View Full Version : Hi guys. It's been a few weeks.

Lady Kreliana
4th Jul 2002, 06:24
I go away for about two weeks and lots of stuff happens. Figures, doesn't it? ;) The new forums look really nice, I'm sure we'll have just as much fun here as we did at the old forums.

Sorry to hear about Socko. He used to be a valuable clan member.

About two weeks ago, I started the pastry arts program at Pennsylvania Culinary. It's going well so far and I get to actually start baking things on Monday. These past few days I've learned a lot about flour and yeast. (I can only imagine the faces everyone's making at that comment, but hey...this is baking. :D)

I don't yet have internet in my dorm room, but I hope to get it soon so I can talk with everyone again. I'm home right now for the 4th-7th, so I'll be around for a few days.

I'll talk to you guys when I can.


Edit: Also, the Raziel Shrine that my buddy, Persephone, and I are making is nearly complete. Check it out at www.geocities.com/nosgothsavior. It's a bit rough around the edges, but that'll be fixed soon. Check it out and have some fun!

Umah Bloodomen
4th Jul 2002, 06:26
**waves at Kreliana**

Welcome back!

Are we ready to construct a site or what? :p

Lady Kreliana
4th Jul 2002, 06:46
*whips out her "HTML for Dummies" handbook*

I'm ready!

4th Jul 2002, 10:20
Hi Kreliana :D

4th Jul 2002, 13:55
Welcome back Kreliana ;)