View Full Version : Bearer of bad news...

4th Jul 2002, 05:17
I was going through yet another trip in Shipping, and saw an old friend ...

I'm sorry Rick. I know how much Squeaky (www16.brinkster.com/stikboy/squeaky.html) meant to you

He was just lying there in Mynell's Steak House. Poor spider bait :(

4th Jul 2002, 12:59
Poor Squeeky...he was such a friendly sort.


...is that a new AI model or texture??

4th Jul 2002, 16:20
Originally posted by RicknMel
...is that a new AI model or texture??

No. Actually, I was taking my time, instead of running through this level, trying to get all loot. I happened to notice a couple of rat's heads in the upstairs freezer?? and in the cage with the big spider.

It's amazing how many small things you miss, no matter how many times you've done a level.