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10th Apr 2016, 02:36
Like many fan of the Final fantasy series, i'm pretty hyped for the comming of the 15th. However, I think S-E has failed miserably about the promotion of their game/film in the past and present and I wanna give some advice on what they should do to correct what I'm about to point out.

When I said they failed in the past, I had Final fantasy the Spirit Within in mind. I bought this film and it was pretty amazing quality, I passed it to some friends and they also liked it verry much, I couldn't understand why it was a flop and that it almost ruined the compagny financaly with such a good product. The answer is that most of people didn't even know about the movie. When a starwarz movie hit the cinema you can bet to see publicity in many fast food and television. Yes I remember having seen a pub of the FF movie, but pub only is not enough. Media has to talk about it in the news and give their opinion about it so that people know what it is about...

The main point is that people needs to know about your product and I'm gona point out some obvious things you are failing right now.

I go to your web sibe "na.square-enix.com/us/" and i wanna look for FFXV info and news... So I click on "Games" and expecting to be able to click on a link where I could find all the info and news so far on the game but I just couldn't find a link to FFXV. How in the hell do I not have that link on your main site for your most anticipated game of all time. I know there are a lot other site that covers the game but man, I would expect nothing less from your main web site to have at least all the confirmed info reported on every other web page so that if I want to follow every news about the game I could find it there. This is why as a FF fan boy i've never grabbed my info here but I think this is by far one of the biggest failure. The truth is that people don't come to your web site because the news are all spread out on other site and not covered here.

Another example of total failure is Justice Monster Five. During the Unveiled show they presented us with this info:
1- Pinball like game.
2- Available 2016.
3- Pre-registration begins tonight (april 31th).

After the unveiled show I looked on the internet for more info and search where I could Pre-Register. I went to your main site, again absolutly no info, no link... After searching for an hour on internet I finally found out where I could register with a comment on a youtube video giving the link. Ok now that more people are aware where to register it's now easier to find as people gave the link on reddit and other places but man, why do you have to go on the dark side to find what you are searching for, wouldn't it be easier just to put a link on your web page with all the info about the game. I know the game is not out yet, but just put a section "Under Developpement". Not to mention that Available in 2016 doesn't mean september 30th but rather april 30th which comes very fast and a lot of people will miss the opportunity to have the golden orbs gift according to how many pre-registered.
I later found out that the pre-registeration link was also on facebook under the FFXV game. If this mini game also lives out of the FFXV game why is'nt is announced also on the Sqare-Enix page which is where i searched for innitially? I can see why you are on a web page, on facebook, and probably in many other places but should'nt there be a place on your web page where all the info are centralised?

I know this message has been very critical of how you handle the news about your games, I hope you understand what I'm saying and that you understand your main web page is very poorly conceived and handle. I'm still a big fan of the FF series, just hopping your web site gets a big revamp and becomes a reliable source of info for your games.