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6th Apr 2016, 19:58
As we all know, there's a new (BIG) update coming our way. So, what do we know about it, from the info already released by SE MTL?

- New map 'Death Valley', that will introduce us to a new kind of enemies (the infected) and a new game mode;
- New weapons, with higher tiers than the currently existing ones (two already revealed: Jaeger and The Judicator CO-78);
- A pre-release build of the new game mode will be show at PAX East 2016, running from April 22-24;
- The new game mode will be part of a free update to all the existing players.

I'll be updating this post with any official tidbits as soon as they're released.

6th Apr 2016, 20:07
New weapons revealed so far:

Jaeger (as seen in the new Hitman game)
Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HitmanSniperOfficial/photos/pcb.696921953744569/696921150411316/?type=3&theater)

Judicator CO-78
Source: Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HitmanSniperOfficial/photos/pcb.709170272519737/709169052519859/?type=3&theater)

8th Apr 2016, 02:16
Thanks for the info mate.....Would be nice if they post the news on here as well though.....Like I said, this is the Official Sniper Forum !?!?

8th Apr 2016, 15:55
I'll do my best to keep you up-to-date regarding news about the update, but as the answer to your question, see my reply on the other topic.

25th Apr 2016, 01:12

26th Apr 2016, 10:15
This past weekend, attendants of PAX East had the chance to try firsthand the new Death Valley mode. On Hitman: Sniper's Facebook page, a "greeting card" was posted, showing what (presumably) is the new map.


26th Apr 2016, 11:12
Nice (& THX)! Can't wait to FINALLY try it out soon (i hope).

23rd May 2016, 09:20
The developers are not stupid, they will sell the game separately or ask you to pay to upgrade. Mark my words

23rd May 2016, 14:35
The developers are not stupid, they will sell the game separately or ask you to pay to upgrade. Mark my words

Glad you're so confident in that.


2nd Jun 2016, 02:45
A warning to any other Buster Bigbucks like me; the Jaeger rifle only works in Montenegro and shouldn't really be showcased in this thread, as you can't use it in the zombie map!

2nd Jun 2016, 11:00
A warning to any other Buster Bigbucks like me; the Jaeger rifle only works in Montenegro and shouldn't really be showcased in this thread, as you can't use it in the zombie map!

I disagree. First and foremost, this is a thread about the new update, and as far as I can tell, the Jaeger is a part of it.
Second, on Hitman: Sniper's Facebook page, the introduction post to the Judicator CO-78 explicitly tells that it's THE gun you would be using in the new map.
Third, the introduction post to the Jaeger, also says that you can only use it in Montenegro.

The only impact the Jaeger has on Death Valley, is that you're granted with 50% discount on all Death Valley upgrades.

Edit: and as you may well know, the armory is only available when you're in Montenegro, that should have been fairly easy to understand.

2nd Jun 2016, 17:03
Well I disagree back. The thread title specifically refers to the new map/update and you then infer that two new weapons are available to go with that update, but as it turns out only one of them is actually usable within the new map. Most people (e.g. me) aren't going to pore over boring facebook posts from months ago in order to understand the whole raft of newly implemented specifics of a game update, they're gonna get stuck in and just play the thing.

I think this update to the game is a really poor implementation, given the huge amount of time it took to release and should have been a standalone release. The gameplay and controls are completely different (apart from the shooting bit obviously). I have a pretty high IQ, but found this update confusing and frustrating in equal measures and here's why...

We now have an armoury of rifles, but can't choose which one to use any more.

There are a barrage of new updates to existing guns available, but only the same old kill Marcus Krug level to earn the huge amounts of money required. Boring!

We now have two different currencies, Monte dollars and zombie tokens and these are both required to upgrade various rifles in the armoury. This feels like the Deer Hunter 2014 hunter bucks/platinum eagles thing all over again!

When you upgrade the Judicator gun it appears to make no difference to the zombie map, only to Montenegro, so there is no point in upgrading it unless you're planning on using it there and why would you want to do that with all the others to choose from?!

Lastly, but most importantly, shooting zombies is NOT being a hitman...

You'll probably now poo-poo all my criticisms, being the world champion and because you are obviously heavily invested in this game now, but that's my two penneth in a rather large nutshell!

2nd Jun 2016, 17:30

Downloading. But after close to 100 attempts at the Leadership Board and only ending up with a maximum of 16.98M and at position 1,630, the game has lost its allure. I e lost interest and I'm grateful it only cost me under five bucks

2nd Jun 2016, 17:32
Contrary to your belief, I do respect other players' opinions, even those contrary to my line of thought. In fact, I do share some of your concerns, mainly the Hitman + Zombies formula. Yes, I would prefer a new "real world" map, with a new set of missions and targets, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy this new mode. Yes, it's almost like a completely different game, but I can't look at that like a bad thing.

Being "world champion" (which is actually not true) and invested in this game, wouldn't prevent me to abandon the game in a worst-case scenario, but the reason I keep playing is because I do believe in the game as it is, and in everyone at SE MTL. Don't think that I wouldn't criticize the game. I constantly do, using the proper channels, and in a constructive way. I believe that a critical view is necessary in order to improve on the things we love, and one of the things I love is this game, therefore I try to contribute any way I can, because I'll benefit from it as well.

As for the title/content of the thread being "misleading", although I don't agree with it, you can blame me, not the SE MTL team.