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Power reaver
4th Jul 2002, 04:11
Just a minute ago when I activated the site , instead of Power Reaver the user name read Artifical or something like that . I dont know how but i think I accidently logged on to his/her account . Then I closed the site and activated again and I was back to Power reaver .

Anyway I would like to say that I didnt tamper with this guys account , reputation or anything .

This forum is really doing weird things .

Power reaver
4th Jul 2002, 12:58
It happened again , is Chris available at the moment so i can question him on this ?

5th Jul 2002, 05:32
Come to mention it, I haven't noticed Chris posting anywhere in this Forum. I'm beginning to wonder if the guy is alive anymore. :cool:

5th Jul 2002, 17:59
he is on holiday...
whow this is wierd...it just told me that i can only post every 60 seconds...but the last time i posted was about 5minutes ago...

8th Jul 2002, 19:15
Hey there,
Not sure if you are still haveing problems, but if you are, send me an e-mail at cbruno@crystald.com and I can look into this for you. Thanks.
Crystal Dynamics

Power reaver
9th Jul 2002, 11:12
No I am not having the problem anymore , but strangely I cant vote on the polls . Something about an invalid session .

BTW good to see you back Chris .