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30th Mar 2016, 21:50
Chrono Cross is available on U.S. playstation Store for playstation Vita for many months/years. Why isn't it available for Europe ?

2nd Apr 2016, 09:39
I notice my message has been moved. So I imagine read. Some have exactly the same request and no answer was given to them. I am a long time returning customer of Square Enix products :

on PS1 : Final Fantasy VII / Final Fantasy VIII / Final Fantasy IX / Final Fantasy Anthology / Final Fantasy Tactics / Chrono Cross / Parasite Eve / Parasite Eve II / Vagrant Story / Tobal 2 / Xenogears / Bushido Blades 2

On PS2 / Final Fantasy X / Final Fantasy XII / Star Ocean - Till the end of Time / Drakenguard / Dragon Quest VIII / Radiata Stories / Valkyrie Profile 2

On Gamecube Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles

On GBA Final Fantasy tactics advanced

On PS3 Final Fantasy XIII (high regret)

And I do not mention all Eidos titles (from tomb raider to Fear Effect) I have purchased. Most of them were US version because never imported in Europe. I can understand that localization is not done, but why not to allow download from PS-Store US version when available and no European version is planned ?

Lack of answer from Square-Enix is not very friendly.

Do not be surprised if listening less and less your fan is correlated with decrease in sales...