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Vivi Ornitier
4th Jul 2002, 09:34
Firstly sorry for posting another thread so soon to posting my last (and pushing all of the others down).

I was just wondering, how do they make the moving background on the train level of TR4....where Lara can also jump off and break her legs?

Is it this in the script file?


Does that do both of the above things? (kill Lara falling-style and move the rooms of the 'train' through the others)

Oh, a couple of other things to...

This is also in the script...

ResetHUB= 14

...what does it do? and is the fact that it is =14 significant to this level?

And one final thing....simply because I haven't tried yet and some of you might..is...

Lightning= ENABLED

....able to be used on every level with a horizon, no matter what the horizon is? (asuming that the above does exactly as you it says...)



4th Jul 2002, 10:18
I can't help you with the Train line, but the ResetHub line is for removing all the puzzle items from the previous wads in this level, so you wouldn't get a lot of Laras butts named 'load'. The number =14, whatever is for the level you want the items to be removed, the title fly-by level is 0, so the playable levels start from 1.

4th Jul 2002, 10:54
(opps, too early) :D

4th Jul 2002, 10:58
the resethub line is something more complex :)
It enables you to use different LARAs in the same game like TR3 :)
It works in this way:

resethub= #number of the level where lara has to go#

If in the script your first outfit is in the level number 3 and after this levels she has to go in the level 5 with a new outfit (or a new 3D and new weapons) simply write in the third level in the script this line:

resethub= 5

It works great. I found this MANY months ago when testing young Lara (this means when we had the angkor wad from eidos)

As "young lara= enabled" line in the script actually enables ONLY her different skin joints, I asked myself: if I don't enable the young Lara, the little 16yo lara is like "a different outfit".. what does NOT make the game to crash when I load the second level? ;)

So, I told myself: "if it works among 16yo Lara and "old" lara, this means this works with every 3D Lara I could imagine" :) and it worked when I created the three new Laras I built that time and with the official ones :)

Then, RECON LABS 3 used this line for its custom Laras, so it is something known now, not that diffused, but known :)

BTW, remaining on topic, put the "FOG=" line with a RGB value into your script :) (this line works only when the train is enabled, if I remember well) then create an animating range for all the textures you want for the train effect and put then somewhere in the map: if I remember well, those textures will flow on the lowest level ot the map (the lowest "click").

Vivi Ornitier
6th Jul 2002, 01:55
I never said before, and forgot to come back and post it....but...

Thank you you two!! :)