View Full Version : Anyone finished the game without dying?

26th Mar 2016, 22:51
As the title says, I am wondering if someone finished the game without dying at all in a single run? So basically, when you select "New Game" and till the end of that run not to die even once.

I am asking because I finished the game without dying. So I want to share opinions and see other people experiences while playing.

- What is tricky is when someone beats say 60% of the game and dies, previous progress and future one wont count and for someone who wants to beat the game without dying that means starting all over again. I beat the game few times and the second time i fell down the craggy wall in the Lost City due to being distracted so I had to start new game again. Hardest part of the game for me was a battle with deathless warriors. Other is piece of cake. Trinity soldiers are sitting ducks and they are very predictable and very easy to beat. I will be posting youtube links soon as gameplay is done uploading. Might take a day or 2 due to files being 70+GB.

- What I am disappointed in...well, I was hoping that there will some sort of achievement for beating the game without dying or something similar. We are talking about many many hours of playing and new game attempts. This is the hardest thing to do in the game. Beating the game and not dying even once and all in one run. I did it for my own satisfaction though. Maybe there is some secret achievement I am not aware of?

1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJQdjTSXgHc
2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXvs0oDLWLw
3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzHAkHId1ug

27th Mar 2016, 07:58
Well, I'm certainly impressed! I'm not great at the combat stuff so I don't know how I'd manage it without dying.

4th Apr 2016, 21:26
Added youtube links in the main post.