View Full Version : Running TR3 from my hard drive

5th Jul 2002, 12:39
I have a problem with TR3 halting when a sound is triggered, and my cd drive runs at full speed (noisy) even when nothing is happening in the game. This is mucho aggravating! I want to run the game from my hard drive to eliminate the hesitations and the noisy cd drive. So, first question (and most important) is it legal to copy my TR3 cd to my hard drive? And second, how do I set it up to run from my hard drive?

5th Jul 2002, 12:54
Strange, I just logged on here to post the exact same question!

When I played TR 1 & 2 the cd only "played" during cut scenes and when I loaded the game, but now that I play TR 3 it runs constantly. And I agree with TheBoo, mucho aggravating!!! Did I fail when I installed it? Or is it suposed to do all that work all the time?

5th Jul 2002, 15:13
I can recommend you to get Nero Burning Rome, the CD-Recording software. Even if you don't have a CD-RW drive, you can use some of its features. You can make a CD image of the CD-ROM and load it from your hard drive in the Nero Image Drive which will show in the Windows Explorer's left panel. But there another utility included with the Nero, Nero DriveSpeed. It allows you to reduce the speed of your CD-Rom and thust the noise! ;) I use it frequently!

5th Jul 2002, 17:20
Hello Solange, that is my situation also, TR1 and TR2 don't make my PC halt to load scenery or sounds or cause my CD drive to run at a constant high speed like TR3. Don't know if we have similar PCs or if many people have this problem. I was hoping to hear some comments about CD emulator software (assuming it's not illegal of course). Has anyone tried emulator software?

And thanks, CyCro, for your comments on Nero, I may need to try that!;)

6th Jul 2002, 03:32
About CD emulation, yes it works great. A post about this topic happened somtime ago and the mod said this is Ok.
I used Paragon CD Emulator and rarely need to use the CD drive anymore! You have instant access to as many Cds as you want, great when you work with several Cds at once!

One problem though, in TR2, the music was in .cda format and the Cd emulator converts it to .wav and so the TR2 game engine couldn't find and play them! But for other TR games, audio are in .wav or compressed .wad so there's no problem.

Another CD emulator called Original Cd Emulator could dump the whole TR2 Cd into hardrive without changing the .cda format, but you'll need Win98 and up to read and play the .cda files.