Jul 2002, 07:32
Azuriel, noticed that, too, didn't comment on it earlier for some reason...<shrug>

Perhaps the weights are supposed to be lbs, not kgs? Though,
still... Raz ~70 kg?:eek: Wow, the man's got heavy bones!
And Janos... a bit over 80 kg? Don't get me wrong, but wasn't his
kind supposed to be able to fly? With that mass, there's some
heavy, heavy magic's at work... though what little we do
know of Nosgoth and Janos' folk, they weren't the most unnoticeable
magic-workers around...;)

10th Aug 2002, 08:16
I wasn't planning on replying to any of the older threads as I review them (having finished BO2), but this one I feel compelled to do so... I don't know who's scamming you with that "official" website, LordKain, but just common sense should tell you that Kain isn't almost 7', and Raziel 6'8"? Raziel is not much taller than Moebius, and that old fart certainly isn't six and a half feet... And Raziel always seemed to be on the short side anyway (well, from my 6'4" perspective, anyway :p).

But to cinch the deal, Amy Henning told me that they envision Raziel as in the neighborhood of 5'6" to 6'0". Putting Kain at around 6'0" to 6'4". So there you go...

15th Aug 2002, 19:11
I wasn't talking weigh as in heavy size I'am talking it in build and size look at Raziel a mass of engery and solid mussel just like Kain and everyone eles for that matter besides they are not human by the way there creatures as for thew website it was run by a friend off mine the address was.


until it got deleated because off a file size breach which sux.

16th Aug 2002, 15:32
I know Kain looks fairly tall- the way he walks and moves attests to this. But I think he's more in the 6'6"+ area, not quite 7'.

Raziel seems to be only slightly above average height: 6'1-2".