View Full Version : USER INTERFACE hours to play one RANKED

20th Mar 2016, 03:16
good to like the title says I have to wait about 1 hour to enter a rankiada game and if re shot one of the other players is disconnected in the character selection I have to go back to wait another hour to play could compose that acausa of that problem and could not pass several insurance division other players feel =. I hooked up to the this game but now I'm really considering desintalarlo can no longer play the rank :mad:

20th Mar 2016, 11:04
The Google Translate is strong in this one.

He has a point though - I have never stayed in queue longer than 15min, but I can totally see it taking up to an hour.
TDM is slow enough as it is, but playing ranked is just not feasible at this time

20th Mar 2016, 20:01
if I use the google translator because I'm bad writing in English but I can read it. The point is that slow as 1 hour that always puts me on hold with 4 players then hope for while looking for other players I watch videos and nothing happens and I have to give you cancel and you leave me a greater amount as 6 players. Before you take out beastmaster updates did not take the maximum wait he lasted Tando expected as 6 to 10mint but now as almost one hour to find a group of 8 before hacie as nearly 3 fights in 1 hour but now only one.

22nd Mar 2016, 01:45
The devs already acknowledged that the match-making got screwed in last update, and are working to fix it.
ETA for patch is this or next week.