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Umah Bloodomen
5th Jul 2002, 02:03
I thought this thread was too good to lose from the other forum so I decided to post it here with a few responses that were issued to it. Two are from myself and one is from keepittrue. This thread was originally started by Mr. Nowhere Man.

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I am a serious LoK fan. In fact, I border on being maniacally obsessive with the series. I have been with the games since the beginning, and I love everything I have seen so far with the exception of a *few* **minor** plot holes. Now, before I begin, I am perfectly aware of the possibility that I am the stupidest, most unobservant being God ever allowed on his planet, but since I don't think that is the case I will proceed with my inquiry. First of all, being that BO 2 is the direct sequel to BO, one would assume that They would follow the same timeline. If this is the case, how do we explain the existance of Janos, and Vorador? Audron was apparently murdered at the hands of the Sarafan some 500 years before the birth of Kain(according to Vorador in SR 2). Therefore, Janos *should* be sufficiently deceased. And then we have Vorador himself. Kain saw Moebius behead Vorador in BO 1, and yet he does't seem surprised in the least to see Vorador in the future. Now, it seems to me that there are only two explanations for this discrepancy. 1) The developers suffered a major brain fart: or 2) Somehow, Vorador is saved(?) at some point between the two BO games. I sincerely hope it isn't the former.
As to Janos' suspicious appearance in BO 2, i have to assume that Raziel makes good on his vow, and restores Audron's heart to his body......but, doesn't that create some sort of really bad occurence with the Hylden and a trap of some kind? I am very much confused, and would greatly appreciate any light that could be shed on the dilemma.

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LOL. Join the club my friend. We're all obsessed. Anyway, you aren't stupid or necessarily unobservant so don't worry. We aren't going to bash your views.
It is hard to keep track of this plethora of "mind screwing" storylines.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand:

BO2 is a direct sequel to BO, however many of us believe the events of BO2 acutally occurred due to the altered events of the SR series. BO2 did occur 400 years after BO1, and during those 400 years, we all know of a little blue guy who struggled against his own quest for revenge and dabbled a bit with a chronoplast and altered a few events.

As for Vorador being surprisingly "alive" and well (LOL). This still is unclear, however there have been a couple of theories involving his alliance with Moebius, Kain himself could've gone back and saved him during his playings with the chronoplast, along with Kain still possessing the ring of Vorador, which perhaps held the soul of the ancient vampire, preventing him from fully dying. (Just some theories that have come up, it is still unclear at this point how or why he exists).

As for Janos Audron. My personal theory on this was this:

Originally Posted by Umah Bloodomen

Raziel in SR2 stumbles upon the retreat of Janos Audron. In the time it takes Raz to get into the retreat, Janos and Vorador are already up there talking and plotting and whatnot. Vorador and Janos both sense Raz coming (hence why Janos says he was expecting him). When Raz reaches Janos, Vorador goes into hiding watching everything (motives are unclear). When the Sarafan enter the retreat, they kill Janos. Vorador sees this and teleports back to the stronghold and takes out the circle members. Raz does his thing, finds Janos dying and heads back to the stronghold himself, where he confronts the Sarafan and his Sarafan self. At the end of SR2, Kain stops Raz from being totally consumed by the Soul Reaver blade and goes through his spiel about Janos having to stay dead. Kain and Raz (in one form or another leave the stronghold hence the events of SR3). Vorador meanwhile, is still in the stronghold and reclaims Janos' heart. Kain wouldn't have restored it because he says Janos should stay dead. Kain and Raz are semi-peaceful with each other leading me to believe they align somehow for SR3 leaving Vorador the only one who would want Janos alive and could do it seeing Kain probably left the heart of darkness behind.

As for the "Hylden Trap"...I think that lead to their desire to seek Janos out to power their device.

I hope this helped you a bit.

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Umah, where did you find info on V's soul being inside the ring he gave Kain. That does not add up, also what do you mean he couldnt fully die if his soul was inside the ring. I could be wrong but I just have not seen any info about this and would be glad to see it.

Originally Posted by Umah Bloodomen

Its all speculation at this point but it wouldn't surprise me. This would remain one of the only plausable (non cheesy) reasons why Vorador still lives.