View Full Version : Got a gameshark 2 Need Help

4th Jul 2002, 23:40
:( Yea i got a GameShark 2 for the playstation 2

it is a version 1.0 and when ever i put the CD in it says

This version of the GameShark 2 is not compatible with this revision of the PS2 CONSOLE

What the PEEEEEEP does that mean help mee

4th Jul 2002, 23:52
it means you need an update

don`t know how, where, or anything usefull, as i have PC only...

Lozza Mate
5th Jul 2002, 05:21
go back to the shop you bought it from and try to exchange it for the latest version, tell them what happened and they'll probably either try to find a better version or give you your money back

5th Jul 2002, 15:23
Yeah, I wouldn't even try using anything less than the 2.0 version. Return the GS, and order yours from gameshark.com, otherwise you're going to have to wait on the phone for like half an hour with their tech support and then wait two to three weeks to have an upgrade disc sent out to you.

5th Jul 2002, 20:42
Oh ok thanks