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5th Jul 2002, 02:43
Do you ever wonder how they are made with so many differeny designs?? I was watching the NYC Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular (lol) and you see all the different types.

Can't wait til Saturday to see the Bay City fireworks. They're always awesome, and the 'Grand Finale' is always best when see from a boat. :) Can't wait to see the new types too.

They're showing local fireworks on tv right now, and one of them was a peace sign!!! :eek:

5th Jul 2002, 02:49
cool!!! :D:D I like fireworks!!! :D:D:D

5th Jul 2002, 02:50
There are going to be fireworks everyday from today up until Saturday. So we get to see a lot of them!!

I almost forgot about the best thing ever, Sparklers!!!! :D :D :D

5th Jul 2002, 02:53
sparklers are cool too, especially the colored ones!!! my cousin and sister and brother were running races with sparklers at the party tonight, it was so funny :D

5th Jul 2002, 03:00

I was terrified of sparklers growing up, I don't know why. I probably thought I'd catch on fire. lol That actually happened to one of my friends when she was little. She won't even go near them now. :)

5th Jul 2002, 09:38
I'm sorry to be a party-pooper but I hate fireworks!! I think they are very dangerous and I wish they would be banned!!!!:p

5th Jul 2002, 15:43
In the wrong hands they can be dangerous. My friend was telling me yesterday, how her uncle once caught the boat next to his on fire. Hope that doesn't happen on Saturday.........

5th Jul 2002, 16:33
I love fireworks!

Where I live, though, fireworks are against the law. And that includes sparklers. :( My brother lives in another state that has no such law and every 4th of July he send me pictures of his kids running around with sparklers. Makes me feel left out :( Someday I'll go visit him in July....