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3rd Jul 2002, 21:12
SR3 is one of the most anticipated game for any LOK hardcore fan. So here are my ideas to honor those loyal fans. For the story, leave no stone unturned and make it finally complete, But put in some details that only long-time fans would know and put some in for new guys. I should also suggest that you remake BO1 and SR1 to compensate for lost or confusing dialogue or gameplay. Like the glyphs in SR1 or the constant loading in BO1. Reconstruct SR1 to accommodate the change in glyph areas and maybe add or remove dialogue or new areas. Boost the polygon count and texture maps. Just to name a few As for BO1, boot the CONSTATE loading and upgrade the texture and graphics. They need not to put it in 3D, but it would have its benefits. Make both newer versions available for both PS2. That all I have to say about those 2, unless someone wants to ask me something. About SR3 now. Remodel Raziel to look more badass then ever. Look taller, more versatile, and stronger. Give him some a new fighting engine, one that allows him to do more compacted moves and a large variety of them. Devil May Cry for example had an excellent fighting style. Raziel’s current style is, I admit. Boring and almost no fun. It makes fighting enemies just annoying. Back flips and devastating combos. And the most IMPORTANT, difficult boss battles, no game is complete with out extremely difficult and intelligent enemies. Lets give that Soul Reaver a work out. SR2 left me disappointed with the final fights. You were invincible, I know that was part of the story but, it spoiled the battles. Story, Voice acting, EXCELLENT, SURPERB, but the excitement during gameplay was a little below par. Any questions? As for BO3, revel more about Kain’s revival of the Saraphan, and the second death of Vorador. How else does Kain get the ability to raise them? LoL And how they raised Vorador. I bet they already planned that. But last but certainly not least, have Razial make an appearance in BO3 in his Reaver form. Just a thought. Tell me what you think and fell free to post your opinions too, Thanks C-ya later P.S. hris, shoot some of these ideas towards your team and Amy. They may like them.

3rd Jul 2002, 21:25

*claps insanely `till he drops*

Power reaver
4th Jul 2002, 05:19
BO is being remade by fans using neverwinter nights . Unfortunately SR is not , but hey its good enough by itself , I dont think its needs any tampering .

I totally agree about makin Raz look more Badass , he does look a little wimpy in SR and SR2 , I reaaally want him to look scary . It would be reaally cool if they add the glow into his eyes .

Hey this gives me an idea for a poll .:cool:

4th Jul 2002, 17:04
I agree on SR1 not being remade. But on major game that needs to atleast be touched up a little is BO2. The ending scene before Kain fight the S.Lord is just too much to bare. I was extremely disappointed by that. Thats my opinion. I took my ps2 version back and got the Xbox version in its place. I was hoping they would do something about the problem so I could get ALL of the LOK games for the Playstation. Oh well. But i think a new fighting engine is needed to make SR3 an awesome game. Great story, complex characters, intelligent enemies, and a fighting style like Devil May Cry's but not exact would give it that extra kick for gameplay. The challenge for Raziel would be harder if the basic enemies and bosses had just as many moves as Raziel but there moves vary from different types. Devestating combos and counter attacks. But my latest idea is to actually have a sword fight with your eneimies, not just them holding the block on for 5 minutes while you swing away at them. if you both swing your swords at the same time they collide and a flash, spark or the reaver's energy, appears between you both. Well, any more suggestions?

4th Jul 2002, 19:02
dual wielding
special attacks like whirlwind
cool music
better marketing (i want raz on my tv)
SR kain getting into a fight with someone eeeeevil
looooong game
knights who say NI!

4th Jul 2002, 21:30
"knights who say NI!"?
that's to much monty piton...