View Full Version : Lara's guns

5th Jul 2002, 00:16
Where can I get one (or two even)? Also, in the "in-game" trailer, did anyone notice that she reloads her guns just like in the movie?

5th Jul 2002, 00:19
I didn't pay attention to the trailer, not sure what kind they are, but you can get BB/paintball replicas of the movie kind. I can't remember the exact URLs, but I have links on my site under Gear on the main page in the Movie section. (I don't get commission on those, they are just links.. and I think I have two stores up for the movie guns. Hope that helps. ;)

5th Jul 2002, 00:27
thanks. I love your web site. It's awesome!;)

5th Jul 2002, 02:55
ah this is where i shine

for laras trusty pistols
you can pick them up at the dollar store if you have a kelptomaniac for a brother lol
for the real deal-ish

check out


and take a look at this site for help