View Full Version : Concerns with Final Fantasy Record Keeper

7th Apr 2016, 08:56

As a longtime Final Fantasy fan, I discovered some months ago the Final Fantasy Record Keeper app ("FFRK") for iOS and Android (I specifically use it on iOS). It's a "freemium" game in which you explore FF "realms" in a 8-bit environment and relive situations from your favourite FF games. The "freemium" element comes from "relics" (iconic FF weapons and equipment, some of which unlock special attacks [* la Limit Breaks] called Soul Breaks, Super Soul Breaks and Burst Super Soul Breaks). Relics are acquired either via mithril (a reward for clearing game content) or gems (directly bought with real money as in-app purchase), via a "draw" system that is basically a luck RNG pull.

This thread on reddit:
shows concern that for a Final Fantasy event that was largely awaited by the users, DeNA (FFRK's developer) has made changes to the draw system, simultaneously decreasing the chance of obtaining the most desired relics and increasing that of other, less desired ones. This has been denied by DeNA but research seems to show otherwise.

What do I want to get with all this? Basically that, as a result of the described situation, my trust in the FF brand has been lessened. I will not make any further in-app purchases for this game (of which I assume Square Enix gets a percentage) until DeNA is more transparent and publishes the % chances of obtaining relics, and I would greatly appreciate that you (Square Enix) look into this issue and make sure that no similar situations arise in the future, else your public perception may suffer for this, and the value of the FF brand might be similarly affected.

As I said at the beginning, I'm a lifelong FF fan, and wish to continue to be in the future (I'm very excited about FF XV), but should this situation be proved, it only hurts my trust in your products and would appreciate your taking a look into it.

Many thanks in advance.