View Full Version : CM All-stars stuck on Syncing with Server

4th Apr 2016, 08:11
Since yesterday I'm having the problem that I can't start CM All-stars.
The only thing it does is show the Syncing with Server message.

I have tried rebooting my phone (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Android version 6.0.1).
When this didn't work I cleared the games cache.
This also didn't work, so I removed CM All stars and re-installed.
Unfortunately this also didn't solve the problem.

Everything has worked before (except the watch a video for coins option).

19th May 2016, 09:44
Hey sorry about the delay in getting back to you, did you get this resolved?

15th Dec 2017, 19:24
Im having the same issues. Just started a thread on it. Waiting for the mods to release it.