View Full Version : Mud Or Metal?

Vivi Ornitier
4th Jul 2002, 08:51
Do you think that this (http://www.trle.150m.com/MorM.html) texture is mud, or rusted metal?

And do you think that it would make a difference using it as the opposite to what you think it is?


Vivi Ornitier
4th Jul 2002, 09:16
Thanks :)

I've been using as rust...to go with the other texture that is the 'metal' for the rust to go on...

But I was playing TR3 the other day, on the 'Lost City of Tinnos', and found that that's where the textures are from...and they use it in the earth puzzle section.

....jus' was wondering what everyone thought it looked like...it's become more metal because of texture sounds...

Anyhows, I'll leave it to see what people think,


4th Jul 2002, 13:22
It's more of a mud like sand.

4th Jul 2002, 14:54
I'm with DR on this one, it's hard to say, I'd be tempted to use the texture in a test room, and see what it looks like in game play.

4th Jul 2002, 15:18
well, as you all know, I am so obsessed with tomb raider that you sould show me lara's eye and I'd know which game it was, or a texture i would know what set, what level, and what it is, in this case, that texture was used in the level "Lost city of Tinnos", as a rusty metal wall texture also used in the level "Sleeping with the Fishes" and is part of a submarine, Therefore, I don't believe Slinc corp. would be using subs made of mud :D This is a metal texture, I am positive. ;)

The Sage Of Time
4th Jul 2002, 16:22
It doesn't look like Mud or Metal to me.. It looks like Dirt, just plain ol dirt.
Although if I had to choose between the two i'd say Metal, it'd just fit better.