View Full Version : Metasequoia Confusion

4th Jul 2002, 23:38
Ok, I've been attempting to edit some meshes of Lara. I tried adding a little extra part to the stomach mesh so it looks like she has a shirt on. I saved it and all that stuff, and import it in to the right slot. All is ok. Now I texture it, save, Convert the level, and then when I load it, the mesh is on the knee? What is with that? Anyone else have this happen to them?

Screen of what it looks like in the level. Ignore the two different textures on the upper legs. That is just because that is the slot I used to import my texture for the shirt.

4th Jul 2002, 23:42
There are problems with editting the joints. Most of the time it crashes the wad.

4th Jul 2002, 23:44
The stomach mesh is a joint mesh?? I never edited the knee mesh. It just showed up there.

The Sage Of Time
4th Jul 2002, 23:46
There are a few reasons this could have happened.. (and mind you I HATE Meta)
Firstly, you created your mesh outside of the center XYZ area of where the normal stomach is.
Or.. Two, you need to remap the meshes in Strpix for the newly shaped joint to fit properly.
In either case (it could be both actually) it can be a slight pain to fix.

4th Jul 2002, 23:46
You can try to manually put together Lara's body using TRviewer. Just open the tr4 level file (from which the outfit is messed up) and import a .trmsh file from the mesh of the stomach.

Import a normal standard Lara outfit into that .tr4 file (you can export a whole movable, instead of a single mesh) , and then import back in the stomach mesh were the slot for the stomach mesh is.