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Lil Lara
3rd Jul 2002, 22:57
I was wondering where people have gotten their "Lara" outfits/costumes(whatever you wanna call them)? They are really well done, I must say. So, have people bought clothes that looks similar to what Lara has worn? Or do people actually make the outfits? Thanks to anyone who responds to this really random question! :confused: :rolleyes: :p

3rd Jul 2002, 23:47
As far as i know, it's at ebay.

4th Jul 2002, 00:38
Some make their own, some buy... I just posted a get gear page on my website. It focuses on the movie gear and it's a noncommission section. I just put it together to help people find the stuff. However, since they are replicas, they are quite expensive. I have a section of stuff that is similar to the game outfits as well. At any rate, you should try http://www.adventurersplace.com They have some instructions on how to make your own accessories like the holsters, etc. Hope that answers your question :cool:

Lil Lara
4th Jul 2002, 19:43
Hey.. thanks for your reply. I just thought that it would be really cool to get a Lara type outfit, hmm.. I guess I shall search the web. Thanks again!