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4th Jul 2002, 23:28
I noticed at the bottom right of posts that there is an "IP: <u>Logged</u>" link. Presumably this is to log the IP address of the person that submitted the post. Why is this displayed? The forum allows users to hide (by not releasing their email address although the sender really doesn't get to see it [unless the member replies via email]). I assume the IP logging means that members are having the IP addresses recorded, especially since this also seems to be a means of expelling members that violate the forum rules. However, I would think this is an admin-only function and thought it was odd that it would still appear for non-admin members. I would've thought admin-only functions would appear only after a member logged in as an administrator (or moderator).

5th Jul 2002, 02:25
Pretty sure it's an admin only function, and because it's been that kind of day, and because I can ;) and just to be an arse, it was there at the old forum too :p :D

5th Jul 2002, 05:38
It appears for all members but is only usable by the forum leaders.
The reason it appears for all is, I imagine, to cut down on processing done by the server. Looking up the IP of a particular post is a little used function. If it not to be displayed for non mods/admins you would have to check whether or not the logged in user is eligible to use the function and then display it with an If-Else statement I would image.

While this by itself does not appear to by a big deal, the shear number of threads created and the amount of times viewed adds up to a lot of wasted processing by the server. Making it check only when the link is clicked cuts down hugely on the amount of processing.

You will notice the same thing happens with the "Admin options" combo box in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Munin the Raven
9th Jul 2002, 01:02
While the logged IP function appears for all members, it can only be properly viewed by administrators and moderators. I believe it can also be viewed by the owner of the post, and for this reason (as well as those mentioned above) it has been left viewable to all forum members.

9th Jul 2002, 05:27
Originally posted by Munin the Raven
I believe it can also be viewed by the owner of the post.
Unfortunatley, it can't :/