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4th Jul 2002, 01:45
Screenshots of my new Pompeii level! :D
Hope you like them!!! :)

Lara's view from bottom

"Dozy" view from top (I only cheated for the picture lol :D)

so what do you think? ;)

EDIT: Like Litepulsar I will edit this post when I have more shots to show :D this way I can save thread space. Check back on this page for updates ;)

4th Jul 2002, 01:51
btw, I will have more later, but it is so hot here!! I'm going in the pool :D cya!

4th Jul 2002, 02:36
Yes they are worth the look! Great job. It could use a few more lights though.

4th Jul 2002, 02:50
oh, I just started on those an hour or so ago, they are nowhere near done yet, I still have to add lighting, staircases, and windows, etc. Here are some pics from the previous level, Antico Caffe Recco. (Older pictures) The level centers around a cafe, which has several garden/waterfall views, here is the cafe from the outside:


and here is from the inside looking out:


those arent as good, but there will be more later! ;)

4th Jul 2002, 03:02
I don't like those as much as these new ones.... i don't know why, unless there's too much blue/green :confused:

BTW I was wondering, why did you need that hi-tech outfit? Was it just for fun or will i see it in a furture level of yours? Plus did you get it to work ok?

4th Jul 2002, 03:20
yes, I will use it in a new level, but I'm just finishing up Pompei right now ;) I keep changing the story, so the outfit is currently planned to be used in vci levels that will be in london :) yes, I did get it to work, and thank you very much! and about those pics, I agree, they are very blue/green, they are older, and I like them only because I like the cafe/waterfall effect. The rest of the level has very detailed areas as well, and they aren't just blue and green :p I'm going to load up the game right now and take some more pics, so get ready for more! (They won't be as old as those ones) :)

4th Jul 2002, 04:08
back with more pompei pics! ;)

in the room with the evil skeleton trap:

a better view of the cieiling of the big room:

I might have more tommorow! :D

4th Jul 2002, 04:15
Those look great! I know i going to like the Exotic Locations Series, because i love Tomo's Last Saga series.

I remember back awhile ago, when this series was but a twinkle in the sky, and Chronicles5 was just starting it. I never thought it would look this good and be this long.

4th Jul 2002, 04:28
I know it's nice to look at pics of furthercoming levels, but I kinda prefer to play the levels :D :D :D

My only suggestion, on the skeleton trick pic, retexture the ceiling! It's strange

4th Jul 2002, 04:46
yes TREEBLE, I tried to randomize the celing and floor so it would look like a disaster happend, but I think i overdid it :p, then forgot about it. These next pics may be blurry they are from my angkor training level, from the winroomedit point of view:

this is the starting room, notice the detail of the tree :D you can also see some of my custom textures!! ;)

the famous waterfall scene (my favorite screensaver) :)

4th Jul 2002, 05:03
...when did you say??? :D

4th Jul 2002, 15:04
when did I say what? :confused:

4th Jul 2002, 15:42
ok well whatever, I'm going to start working on the lighting and staricases of those first two pics, does anyone else have suggestions now so I can work on them? I know it's July 4th but some people have to be online!! :D

4th Jul 2002, 16:20
Five new shots, with the room really lit up, there are windows on each floor, with a big one on the top floor, the staricases have yet to be designed, though, so there will be more changes in lighting. Suggestions? This first one is of the second floor of the skeleton trap part. You can see the floor below, through the hole in the floor. The windows are supposed to be boarded up, but I'm having transpaency problems, can anyone help? The four after that are of the big room, still in progress.

Enjoy!! :D

4th Jul 2002, 18:10
OK, these are the last two shots, of the finished area, though I still have some bugs with the stairs I have to work out... What do you think? :D

view from bottom

view from in front of big window


4th Jul 2002, 19:45
desprite they are too dark, they are really beautiful!

4th Jul 2002, 19:49
thanx! where do you think they are too dark? I really want to improve them! :D

4th Jul 2002, 20:00
I think they are just perfect! i think that a level with too much light is no level at all! :)

4th Jul 2002, 20:21
thanks disco-fever! yes I think the room is plenty bright :D I'm going to a 4th of July party now, please don't let my thread die, and keep your questions/comments/suggestions coming!!! :D

4th Jul 2002, 21:06
All of those screens that are below the first two blue/green ones are VERY well done!

5th Jul 2002, 01:32
thanx, ive been working pretty hard on them :D

5th Jul 2002, 04:50
Incredible!!! :D

Those last ones are truely brilliant, and they don't seem to be dark to me (ok so i kinda favor dark levels :D )
I love a level with great atmosphere :)

5th Jul 2002, 10:39
thanx!! you will like the puzzle block room and skeleton trap rooms these are dark, and pretty hard to figure out. :D:D

oh and btw my game changed again, this time I'm trying to convince myself not to change it again, and this way Lara's adventures are evenly spaced around the world :D

Training Level (Ta Phrom, Angkor Wat)
Italy levels (3 levels)
Peru levels (2 levels)
India levels (2 levels)
New York City levels (2 levels)
Australia levels (2 levels)

New York city will be vci type level series using MountainDewNut's awesome outfit!!! :D and Australia was added to give the game a new twist, and me a good challenge. Anybody got good ideas for bonus levels? :D

Raider of relics
5th Jul 2002, 10:49
Very good !!!! :eek:

5th Jul 2002, 11:28

6th Jul 2002, 23:04
Hi, these new pics you posted are even better!
Can't wait until these levels are released :)

7th Jul 2002, 19:14
wowers!!!!! thay look great well done! c'ant wait to play!!! :)

12th Jul 2002, 18:42
sorry all, i went camping after my internet crashed :(
pompei is ready to be released, and it will as soon as I get my website up and running. thanx for the comments! :D

12th Jul 2002, 22:03
very beautiful screenshoots, C5, your skills are visibly improving :D Another custom level I'm gonna have to download. Great job!!

12th Jul 2002, 22:09
thanx! wait till you see pavillion of the stars, the first waterfall will blow you away! :D

btw everyone i will be gone for the weekend :(