View Full Version : In "Autum in Lampfire Hills" how do I kill thish guy?

Keeper Collins
4th Jul 2002, 20:32
Ya know the ghost of the alchmiehst down in the King's tomb?He is the alchmestis ghost,right?Any way how do I kill him?I've tried everything form holy water to tossing roasary beads at him but he won't die!So,how do I kill him?

4th Jul 2002, 21:20
I don't believe you can kill him, at least I never could. He's not hard to sneak around, though. :)

5th Jul 2002, 15:53
Somewhere there was a book or scroll telling you that certain spirits cannot be returned to their rest; i.e., all weapons are useless against them. Like mages, he takes a few seconds of waving his hands before his fireball gets thrown, so if you're spotted you can then dodge behind the pillars, run up the stairs (and fall off of them when he runs up to hide underneath), jump into the water, etc. If you elude him long enough, he will go back to wandering between the crypt room and the pool room.