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Goku Noble Warrior
3rd Jul 2002, 23:17
yeah, so this member named Kristian posted in our ffseries forum saying it sucked and what not,

"What do you guys like???
Hey, this forum sucks....... it's FF, FF, FF, FF....... Go and check out the commandos forum, there we discuss more than only the game, a couple of us makes flash movies that we talk about, and we talk about the world cup, soccer, and many things......

So I decided I'd come take a look, forgive me if I spam at all, in which you can blame Kristian, for telling us our forum sucked and asking us to come check out the commandos forum.

3rd Jul 2002, 23:50
Originally posted by Goku Noble Warrior
in which you can blame Kristian

And so I will.

Yo Kristian (hope he reads this),
if you are planning to start "Forum Wars", you came to the wrong place. It's time to start thinking. ;)

5th Jul 2002, 11:15
he's on vacation now, somewhere in norway, he won't be reading this untill a couple of days.

Goku Noble Warrior
9th Jul 2002, 04:53
heh, I went on a 4 day vacation after I made this thread to the Anime-Expo 2002, got back yesterday afternoon. all is fine so no problem, Its cool if you guys post over in the ff forum and ask us to check out yours, just dont tell us our forum sucks :p