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4th Jul 2002, 19:10
I can GET him to work, it's just I'm trying to get another baddy to do the same i.e. guide Lara round, trigger traps etc and not attack her and she does not attack him (which I don't think works in the other baddy slots). I have put the baddy in the guide slot, set up all the AI and flip effect 30 triggers but the baddy just stands there and does nothing. I know I have set it correctly because in the same map I have loaded the objects from settomb so the proper guide is in the guide slot and he works fine. Can the baddy AI be altered so he works the same as the real guide? I'm thinking along the lines of AI edit in Wadmerger, but I've never tried to use that. Is it difficult?

The Sage Of Time
4th Jul 2002, 19:20
You just can't place a object in a different slot like that..
The baddies Animations wont match the animations needed to be called for the Guide slot.
Because of this you have a few options.. Although some work better than others....
Something you could try doing is re-meshing the Guide to look the way you want.
That would probably be the easiest way for you.

4th Jul 2002, 21:03
Oh no! I'm really disappointed now, I thought I could just alter some AI animations and away he'd go! :rolleyes: But remeshing the guide - to look like a skeleton? That's the baddy I want but I think to do that is way over my head!

Just out of interest though, what would the other options be? And what about TRWad's new animation editor - would that do the trick?

Thanks Sage

4th Jul 2002, 21:07
I like his turban

5th Jul 2002, 11:52

I did a pierre guide a while back. So I could try and make a skeleton guide.

I will let you know when I have made one.

5th Jul 2002, 12:12
PRJSaves - Thank you!



6th Jul 2002, 11:41

Done. Check PM for details.

6th Jul 2002, 16:53
Hi Prjsaves - thanks very much - I will go take a look :)