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5th Jul 2002, 02:44
You may not no me, but I am Dracoraptor of Dragonia and delegate for the StarTopian Forums (Sector Zeta-Plural)! Bwuhahahahaha! And I checked the old forums once, and people kept arguing whether Aeris can be revived. Bwuhahahaha! You non believers have not red the FAQs and guides for the Japaneser version! Bwha<COUGH!>hahah<COUGH!>. Okay, forget the laughing. But I read a long time ago, that the Japanese version of FF VII let you revive Aeris by letting her heal that guy in the slums where she lived. You know, the guy with the tattoo who was sick and lived in that giant pipe. I forget most of the rest, but I do think it's true. Although I know there is no way of reviving her in the English version. By the way, very good game. Although it is nothing compared to the superior, godly, advanced...

SNES Versions of Final Fantasy!

By the way, know a place where I can learn Japanese? I'm sick and tired of trying to look through Japanese Zoids sites, and I must read the Japanese LEGO sites. Bwuhahahaha!

5th Jul 2002, 06:10
Buy a Japanese-for-dummies book.

5th Jul 2002, 09:11
Ah well.. gullible people will always exist.

5th Jul 2002, 11:34
The trick to learning Japanse is to take a profestional corse or dont bother. I tried to learn it out of a book once and failed misurably. I've learnt more watching subtitled Anime then I did from that book.

8th Jul 2002, 13:13
If you devour lots of Japanese peoples brains then you should be able to absorb their knowledge and learn Japanese the easy way.

Abyss Darkness
10th Jul 2002, 16:19
That's true...

But, learning Japanese so that you could learn how to revive Aries would be quite a laughable waste of time.

10th Jul 2002, 17:40
However Learning Japanse so you can:

Better understand Japanse things like Anime for example
Play Japanse games before any one else
CHARGE freinds to sit there and translate the latest FF game for them
Say cool stuff in Japanese

Is a much better plan

11th Jul 2002, 22:41
Ever try using a translator? Sometimes it makes it readable, sometimes it doesn't


12th Jul 2002, 16:22
And how do you plan to insert those Japanese characters in the translator? :P

13th Jul 2002, 00:06
You use the Webpage (http//) translator.

13th Jul 2002, 02:33
:p I've heard that you can revive Aeris in the english version (only on PS1) by getting defeated by Jenova (the time right before Sephiroth kills Aeris) about 15 times in a row, or until Sephiroth forgets to leave Jenova. Then take out the cd from the PS, put it back in and reset it, then beat Jenova, and Aeris will supposedly still live. I think one of my brother's friend's friend did it or something. hehe :D

17th Jul 2002, 03:47
Well either in Japanese or english version.. there has to be a way.. because if u go to Wutai..... for some reson they sell "Aurora Rod" which is a weapon for Aeris.... yet there is no way you can get to Wutai before Aeris dies.....

17th Jul 2002, 11:21
Originally posted by Jenova
Well either in Japanese or english version.. there has to be a way.. because if u go to Wutai..... for some reson they sell "Aurora Rod" which is a weapon for Aeris.... yet there is no way you can get to Wutai before Aeris dies.....

Shows how much you know. You can get to Wutai before Aeris dies useing the Tiny Bronco before you head to the Temple of the Aheinents.

17th Jul 2002, 15:43
*thinks*......... woops :)

17th Jul 2002, 15:52
Wutai is my favorite leveling spot pre-Temple :)

17th Jul 2002, 15:56
i like wutai too.... exept i cant find the dragon scale to get past the fire...... damn i wish i remembered.... wait you guys can all help me :)

17th Jul 2002, 16:32
Simple. Defeat Godo in his pagoda, i.e. complete Yuffie's subquest and you'll receive Leviathan scales to get rid of the fire.

17th Jul 2002, 18:03
No. You get Leviathan materia which lets you drown those buggers. To get the scales, you get it out of a chest just before you hijack the sub on Junon.

I'm disappointed in all of you :D

17th Jul 2002, 18:12
I'll add my boice to Vak's.. I havent' played the game for almost two years now and even I remembered that ;)

17th Jul 2002, 18:50

*slaps head*

Then what do you get from defeating Godo? :O

17th Jul 2002, 20:44
Aside from Leviathan? All Creation :)

18th Jul 2002, 02:05
any other way to get the scale :(?

18th Jul 2002, 09:46
Originally posted by vakusuma
Aside from Leviathan? All Creation :)

Oh yeah, that was it :D

8th Aug 2002, 22:23
if you miss the scales in the dock, your just screwed. i am another delegate from the startopia forum Sector zeta... aww screw it, yeah, the name doesn't make sense for me to be a regular at that forum. back to the original question, can aeris be raised, ok, i heard this somewhere, and that person had connections to the programing team (i think)

Aeris (or slumdrunk as i named her in one game) can be revived, well, could, when they were making the game, you could do it, you needed the key to sector five, you went to the curch and i THINK (havn't done it myself) you can see her ghost there, yes even though you can't revive her anymore they left that part in, you had to she tells you something and the other two steps are to get her white materia, and to go down to the underwater crater (with the sub) now, beacuse they had to make the release date they just made a cut off by taking out the white materia, yes, the rest of the side quest is still there, but you can't enter the crater without the white materia, and therefore, not doable, but you can do half the quest, and say to your friends that you ALMOST got her back, cause you know, they will under stand, when i kill someone, they DON"T COME BACK mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.

(this information could bit a bit off what i heard, and could be completely untrue, but i think it's good,a dn it seems like a good explanation.)

oh, and don't bother trying to revive her completly, just quit mid quest, it's no good, haha, i killed her, she was going to stop me from becoming super seproth 4 SS4 (hehe), and i would have done it too, if it wasn't for those meddeling kids... people. and their stupid dog.... red dog thingy.

9th Aug 2002, 21:07
Hey people, and about those 35 1/35th soldiers in FFVIII...and The Butcher?

Seems like old wives tales never die, they just get reincarnated....
reincarnation, get it?

Actually, the saying is "Old wives tales never die, they just smell that way."

10th Aug 2002, 12:54
Originally posted by Dell
Hey people, and about those 35 1/35th soldiers in FFVIII...and The Butcher?

Were they in FFVIII then? :p

1st Sep 2002, 14:52
Originally posted by N00dles

Were they in FFVIII then? :p

well i do know you can find one, maybe two or three in the shops on the streets in junon... and i THINK i found one in nibleheim in a house - or maybe i didnt - I DONT KNOW:(

oh well - hope this helped... even tho i know it prolly didnt - ... - ... - ... - mweh


21st Sep 2002, 07:48
Things you will need to complete this activity:

Four Tissues (lose battles at the arena)

One mastered Revive materia

The Buster Sword (Cloud's initial equipment, required because of the association with Aeris)

A substantial amount of playing time (Enough to level up the materia)

The PC or Playstation (PSX, Euro, Japanese, American) version of the game

Every player of the game is familiar with the revive materia, the one that contains the spells life and life2. What most do not know is the fact that this materia can gain AP even after it has been mastered, with an interesting result. Revive can be leveled up to level four, even though it only has three visible levels.

To obtain the extra level, you must first accumulate 800,000 AP after revive has been mastered (Depending on how you played the game, you may have to get up to 1,500,000 AP. The only way to do so is to use the Buster Sword, Cloud's first weapon(as far as is known, no other weapon works), and fasten the mastered revive materia to it. You should then go to a place where you can get lots of AP, such as the North Cave. Fight the Magic Pots (the ones that ask for elixirs) until you have accumulated the required AP. You should then have received another spell for revive, Resurrect.

It's obvious what you must use the new spell for. The next place that you must go is to Aeris' house in Midgar. If you have not already obtained the Sector 5 key, you must go to the Bone Village and have the diggers dig next to the airplane. Once you have the key, proceed to Midgar, and visit Aeris' house. Go to her room.

Nothing will happen at first, but you can spur on an important series of events if you use four tissues (lose or win fights in the battle arena) next to Aeris' bed. After you do this, Cloud will be overcome with grief, and will yell, "Why did you have to die?." Once he composes himself, the other people in your party will come out, and Cloud will discuss with them his desire to bring Aeris back to life. They will question you at first, but will soon be brought to agreement.

Your group will suggest that you visit the church in Midgar, where you may find some insight on how to get Aeris back.

On the way to the church, use the savepoint to access your PHS. Make sure that your party includes Cait Sith. Then enter the church (if this is your first time in it after disk one, you will see a ghost of Aeris). The two children who appear next to the flower bed will ask where the flower girl is, but will then notice the cat (Cait Sith) in your group. They will ask to play with the cat, and Cait will agree to it and leave the church with the children. The ghost of Aeris will then appear before you. She will mention the resurrect spell (which you should already have), and will tell you to go to the Ancient City, which is your next destination. Retrieve Cait Sith from the children and proceed.

At the city, go to the spot where Bugenhagen inserted the key (the waterfall with the crystal in the middle of it) and enter the waterfall. Here, Cloud will remember what Aeris told him, and will take the Revive materia out of his pocket (or wherever it was at the time). He will mutter, "I never got to tell you...," and begin to cry. Composing himself, Cloud will place the materia on the pedestal in the center of the waterfall and kneel before it in prayer. The materia glows brightly and begins to shimmer with a green light. It then turns into a ball of light and shatters. In front of Cloud, the crystal glows so brightly that he must hide his eyes from it. When the light goes down again, Cloud looks up and sees a ghostly image of Aeris, which tells him to go back to Midgar and enter the Church.

At the church, the image of Aeris will appear again, but this time it will not vanish. Your group inspects the flower bed, and Aeris gets up and walks towards you. It is then that you notice that she is not a ghost. As if to answer your unspoken question, Aeris looks at Cloud and says, "Don't worry, Cloud, it really is me... Maybe now we can do all those things that we never finished the first time around..."

You will now be able to fufill the promise you made to Aeris (That you would take her on the airship someday), a plot hole that simply would not make sense.

information from (http://www.angelfire.com/games/TheEquinox/oldserver/resurrect.html)

savegame for pc
(http://www.angelfire.com/games/TheEquinox/oldserver/save09.ff7) <has alrdy revived her and ready to go to north cave disk 3

see it is possible

The Amazing Rando
27th Sep 2002, 13:26
Sorry, but no. The only way to revive Aeris is with Gameshark (on the Ps version anyway). You can not revive her in the Japanese version either. I've been over and the Square MB and this kind of stuff goes on all the time, but yet again, no. Don't waste your time, cuz it ain't gonna happen ppl. This message mostly for the first guy that posted and the one that was talking about the revive materia and buster sword,blah blah blah. No.

27th Sep 2002, 15:41
Unbelievable. This rumour is still in circulation? Furthermore, people still believe it? Christ, you people are a lot dumber than I thought.

I have yet to hear of someone who's actually successfully performed this rumoured "revival" of Aeris in the game (ie. not using a GameShark or save file editor) by themselves and seen it with their own eyes. All I hear is "reports" (which don't even contain so much as screenshots) proliferated among numerous misinformative Web sites, USENET groups and Web forums by gullable idiots who believe anything and everything they read on the Internet to be the complete and unadulterated truth.

Aeris can NOT be "revived" in any part of any version or localization of the game. Using a GameShark or save file editor to put Aeris in your party after Disc 1 does NOT constitute as a "revival", it's just a hack which makes the game do something it's not originally intended to do (such as the unlimited health/money/power/items GameShark codes you'll find for many other games out there.) Get a life already, people. Stop putting so much stock in these idiotic rumours. Come on now, FF7 is how old now? I can't believe that -- after all this time -- you imbeciles still can't get it through your thick skulls.

Someone close this thread before it degenerates into even more crap than it already is at this point. I beg of you.

27th Sep 2002, 21:00
The fact that the rumors and discussion remain just go to show how much of an impact Aeris's death, and by extension, FFVII as a whole, really had on players.

28th Sep 2002, 11:55
Although none of these rumours were ever proven, it's still fun to hear what Aeris-revivals people come up with.

29th Sep 2002, 16:50
Originally posted by Moggraider
The fact that the rumors and discussion remain just go to show how much of an impact Aeris's death, and by extension, FFVII as a whole, really had on players.

Yes, but it also goes to show how dense and gullable some of these players are, after all these years of the same boring old rumours being recirculated.

29th Sep 2002, 18:55
Yes, but it also just goes to show how much of an impact Aeris's death, and by extension, FFVII as a whole, really had on players.

30th Sep 2002, 02:44
You just repeated what you said almost word for word in your last post. Why?

30th Sep 2002, 06:44
It was kind of a joke. Just goes to show my weird sense of humor. But it also goes to show just how much of an impact Aeris's death, and by extension, FFVII as a whole, really had on me.

3rd Oct 2002, 05:09

They say the memory is the first to go...I wonder if isolation could cause it as well as old age....where did everyone go, anyway.

Looks like 'MAS' is the only thing keeping the forum, alive.

Canyon Wolf
17th Oct 2002, 13:51
No one will probably read this...

A good way to learn Japanese? For most people, taking time to study the grammar seems to work. However, if you're like me and classrooms doesn't do for you, I have an option. It won't make much sense, but it works. And it works well enough, but it'll take time. At least that's the way I did it...actually started in July, and I can read most manga that come my way in September. True, manga ain't much, but give me another year and I'll read you novels. Hell, it's the way I learned English.

Before you do anything, learn Hiragana and Katakana.

First, get yourself the JWP program. I don't know where I got it, but it came with an excellent dictionary feature that you'll get to use sometime later on. A paper-based dictionary would help more than this once you get the hang of the language.

Second, get yourself a DVD of your favourite Japanese thing. This is the tricky part. It must have both Japanese subtitles and English subtitles. Preferably horribly translated, since those have the most direct translations. Watch the E subs, then turn the Japanese subs on and use that and only that until you get the hang of how it works.

Third, get a book(s) you really love, and plow through it. Most manga have furigana to go on with the kanji, and this is where the JWP program'll come in handy. This is the most difficult, arduos stage, since it's where you'll have to construct the grammar rules. You'll be going through headaches and pains and frustrations of all sorts all the time when your guesses go wrong. Eventually, though, the rules will come clear to you...clearer than what those books can tell you. Grammar books are usually very confusing. And while you won't have a firm grasp on the grammar yet, it'll be enough to start reading web pages. The only thing left to do is the kanji vocabulary. Now, that is something that can only be gained from experience. Just read a lot and guess a lot and soon you'll be reading fanfics and web pages however partially.

Fourth, write. Don't care if you get your grammar wrong or totally messes up your sentence structure. Writing is the best way to get one's mindset on a given language in my experience.

I guess I have an easy time with the politeness levels though...Thai politeness levels is much, much harder than the Japanese one.