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5th Jul 2002, 14:09
Soul Reaver 2's ending - Is it an FMV, like the ending of BO2, or is it "In-Game Cutscene" style?
I'm asking because I've just recently completed it, and was wondering. It was In-Game Cutscene style for me, MAN what a great ending.

Power reaver
5th Jul 2002, 14:40
Its an ingame cutscene .

The reason probably is that the same scene is going to be turned into FMV in SR3s intro like SR s ending was in SR2s FMV intro .

Man , cant wait to see the intro sequence of SR3 .

5th Jul 2002, 17:16
Now that would be truly cool! Watching the whole Raz versus Raz battle just before that fantastic whopper of an ending. Oooohh, I get chills just thinkin about it!

:D :cool:

Sade Lyrate
5th Jul 2002, 18:57
Oh, wow... just getting visual in mind's eye what that intro might look like...
:D Please Crystal D. let GlyphX do that too! Wanna see pre-wraith Raz!
Wanna see wraith-Raz! Wanna see flowing FMV!

...but wouldn't the intro be a tad too 'long'? I mean, if they put
that SR2's ending script in it completely? Oh, now can't help but wonder
how even 'match' Raz vs. Raz is...

7th Jul 2002, 00:32
well...the soul reaver 1 ending script was quite long i remember but they shortenedt quite a bit and added more action into the intro to sr2..so im guessing that the sr3 intro is gonna start w/ raz pickin up the reaver slicing up the sarafan bros and then end duel with raz and kain pullin the reaver out of raz ...imo

Power reaver
7th Jul 2002, 04:42
I kinda want it to be as long as possible , SR2 s intro was 4 mins 4 secs , not including the chat with Moebius , so SR3 s FMV intro should be around 5 mins . I would like it to start from Janoses Death . Something like this :

Raz is running , a flashback of Janoses death is going through his mind , he looks down and sees the more powerful fire demon appear .

Fire Demon : Come closer Raziel

The Wraith blade appears and Raziel pounces on the enemy , the scene cuts to the forest , Raziel swiping and at a Sarafan , and jumping across the raised levels of the swamp . The scene again cuts as Raz swims past the elder god , jumps out of the water , the scene again cuts as he opens the door and moves past the pillars . Finally he bursts through those huge doors of the stronghold (with the crystal on top) . The scene again cuts , to Raz killing another Sarafan and entering the basin room (the 1 with the Blood Reaver) , a few words with Moeb , a few screams , a laugh , and Malek bolts the door , Raz takes the reaver , goes through the door , and quickly kills Zephon and Mel , examins the Reaver , and says how he has become invincible , Then kills the other 2 , then Turel , then a final showdown with Raz , the BR peirces him .....BLAH BLAH BLAH

I think such a looooong intro would be cool :D

7th Jul 2002, 05:00
Originally posted by Sade Lyrate

...but wouldn't the intro be a tad too 'long'? I mean, if they put
that SR2's ending script in it completely?

That's the beauty of it! Lots of exquisite GlyphX eye candy. I'd probably have to watch the intro a dozen or so times before I even thought about playing the game!


10th Jul 2002, 21:33
i agree the sr3 intro will be amazing if it's done right, i think the intro should start whit, raziel fighting whit his brothers you know a quick look at that, and then an amazing scene whit both raziel's fighting, and then the scene whit kain and raziel i can only imagine how cool it will look when raziel it's shifting to the spectral plane and his alone whit his reaver blade, that would be a really cool thing to see....

11th Jul 2002, 02:11
:eek: oooohh... getting chills.

I keep thinking of the "prologue" to Star Trek III... the black and white truncated scenes of Spock's death from Star Trek II... gradualy filling the screen, and gradually fading into color...

Some kind of quiet, memorial-looking scenes of Janos' death... then an explosive sequence of brief scenes of Raziel slaughtering his way through to the Sarafan chapel, and the confrontation with Raziel... and to see that duel, presented by GlyphX... a flash of dying recognition, as Raziel realizes just who has inexplicably killed him... and that struggle against the Reaver... And NG's right; we haven't seen GlyphX really present the Spectral yet (well I guess Raziel's awakening in SR1, but that's insufficient! :D) When I think of how nifty was the appearance of the Reaver in the SR2 intro... That would be so gorgeous...

11th Jul 2002, 02:26
yea if they dont wanna mke it to long they could start him off killing a bro
and every time he kills a bro they cut to a scene with him and janos talkin

know what i mean

like flash backs