View Full Version : Remnant Resistance - getting a high score

23rd Mar 2016, 16:27
Hi, I've been enjoying playing Remnant Resistance missions, and have managed to win a few credits by being top of the leader board occasionally, but I'm noticing that some people are managing to get really high scores and I'm not sure how they're doing it, especially as I'm completely the same levels fairly quickly and getting all the bonuses I know of.

I know you can boost your score by being stealthy (+1000) and taking no damage (+2000) in an objective section, but I only recently realised you can get +5000 for not killing anyone. Anyone know of any other bonus scores I haven't stumbled across?

Thanks for any suggestions!

25th Mar 2016, 12:47
5K for not killing anyone? That's new to me. I tried it on one objective but didn't received that bonus. Do you have to complete all 5 objectives without killing anyone to get that bonus?

Also there's a time bonus at the end of the mission. The faster you beat the mission the higher the time bonus.

Don't mind those with 1 mil+ scores - they're hackers. All the games eventually get hacked Leaderboards these days.

27th Mar 2016, 07:53
That 5k was for each objective - so a potential extra 25k for a mission. Obviously doesn't pop up for objectives with animal kills or targeted strike, because you have to kill during those one, but I've managed it during any of the other ones, where you can sneak around and pick up kit.

It does mean it can take a lot longer, because you have to hide in bushes and wait for exactly the right moment to collect stuff, but my thought was that the 5k bonus probably outweighed the time bonus, especially since if you manage not to kill anyone, you've probably collected the 3k for being stealthy and taking no damage too.