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3rd Jul 2002, 22:56
Just uploaded V1.02 of RTR . I fixed a couple of minor glitches and was going to leave it at that, but then I figured players deserved a chance to get even with those pesky bots. There's a new bonus run added where you can tool yourself up for some payback...You'll have to set a decent pace to reach the door in time though. Just follow my sig to the Demo FM's page if you're interested.

* Director's Cut Extras * :p

-New bonus run
-Top 10 times
-Extra music
-Simplified maze
-More visual markers
-Tweaked sound

* Top 10 Times *

01. Andy K 3:29
02. U-Ziq 3:33
03. Kelly Black 3:47
04. Peter Smith 3:55
05. Ricknmel 3:57
06. Dave Carter 4:05
07. Nightwalker 4:11
08. Meatball 4:26
09. Shelob 4:27
10. 1-Ski 4:29

4th Jul 2002, 00:52
WhooHoo...I made the list! :D

I'll have to check out the newest version.

.......and see about climbing that list a little! ;)

btw..I see some new faces on the list...did I miss something??

Welcome to the forum taffers! :)

4th Jul 2002, 01:17
I swear gummy......you are nuts!!:D I tried the first version, man that music, it definitely adds to thee ahhhh running. :D
Very creative.......cool.....
Now pin the tail on the haunt, or a kick me sign, that should be our next run on things. :cool:

4th Jul 2002, 02:43
I'm thrilled that I made your 10 ten list, GumDrop, but pssst! You've got my time wrong! The fastest time I posted was 3 min. 34 sec. That's okay, though. I had a blast with the mission and I'll go try out the new version to see if I've forgotten the way through the maze yet. :D

5th Jul 2002, 15:44
Don't get confused rick. Some of the people who made the top 10 don't post on the Thief forums (atleast I don't recognise their names), and there's even a contest being held by a Japanese fan (http://zero-yen.com/garrett123/run.htm) at the moment. It was kinda cool to hear that. :cool:

I fixed the blooper Nightwalker, I forgot you updated your time.

And Broken. If I can ever be bothered to learn how to do custom objects and make them attachable to AI, Pin the "Kick me"...will be on the cards. :D