View Full Version : TCOTUF merchandise.

5th Jul 2002, 05:05
I was thinking that maybe we could come out with something like patches or shirts or something like that. That way fellow clansmembers can recognise each-other in public. Just a thought I guess. What do you think Umah? :cool:

Umah Bloodomen
5th Jul 2002, 05:13
I think we would have a few problems with that right now.

1. We would have to get the rights to the logo, name etc. and copyright/trademark them as such.

2. We would have to get a business license in order to sell merchandise.

3. We would also have to get an assumed name to run a business from Michigan.

4. We would have to create a shopping cart and start charging members "dues" in order to keep their membership valid. (Similar to a FOE - Federation of Eagles / VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars / Or Freemason organization.

I am not opposed to the issuance of some sort of free certificate or something. Ive already developed the official logo to issue out so people can post it to their websites and whatnot. But as far as the merchandising goes, I think it is a bit too early to consider right now. Perhaps eventually we can enhance TCoTUF in such a manner.

And no offense, I don't see a lot of people wanting to "donate" to us to get an idea like that started and frankly, I don't have the cash offhand to do it by myself. ;)

5th Jul 2002, 05:24
Yes, I know it probably wouldn't work out too good. I also am lacking in funds to do such a thing, hence the voice acting scheme. My friend and I currently have at least five or six schemes in the works at the moment. None of them have worked yet but one is bound to do so. My wife kind of inadvertantly tingled my strange brain into this wierd thought. She said she wouldn't be a bit surprised if we set up some kind of a personal meeting or something like that. Although I doubt that would happen, it is possible that for some strange reason or another we might run into each other and you could see my minions in person. :cool: