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3rd Jul 2002, 19:22
<Somewhere out in deep space, a Tradarian organic cargo ship flies through outer-space. Inside, a Tradarian executive hurries through the hallways to the bridge, and steps up on a podium. Ignoring the beautiful, organic walls and ceilings, and the nebula outside the windows. The many robotic crew members ignore him and continue working at their stations. A holographic image pops up in front of him, the Tradarian starts speaking. His voice is unusally human-like, similar to a Chinese or Japanese human's voice.>

Tradarian Executive:"Ah, my lord. What is it that you have so urgently called for?"

Dragonian Grand Elder:"I want you to hurry with the cargo. I want no stalling, it seems they know how precious it is to us."

Tradarian Executive:"Ah, I see. But passing through this territory, is it, illegal?"

Dragonian Grand Elder:"I will see, but than again, I can make it legal. Go back to your duty."

Tradarian Executive:"Yes your highness..."

<The holographic image fades out and is immediatly replaced with a strange looking droid.>

Tradarian Executive:"Number five!"

Command Android #5:"Yez zir?"

Tradarian Executive:"I want the cryogenic fluids pumped up to maximum, and I want security measures at a hundred percent. I want anything alien on this ship destroyed."

Command Android #5:"Yez zir!"

<The ship speeds into hyperspace...>

3rd Jul 2002, 19:51
Manu Itiraymi lays dark in the giant arms of the shipyard, hundreds of workpods fly about, some polishing, some pulling cargo trains into the ship's hanger bay. The ship's engines are dark, instead of their usual bright blue. Targ, grey, turrekan, and salthog personel walk through the gangaways to the ship after a long shore leave while the ship was being serviced. On the bridge workers are closing up panels in the wall, and heading off the ship. I step off the turbolift and sit in my chair.

Me: (over inter comm): All hands prepare for departure, in t-minus 15 minutes. Computer, intiate pre-fight start up.

Computer: Aknowledged. Activating main reactor. Bringing thrusters on-line. Main deflector powering up. Running lights activated.

All over the ship's hull lights turn on illuinating the silver exterior of the ship. The deflector dish in the front nose of the ship begins to glow blue. Bridge personel arrive on the bridge and take their staions.

Me: Commander, has all the crew boarded?

Commander: Yes, admiral.

Me: Good, helm clear all moorings, thrusters to station keeping.

Helm: Aye, sir.

The gangways retract, and docking arms release their hold on the ship as workpods return to their bays on the sides of the shipyard.

Helm: Moorings clear, and all workpods report they are out of the area.

Me: Helm, take us out.

Helm: With pleasure, admiral.

The ship moves slowly out of the dock and into open space.

Helm: We are clear, and free to navigate.

Engineer: All speeds through hyperspace available at your comand, Admiral.

Me: Plot course to the Honsiisi Nebula to start our patrol.

Helm: Aye, sir. Course ploted.

Me: Engage.

[i]The Manu Intiraymi jumps to hyperspace.

4th Jul 2002, 03:10
---Secret Plotting Headquarters---

*Ghyron's secret headquarters, cunningly disguised as the office of a Flower Delivery company sits on a remote moon in the middle of an asteroid feild*

Evil Robot Secretary #72451: Sir, master, lord, supreme ruler, most evil-

Ghyron: Hmrpgh, how many times have I told you incompetent robots that you do not need to go through my ENTIRE title as a villain each time you address me!?

Evil Robot Secretary #72451: Sir, master, lord, supreme-

*Ghyron emits a low growling sound, not unlike the sound a Groulien Matress Hunter emits before it rips off your appendages for an early dinner*

Evil Robot Secretary #72451: Sir, Dark Newbie Lord of Doom is here to see you about matters of utmost vileness.

Ghyron: Send in the Dark Newbie.

*A troll in a bright red cape enters the room*

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: Massssterrr.

Ghyron: Yes, Evil-Villain-In-Training?

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: Massssterrrr, the do-gooding Tradariansss are transssporting cargo of utmossst importance for the also-do-gooding Dragonianssss.

Ghyron: Most excellent, prep the Bad-Mobile for take off!

4th Jul 2002, 19:51
<Meanwhile, on Dragonia Prime, in Imperial City. Several delegates were in the auxillarry meeting room, with the Dragonian International Anthem playing. It sound extremely similar to the first song on the Earth game, Homeworld. A door opened and the music abruptily ended, with Dracoraptor in ceremonial meeting robes, a crest of feathers, and gold horn covers, entering the room and sitting down on the highest chair in the room.>

Dracoraptor:"I take it that you are all appalled by how late this meeting got started, but it is imperritive that we discuss this new enemy."

<A holographic image popped up on the meeting table. It showed various graphs and data. Than a picture of some hidden person, in a blurred image.>

Dracoraptor:"We couldn't get a good picture on the bugger, but we believe this is our newest enemy, Death Busters. He knows little of our cargo heading to Sanctuary still, but his power is sufficent enough to knock our race, the Dragonians, to complete extinction. So than you know he is just as powerful as Ghyron, and will be more powerful than anything in the Galaxy if he obttains, this..."

<The image changed to show a beating human hart. Various data showed up around the image.>

Dracoraptor:"A heart, supposivly human. But this is no ordinary heart, it is a pure heart. There is some unknown power hidden inside it, but with this gem, it would be easy to destroy the universe. A super-weapon a million, no, a billion times stronger than the Fallen Star's main beam weapon that could destroy us all, could be powered by this. Although we're not sure if it's that he want to use with it. Maybe it's also a key to something, or something like an elixir of life, but we do not know its purpose, yet. And it appears, our cargo heading to Sanctuary has something to do with this. And-"

<Before he could finish his sentence, several of the delegates starting yelling and arguing. Meanwhile, on the Tradarian ship...>

Droid:"Zir! We are about to come out of hyper-zpaze. Should we land immediatly after our exit?"

Tradarian Executive:"Yes, go ahead..."

<The ship exited the errie hyper-space dimension and came out to see a planet covered in thick, black, clouds. Lightining flashes could be seen from orbit. The ship opened up a pair of wings and entered the planet. When it broke through the clouds, lightning strikes and long, endless fields full of five foot tall grass could be seen from the ship's bridge. There was a very small city up ahead, where it landed next to. The Tradarian exited through a ramp and a Terran was standing in front of him.>

Terran:"Greetings, I suppose you want the escort droids now, don't you?"

Tradarian Executive:"Ah, yes."

<The Terran walked to two crates, he pressed a few buttons on them and out came to black, droids. They were solid black, and had sharp, black claws on their arms. Their "Palms" had two holes in them, two were lasers, of course. Their black eyes came to life and they lazily stood up with one shoulder higher than the other. They walked towards their new masters slowly, and the arms sagged like they were malfuctioning.>

Tradarian Executive:"They look, broken."

Terran:"They aren't, they're conserving energy for battle."

Tradarian Executive:"Battle?"

Terran:"Yes, battle. Soon..."

4th Jul 2002, 21:38
---Near the Flowers-By-Buffer Headquarters---

Turakken Reporter: ...recently acquired by a shipping conglomerate formerly known as "The Consortium". The Flowers-By-Buffer Headquarters is situated on a remote abandoned moon in the middle of a dangerous and perilous asteroid field. From this position we can see, over the horizon the small yellow sun in this region of the galaxy. We here at Bang-Boom Reporting Inc. would like to take the time to say that we appreciate your business in this- by the great rift of arcturus! What IS that? This is Plasma-Nano-Delta from Bang-Boom Reporting Inc. reporting to you live on the Glamgloomie moon where a massive... something is coming over the horizon, fast. It appears to be over fourteen miles long... I believe a-AAAAAAUGH

-End of Record-

---Bridge of the Flowers-0-Rama Delivery Ship---

Ghyron: Mwuhahahahaha! Disguised as an innocent fourteen mile long flower delivery ship I can easily conquer the entire universe! Mwuhahahahahaha!

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: Master, how can a cargo ship with no weapons conquer the universe? Ten of the fourteen miles of this ship are dedicated to harmless... flowers!

Ghyron: I have no time for you useless comments. Set a heading for Dragonia Prime!

---Dragonia Prime---

*A massive flower delivery ship enters orbit around Dragonia Prime and begins transmitting a pre-recorded message on all EM channels*

---Auxiliary Meeting Room---

*As various delegates and representatives fight over important issues, the holographic projector continues to play. Then with a flicker the scene changes from a beating heart to a Targ in a business Exo-Suit.*

Pre-Recorded Holographic Salestarg: ...message. Do zhoo vant fresh, bzutiful flowerz for all ocazons? Are zhoo looking for vhee perfect flowzer arrangement? Vell zhoo need look no further becuze -click- Flower-By-Bufferz hazz all zhoor flowzer needs. For example zhis boozquet here izz a prime example of---

*The message continues to play*

4th Jul 2002, 22:33
Dragonian Delegate:"HOW DARE HE SAY THAT WORD!!!"

<The meeting room goes angry and starts to call police ships to arresst the ship. Unfornately, Flower, in Dragonian, means, "***** You all to ****, you ***** dirty Dragonians! ***** you all to ****!". That is the worst thing you could say in front of a Dragonian. Two Twin Sword Class Carriers come around the planet and launch their fighters and Terra-Warrior Mecha for attack.>

5th Jul 2002, 02:41
Aboard Manu Intiraymi

Comm: Sir, we are recieving a disteress call, audio only.

Me: On speakers.

Ghyron: This is the Flowers-by-Buffers vessel *static*. We are under attack!

Comm: We have lost the transmission. I have traked the signal to Dragonia Prime.

Me: All hands to battle stations, red alert! Helm, course to Dragonia Prime, flank speed. Comm, signal the Orion and the Sagitarius to join us. Engage!

The ship jumps out of the nebula into hyperspace. It arrives shortly after in near Dragonia Prime, followed closely by the Orion, and The Sagitarius. Fighters quikly move to engage the new targets.

Me: Launch all fighters! Tactical, fire at will. Helm, move us into translocation range.

Tactical: Aye, sir.

100 Targ QIE(Quadruple Ion Engine) fighters scream out of the Manu Intiraymi's hanger bay. Panels retract aong the hull to reveal heavy turbolaser banks, torpedo tubes, and anti fighter lasers. Point defense cannons lash out at projectiles as the ship moves within translocation range of the Flowers-by-Buffer ship.

Me: Flowers-by-Buffer ship, this is Admiral Davdg, commander of the starship Mau Intiraymi, we are ready to translocate your crew to our ship at your command.

5th Jul 2002, 03:06
<Meanwhile in the control bridge of the equatorial space-station. Laser and Missle turrets point towards the two ships.>

Station Commander:"Enemy ships, this is Dragonia Prime. We will not hesitate to open fire if you do not surrender immediatly. I repeat. Enemy ships, this is Dragonia Prime. We will not hesitate to open fire if you do not surrender immediatly."

<The two ships were attracting quite a crowd. Two Dragonian battleships had already launched energy torpedos after coming out of orbit. The Dragon Moduler Fighters had already heavily damaged the "Flowers-By-Bumper" ship, and were firing missles towards the other ship.>

Station Commander:"Give up now or be annihilated! Its you versus a whole spacestation as wide as this planet. that, and you facing four Dragonian ships and two hundred fighters. You have no choice..."

5th Jul 2002, 03:29
There are THREE ships, the Manu Intiraymi, the Orion, ad the Sagitarius.
Aboard Manu Intiraymi

Me: Cheif, intiate translocation. Recall all fighters. Helm, ge us out of here! Lock tractor beams on the Flowers-by-Buffer ship.

The three ships turn about as they recall fighters. Gyron materializes on the bridge, and the crew of the Flowers-by-Buffer cargo ship materializes in the cargo bay. The three ships lock tractor beams on the ship and jump away with it in tow into hyperspace. The re-appear near a rocky planetoid in open space.

Me: Comm, signal the base to de-cloak.

Comm: Aye, sir.

An enormus base with several construction yards, a bio sphere, and other facilities fades into vision on the planetoid.

Me: My lord, your vessel was damaged by the Dragonians, you will need to make repairs here before you can return to it.

6th Jul 2002, 03:44
---Aboard the Targ Vessel---

Ghyron: I thank you for you assistance, most nefarious leader of the high in echelon entity known as the Targ Collective. The first part of my master plan to destroy the Dragonian homeworld and all of their inferior race. It is of utmost importance that the Flowers-By-Buffer flagship, most of which is comprised of cargo sections surrounded by a thick nano-adaptive hull, be fitted with a high class cloaking device. For your most enlightened assstance you will be sutably rewarded with fifteen Exhulsian Armored Mechanical Battle Skrashers, as you remember, I used them on a rather successful attack on a Turakken science station, only one carbon based life form survived...

6th Jul 2002, 04:20
<A holographic image pops up right next to Ghyron, it appears to be a Tradarian droid.>

Droid:"Lord Ghyron. I have, requested by the Newbie Lord of Doom, infiltrated the Tradarian ship. It seems their cargo is extremely valuble, and could aid us in the destruction of those blasted Dragonians. I have the data here, transmitting now..."

<The image changes into an info screen, it says...>

Transmission From: Dragonian Elder Sle'ke
Transmission To: Tradarian Executive Kulike Kulan

"I want you to hurry with the cargo. I want no stalling, it seems they know how precious it is to us."

"Ah, I see. But passing through this territory, is it, illegal?"

"I will see, but than again, I can make it legal. Go back to your duty."

"Yes your highness..."

Transmission From: Tradarian Executive Kulike Kulan
Transmission To: Command Droid #5

"Yes sir?"

"I want the cryogenic fluids pumped up to maximum, and I want security measures at a hundred percent. I want anything alien on this ship destroyed."

"Yes sir!"

End of Transmissions...

Droid:"It seems whatever they are carrying, it is organic and a lowly carbon based lifeform. They brought the cargo off the ship after landing on a completly Terran occupied planet, Sanctuary. And it appears from the Cryogenic settings, it was Terran. But there was something strange about the settings, like the thing inside was sick, but it was impossible to know. And we also intercepted a message at the Dragonian meeting. Saying something about the power to destroy a planet. They could be refering to one of their capital ships, The Fallen Star. But there is a 99.397539% chance they were refering to the Terran cargo. My caculation conclude, it must be physcic or holding some key to a superweapon, most likely a combonation of both. Should I continue our spying efforts on the cargo?"

6th Jul 2002, 06:49
Aboard Targ Starship, Manu Intiraymi

Me: Engineering teams Alpha, and Beta, report to transporter room three. Cheif, your with me.

I walk over to the turbo lift, folowed by a Targ in a gold uniform.

Turbolift: Hi! I'm a Sirrus Cybernetics Turbolift, and it is my pleasure to take you to your destination, and-

Me:Computer, delete turbolift personality subroutines.

Computer: Aknowledged.

Me: Transporter room 3.

The lift silently zooms to its destination. The doors open to a stark, sterile white coridor. The targ, and I walk to the transporter room, where the two engineering teams are assembled. We step up to the large platfrm in the center of the room with the team.

Me: Listen up folks, we are going to install a cloaking device on Ghyron's ship. Alpha Team will come with me to the engineering section, to acttually install the device. Beta Team will go with the cheif to the bridge to program the computers to interface with it. Once we are in the engineering compartment, I will signal the base to beam over a cloaking device, and download the correct programs to the ship's computer. Beta team, go first.

The cheif and Beta Team step on to the platform and vanish in a columns of sparkles.

Me: Now Alpha Team.

The Alpha team, and I step onto the platform.

Me: Computer, initate translocation.

[/i]The team and I vanish in a column of sparkles. The reapear next to the glowing reactor core in the spacious engineering compartment of the F.B.B. ship. [/i]

Me: Davidg to base, initate download and transport.

Base Commander: Yes, admiral.

Several round, silver cargo containers materialize in the engineering compartment. Targ engineers remove several small panels in the deck plating to reveal power conduits and data ports. They open one container and remove a large frame with conduits on it leading to a circular ring at the top. They put the frame so its four legs plug into the sections they removed. They open the second countainer and remove a glowing metal sphere and place it in the circular part of the frame.

Me:Good, were finished here. Davidg, to Beta team, are you done?

Cheif: Yes, sir the computers are programed.

Me: Test the system.

Cheif: Aye, sir.

The sphere begins to pulse. The ship disapears into space.

Chief: Manu Intiraymi signals thatwe have cloaked successfully.

Me: Good, Davidg to Manu Intiraymi, energise.

[/i]Both teams appear on the transporter platform

6th Jul 2002, 22:44
In space around Dragonia Prime

<The Entire Memauan First Offensive Fleet, jokingly reffered to as the Steroids Fleet, comes out of hyperspace a safe distance from Dragonia Prime, only to witness 4 ships jump to hyperspace and see a space station with all its weapons out.>

MoS: Dracoraptor! What is the meaning of this? I come here as requeted and I get a equatorial station trained on me?

Dracoraptor: I apologize. A Flowers-By-Buffers ship just escaped here with a few Targ ships. We believe they were attempting to disrupt a valuable shipment, but it had left early.

MoS: Flowers-By-Buffers? You mean that thing Ghyron bought? I thought he had gone straight! Have you talked to the Targ Queen about this yet?

Dracoraptor: No, but we've lost contact with four of our outposts along our border. It could be war.

MoS: What is it you request of me, old friend?

Dracoraptor: Only that you listen to what I have to say. Come to the surface, and I will show you.

MoS: Of course. Mejan! You are in command. Set the fleet up in a Delta formation in quadrant 4. And see if you can get engine 3 back up to full capacity.

Mejan: Aye sir!

<MoS departs in a Gemau-class Military VIP Transport to Imperial City with an escort of 4 Menal fighters. The air traffic is detoured around is incoming vector.>

Make-up of the Memauan First Offensive Fleet;

1 Memau-class Super-Destroyer (The Blue Memau MkII)

3 Mejack-class Destroyers (The Skrashers Claw, Heart of Memauan, & The Grenai's Call)

11 Hejar-class small Gun-Ships

6 Gemau-class supply/medical frigates

450 Menal-class fighters

200 Menai-class bombers

50 Grenai-class drop-ships

10 Gemau-class Military VIP Transports

6th Jul 2002, 22:56
---Aboard the Flowers-By-Buffer Flagship---

Ghyron: Signal the Manu Intiraymi. Tell them I am most pleased with the progress they have made and that I have sent them the required order numbers, they can pick up the Exhulsian Armored Mechanical Skrashers from the Kranis Depot immeditatly.

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: Yessss, masssterrrr. I have one question, masssterrrr, what sssshhall we do wwwith the cybernetic sssspy wwwwe hhhhave onnn the vessel-of-much importance?

Ghyron: Sabotage...

7th Jul 2002, 00:02
<The Tradarian Executive and the Terra, guarded by the two new droids, were sipping a cup of Tradarian Tea imported from Tradaria. The building they were in had many windows, and was placed next to the landing pad on which the Tradarian cargo-ship landed.>

Kulike Kulan (Tradarian Executive):"So, where is the antidote?"

Terran:"Patience, it's an underground locker fifty miles from here, in a secluded field. For safety reasons of course."

Kulike Kulan:"Well I hope we get it quickly. It is vital to the Dragonians' cargo. And you know what happens when the Dragonians don't get their cargos in time."

Terran:"Yes, yes, I know. They sic their bio-engineered birds on you until you bleed to death, and they-What was that!"

<The two quickly get out of their seats and look out the window to see the Tradarian ship explode and burn on the landing pad.>

Kulike Kulan:"Quickly, to the cargo!"

<The two run to a hovercraft with a strange cubed shaped cargo-container in it. Many hoses were attached to it as well. The two droids follow and get in as well before the hovercraft lifts off into the vast fields of Sanctuary. A Tradarian droid can be seen in a dark alley...>

Droid:"Lord Ghyron, they have escaped. Although I took the liberty of putting a bug on their craft, they are heading North by North-West. And their ship is destroyed as well, no survivers except for them and their cargo. My caculations tell me that we should mass a squad of saboteurs. I alone cannot follow them. And I would find it fitting for you to come here personally. We wouldn't to kill or torture anybody without you around, would we Lord Ghyron?"

7th Jul 2002, 00:17
<In his personal quarters in the Imperial City Hotel, Dracoraptor appears to be talking to a holographic image of his second in command.>

Dracoraptor:"Send the fleet here with the Hre'Gra'Veea. I want those carriers deploying fighters as they get here, and tell the Fallen Star to report to Sanctuary to pickup the cargo."

Second in Command:"Yes my master..."

<MoS walks in the room with two Memauan royal guards and two Dragonian royal guards.>

Dracoraptors:"Greetings my friend. Guards, stay outside. This is top secret, priority one seven thirty Alpha-Zeta-Singular-Welk."

<The guards leave. and a holographic image of a Terran heart shows up.>

Dracoraptor:"This, is the key to a hidden weapon in the Kylat system, five thousand light-years away. It is a pure Terran heart, capable of immense power. Originally hunted by the Death Busters Society, we have pinpointed the location of it and its lock. The key case: Female Terran on the Terran occupied planet Sanctuary. The Lock: Again, the Kylat system. What you are about to hear is top secret, shall you repeat it, I can sadly execute you."

<The image rearranges to show a star-map.>

Dracoraptor:"The Kylat system is secluded in a large area of Dark-Matter, so you can't see stars there, but, it is there. Hidden there is a large spaceship, the size of a planet. It has the power to destroy stars, and it is currently the strongest thing in the galaxy. We, or shall we say a rival of the DBS, found it near a strange incomplete Dyson Sphere type II. It apparently has a large beam weapon on the equator, and the reactor is powered by a pure Terran heart. All the other details are foggy, but we have the key. That gives us the advantage."

7th Jul 2002, 02:05
---Targ Stardock A740---

*The main Targ outpost in the area is equipped with a mammoth stardock to refit and supply the large amount of vessels that travel through the area. Currently the F.B.B.S. Kabloooie II, Ghyron's flagship, being refit with an advanced cloaking device.*

[Cue "Bad Guy March" Music]

Station Control: *hsssk* Ve are ready for departure, vhat iz your ztatuz Kabloooie II? *hsssk*

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: *hssssk* Wwwwe are rrreaddy to dddepppart. *hssssk*

Station Control: *hsssk Beginning main sequence. Dizengaging magnetic interlockz. *hsssssk*

Dark Newbie Lord of Doom: *hssssk* Rogggger *hssssk*

Station Control: *hssssk* Turning off stabilizerz. *hssssk*

Station Control: *hsssk* Removing main Rz Beamz. *hsssk*

---Some Time Later---

*The massive Kabloooie II floats out of the Stardock aided by several tugboats. Thousands of Targ ships, large and small fly forth from the Targ outpost.*

---Aboard the F.B.B.S. Kabloooie II---

Ghyron: This is Lord Ghyron, commander of the Fourty Eighth Targ Advance Fleet. It is my duty and my honor to guide you forth on a quest to defeat the do-gooding Dragonians, Terrans, and Tradarians, who have most goodly allied themselves against us. It is our right, and our highest duty to go forth and defeat them for the sake of all villian-kind! Cut the transm- *brzzzt*

*The enourmous combined Targ and Consortium fleet engage hyperdrive and enter hyperspace, only to emerge outside the Kylat system.*

Ghyron: Orders to obey: Fleet wide engage cloaking devices, level seven.

Please, for the sake of this RPG, do not enter the "Oh I can detect the faint emissions from your cloaking device" reign of petty squables and annoying rigamarole. Cloaking devices fully sheild a ship until that ship A) Fires a weapon B) Engages hyperdrive C) Transmitts a long range communication D) Engages long range sensors. I hope this is suitable. PS: Arn't only bad guys supposed to have cloaking devices and superweapons?

Thank you for your cooperation, your resident villain:
Supreme Dark Lord Ghyron of Unsurpassed Villainry

7th Jul 2002, 02:14
Aboard Manu Intiraymi
Me: Crews for shuttles 1, and 2, along with theri escorts, report to your ships. Commander, you have the bridge.

I step into the lift, and go to the hanger. i get in my yauht, and power it up.

Me: Computer, open a channel to shuttles 1, and 2, and their escorts.

Computer: Channel Open.

Me: Folow me to the Kranis Depot.

Pilots: Aye, sir.

The two shuttles, and four fighters, leave the hanger bay with the sleek yauht, thats chrome plating is tintied slightly blue, signifying its command status. They jump to hyperspace, reappearing near a small space station.

Me: Kranis Depot, I have a shipment of Skrashers to pick up. Here's the order code.

Kranis Depot: It checks out, where do you want us to beam the statis crates.

Me: Put five in each of the shuttles, and five in the cargo hold of my yauht.

Kranis Depot: Okay, transport complete.

Me: Davidg out. Shuttles one and two folow me, fighters go back to the ship. Everyone activate your cloaking devices.

The fighters cloak and leave. The shuttle and the yauht also cloak.

Me: Follow me to Draonia Prime.

The ships jump to hyperspace, minutes later reapearing near Dragonia Prime.

Me: Beam your Skrasher Crates down in the docking port near the capitial building.

The skrasher crates materialize in a docking bay near the capitial. I press a switch and the boxes open.

Me: (to skrashers) Go into the capitial and eliminate Dracoraptor, kill everyone who oposses you.

The skrashers storm the capitial.

Me: Everyone, return to the ship.

The shuttles and the yaut return to the sip.

7th Jul 2002, 03:20
Let's try to keep the battle on Sanctuary and Kylat, okay?

<The Skrashers head towards Imperial City swiftly, but do not notice the military parade of fighters flying overhead. Being beamed down to a planet has its disadvantages. Apparently, Dragonia Prime is under martial law. One of the Dragon Fighters notices a Skrasher and immediatly open fires on it. The Skrashers fire a few laser shots back and destroys the fighter, which falls to the city depths. Soon, a whole wave of fighters start firing missles and laser gun fire. Three Skrashers get destroyed, on looses an arm, another looses both its legs before encountering a system freeze. The Skrashers try digging into the city buildings for cover while firing at some new enemies, Terra-Warrior Air Mecha. They destroy three and force a forth to land, but the Mecha fire a volley of missles and partially destroy the building, but take four more Skrashers. Eight down, seven more to go. But the seven left succesfully dug into the buildings and made way for the center of Imperial City. The Skrashers come out of the ground near the city square, only to meet a Memau force of fighters. The fighters, too fast for the slow Skrasher powerhouses, cripple a ninth Skrasher and be-head a tenth before a few Spider Artillery Mechas come and snipe the remaining ones down with their rail-guns.>

Davidg:"This is impossible! The Memau is involved as well. Inform Lord Ghyron of this, not as if it matters though."

<[i]Meanwhile at the binary star system, the Kylat system, Ghyron's fleet arrives near the second star, near an very incomplete Dyson Sphere Type II. Orbiting the star, is a large sphere, very much like a planet. But there is a strange tube shaped ring with with spikes coming out of it attached, yes, attached to the sphere vertically. and on the equator lies a massive hole, about half the size of the, "planet". Eight claws protrude from the hole. And the "planet' is massive, about the size of Terra's Jupiter.>

Lackie:"Lord Ghyron! That is huge! It appears to be an artificial planet of sort. I believe the hole is a beam weapon, and the planet appears to be the size of a small star. No signals of any type, except from the planet Sanctuary."

<On the main screen, a info screen pops up. It seems to be talking about Sanctuary. A voice starts talking about the planet.>

Voice:"Sanctuary, fifth planet of the Kylat system. Originally a paradise, Sanctuary is now a hell. With barely any life, it is barren with grassy plains and constant lightning storms. Owned by the Dragonians, it was given to the Terrans after the destruction of Earth, it is now home to the many refugee Terrans who work for the Dragonian Military or lead peacful lives. It is also home to the only cure for a deadly Terran disease called "Sh'Sa'Sh'Gra", a disease which is normally found in physcic Terrans. It is however, uncommon. Besides all this info, the Kylat system is shrouded in mystery. It is illegal for any non Terran or Dragonian ship to enter the area and-"

Lackie:"There is no trace of the planet here, it must have been top-secret sir. And I think you might want to give our robot spy on Sanctuary some orders or reinforcements soon, that key may be on that planet. But who am I to comment or opinion. I'm just a lowly lackie working to get a dis-honests day's work and pay."

7th Jul 2002, 19:05
<Three large ships come out of hyper space to a dead stop i a geosyncronus(sp??) orbit over the Imperial City. Proudly displaying the countries flag, painted into the hull, the ships names are seen. The larger of the three displays the name Hope's End. The longer yet thinner two identical ships brandish the names The Truth & Reconciliation and the second with The Reaper Signs that the war has started are apparant even from space.

SkrasherSmasher: This wasn't supposed to happen! Cortana, why didn't we arrive here sooner?

<Though seeming to be talking to himself, the ship AI comes up in front of him as a hologram.>

'Cortana': Well sir, you must admit, you were only JUST alerted to the conflict, I got us here as fast as we could with the damaged warp engines!

<The engines begin shooting sparks into space, a decorative firework display of sorts. Long gouges into them seem to have caused the malfunctions.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hmmm... yes, breeding skrashers, no problem, injecting the FEV virus to mutate them into even more ferocious beasts, no big deal... but this suggestion from our military advisor has got me worried Cortana! These new Skrashers are starting to forget who brought them up from the bottom feeding, station attacking slime they would have been without me!

Military Advisor: I heard that Commander! You dont want to insinuate a riot amongst the troops talking like that, do you? Eh?

<A hulking skrasher, well over two times larger then a normal skrasher, walks over toward the commander.>

SkrasherSmasher: Just the guy I was looking for, we must talk about this new approach, it's down right unsafe!

7th Jul 2002, 19:09
In Dracoraptor's personal quarters

MoS: So you are saying that Ghyron and his allies do not yet have the Key?

Dracoraptor: Yes, and we have sent a ship to pick up the Case.

MoS: So without this "Pure Heart" the immense ship is inoperable?

Dracoraptor: We have yet to-

<As far-off missiles explode, causing the windows to vibrate, a Dragonian Liutenant enters the room>

Lieutenant: Grand Admirals, sirs?

MoS/Dracoraptor: Yes?

Lieutenant: Well, um. Some Mecha-Skrashers have been landed in the city. We have destroyed them all, with some losses. We recieved a tansmission that indicates the ship that was controlling the Skrashers was situated in the Kylat system, but long range scans from the Fallen Star show no signs of ships in the region.

<Suddenly, MoS's emergency transciever activates, and a small hologram of the Second-in-command appears>

Mejan: Sir! A report has just arrived from Memauan! The First and Second Defensive Fleets have been ambushed at Mejalna and Desra by Targ forces! It seems to be all-out war! The High Council has ordered you to conclude your buisness with GrandAdmral Dracoraptor and return to Memauan for a reffiting for war.

MoS: Very well. MoS out. Dracoraptor, we must get this "Pure Heart" it is the only way to stop Ghyron. You can search for this Female. I will take my fleet and try to destroy the super-weapon before it is operational. But first I must make a stop at Helsinke. I must recieve more ships, and that is our main Military depot. It is protected by the 5th, 6th, and 12th defensive fleets.

Dracoraptor: Very well. The Hre'Gra'Veea should be here soon. Good luck, old friend.

MoS:And you. I'll see you at Milliway's.

<The Military VIP Transport lifts off from Imperial City Space Port and heads toward the Blue Memau, with it's escort fighters in tow, zooming past 3 odd loking ships in geosyncronus orbit above Imperial City, which was now being released from it's martial law>

7th Jul 2002, 20:11
<The Red Demon comes out of hyperspace with an immensly large ship. Fighters were immediatly deployed, and the Hope's End ends up being right next to the Red Demon.>

Red Demon:"This is the Red Demon, you are under arrest for entering a no fly zone, prepare to be borded and arrested, over..."

<The Dragon Fighters start making patrol runs across the equatorial station while the carriers point at a certain direction of space, preparing for something...>

Forces: Hre'Grav Veaa, 30 Twin Sword Class Carriers, 60 Battleships, 180 Cruisers, 540 Destroyers, 3250 Dragon Fighters, 35 Command Fighters, 160 Command Mecha, 1600 Warrior Mecha, 480 Terra-Warrior Mecha, and 320 Spider Artillery Mecha. This will come in handy for a final battle, but it is irrelevant right now. Note that this is the Grand Dragonian Defense Fleet, there are much more carriers in the outer regions of space right now.

7th Jul 2002, 20:41
The blue-silver yauht docks enters the docking bay, and I step out. I walk out of the bay to a turbolift, and g to the war room, where the senior staff is assembled. The war room is a dark rom only iluminated by red lights in the ceiling. In the center their is a large table with an electronic map of the galaxy built into the top.

Me: We are going to the Droinoiros System to meet with the rest of the fleet to lead an attack on Memauan.

Me: Computer, zoom in on the planet Memauan, and its surrondimg star system.

Computer: Now displaying Memau system.

Me: The Manu Intiraymi, the Orion, and the Sagitarius, along with several other Declaration, and Consitution class vessels, will be in Blue Group, which will lead the attack. We will come in at hyperspeed, and seize their orbitial facilities with our communication systems, will this be a problem leiutenant?

Comm: No sir, Memau are not exactly computer experts, so their systems should be relativley easy to hack.

I press a switch making a blue targ inisgnia apear at the outer edge of the system, with a line moving to Memauan.

Me: The ITS Fourtunate will be the leader of Green group, which will consit of sveral carriers, and their Declaration Class escorts. They will acompany us to Memaun deploy their fighters, then retreat to a safe distance.

I press another switch making a green targ inisgnia apear at the outer edge of the system, near the first, with a line moving to Memauan.

Me: The last group is red group, and it will be the bulk of the fleet, consisting of several hundred Declaration class vessels, and at least fifty Constitution class vessels. This group will do the actuall bloakading. They will come in last.

I press yet another switch making a retarg inisgnia apear at the outer edge of the system, slightly behind the other two, with a line moving to Memauan.

Me: Does everyone understand?

Senior Staff: Yes, admiral!

Me: Good, report to your stations.

The senior staff, and I file out. The helm officer, tactical officer, and the science officer get in a turbolift and go to the bridge. I sit in my chair, and the othersassume their stations.

Me: Plot course to the Droinoiros system, flank speed.

Helm: Yes, admiral.

The Manu Intiraymi, Orio, and the Sagitarius, jump to hyperspace, and a few minutes later the appear near the rest of the fleet.

Me: This is Admial Davidg, I am in command of this fleet. You have your assignments, prepare to engage at my command.

Comm: The fleets responding.

Me: Red alert, all hands prepare to engage the enemy!

Alert klaxons sound, and the bright lights are replaced with red emergancy lights. Hidden weapons reveal themselves on the hull, and fighters are prepared in their launch racks.

Me: All ships engage!

The fleet jumps to hyperspace, comming out near Memauan. There are several satilites, and a small spacestation, along with a fleet of ships.

Comm: The computer is seizeing the spacestation now. Seizure complete admiral.

Me: We are the Targ, lower your sheilds and surrendur your ships. Do not bother with a distress call, for we have blocked all planetary communication. If you try to escape, you will be destoyed. Comply and you will not be harmed. Resistance is futile.


Blue Group:
Manu Intiraymi
20 Declaration Class vessels with combat pods(including Orion, and Sagitarius)

Green Group:
Fourtunate (Consitution class heavy crusier)
6 Essex Class Carriers(440 fighters each)
12 Declaration Class with fighter pods(100 fighters each)

Red Group:
200 Declaration Class Vessels with combat pods
56 Consitution Class Heavy Crusiers

Yellow Group(support group not in immediate battle zone.)
12 Nightingale Class Hospitial Ships
100 Supply Frieghters
14 Declaration Class Vessels with sensor pods

7th Jul 2002, 20:50
<A Dragon Fighter fleet zips by the front of Hope's End crossing right past where captian SkrasherSmasher sits, holding his pipe in his hand, he seems as worried as Cortana.

SkrasherSmasher: I don't care about losses Cortana! I just need the facts! Can we take on this fleet??

Cortana: Honestly sir, we would have to wait for reinforcments to even have a leg to stand on, but just this Capital ship and these two carrier dropships, we can't take them on in any way.

<SkrasherSmasher bites down hard on his pipe, turns to his left and point's at a hologram schematic.>

SkrasherSmasher: Then my second question is, can we beam the protoype onto their main ship? The testing would be most beneficial.

Cortana: Are you nuts?! The prototype is in no way prepared for that kind of conflict!?

Military Advisor: I would have to concur with Cortana. We are in no way going to accomplish anything with such drastic measures. A hasty retreat is in order!

SkrasherSmasher: You heard the man Cortana, get us the #%!! outta here.

<A whirring noise starts, but then loud clanging and then silence. The ship jolts forward and stops. After everthing stops, SkrasherSmasher gets up from the floor.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana! What is going on!? Are we being attacked?

<Cortana, confused as SkrasherSmasher puts her holographic hand to her temple.>

Cortana: Scanning... The engines, the last hit we took in the military compound must have disabled them. I assume you want me to open a Com Channel to this 'Dracoraptor' fellow?

<SkrasherSmasher nods silently, and the com channel is opened.>

SkrasherSmasher: Greetings, Sir/Mr/It Dracoraptor. We are sorry to enter your no-fly zone. But on our planet we had a slight, uhm, accident. And it seems our engines have stalled out here. We are now sending over the ship schematics to your main ship and where our damage is located. We are unfamiliar with the territory, and wish to do no harm. I only ask that we be given one day to repair our engines and leave the area.

This is a notice. We are not making any resistance against your law and order, we wish only for your pity as our plight is very great, and we must return to our home planet, Fallout. Oh, and one day is the equivelent of one rotation, sorry for any confusion.

8th Jul 2002, 04:16
Your a good RPGer SkrasherMasher. http://forums.eidosgames.com/images/icons/icon14.gif

---The Kylat System---

Ghyron: Foolish lackie. You should know by know that super-villains never need a key. Install a cloaking device on the planetship and begin towing maneovers.

8th Jul 2002, 04:43
Yes, quite good work.

<All the screens in SkrasherSmasher's ships turn blank and then show the Dragonian Imperial Symbol with a red backround, before switching a picture of a Black Dragonian with wings, horns, and a long tail moving back and forth.>

Dracoraptor:"Greetings. As you have undoubtedly guest, I am Dracoraptor, Grand Admiral and Military Advisor for the Dragonian Empire. We will repair you, on one condition. We have a cargo waiting at the planet Sanctuary, in the Kylat system. We need a ship to pick it up. Unfortunately, we cannot. As you see, we are under martial law, and cannot allow any civilians, or spies, to leave the area. If you suceed in your mission, we will grant you the free service of a Twin Sword Class Carrier you see before you. If you refuse or fail, we can execute you and display your heads on lovely pikes outside my office. You have no other choice as of the moment, please decide now."

<Meanwhile on Sanctuary, a hovercraft was speeding through the plains and arrived near a small building.>

Terran:"I will go in and get the antidote."

Kulike Kulan:"Hurry with speed, we haven't much time until something bad happens."


Kulike Kulan:"The Chaos Theory explains the rest, now hurry!"

<The Terran ran inside and came back out moments later with a large crate full of something light, he packed it into the vessel before speeding off to the horizon, that was, before there was an explosion and the craft skidded to a quick stop on the ground.>

Terran:"What the ****!"

<A Tradarian Droid in the city had a remote detonating switch in its hands, it had just activated it. It started to speak into its wrist.>

Droid:"Supreme Lord Ghyron, sir. I have disabled the hovercraft that the cargo was traveling in, should I, send in a small task force of Armoured Skrashers and shuttles to pick up the cargo?"

<Ghyron was sitting in a big chair listening to the message and thinking it over again and again. What is that cargo to him? Power, that's what. But he needs no keys, but than again, why not have a contigency plan if they can't get in? He was also observing a video of a small shuttle traveling into a opening on the "Planet". it appeared to be fine, and was even when it landed at the dead end of some mantinence tunnel. There were strange runes on the walls, and even stranger hylogriphics. Zero-G Scuzzers started probing around in the strange corridors of the "Planet" and found a large room, a mile wide, holding thousands of monitors and strange key-pads. The control room. And inside that control room, was a wierdly shaped pod with a strange helmet and straps in it, the key-hole...>

8th Jul 2002, 05:18
Aboard Manu Intiraymi

Science Officer: Admiral, several transports are trying to ecscape, several thousand Memau aboard each, women, children, and elderly.

Me; Tactical, destory them.

Tactical: With pleasure, Admiral.

Blue energy beam lash out at the transports, instantly vaporizing them.

Me: All ships, assume Base Delta Five Bombardment positions.

THe silver ships move in a globular position aroud the planet.

Me: This is Admiral Davidg of the Targ, to the people of Memauan, surrendur at once or my ships will reduce your planets crust to molent slag. We have already destoyed 3 of your transports with all hands. You have 12 standard hours to decide.

8th Jul 2002, 12:20
--Meanwhile on Aurora 2--

Nav: Trace 75% Complete...

JSWY: Damn this Galactic Government comm grid was easy to get into...Now just delete the logs then move to the OS

logs=> All files in /logs have been deleted
logs=> Cd ..
I=> cd sys
sys=> Delete
sys=> Deleting *.*...
sys=> All files in /sys have been deleted
sys=> Shutdown
Shutting down...
Shutdown complete
OS load error...
Sys files missing...
Catastropic System Error...
Shutting down all systems...
Disconnecting all remote users...

<The Galactic Government comm grid has a huge blackout, killing all lnter-planet communication>

JSWY: Prep the Hypernova for deployment in 48 hours, i'm taking the Aion to Dragonia Prime

Aion Ship specs

Length: 2 Miles
Height: 250m
Width: 1km (Front) 5km (Back-end wingspan)
Decks: 3
Class: Heavy scout ship
Engines: Custom W-Drives capible of Wormhole creation/travel and speeds of up to W35 (Compared to the W50 on the Hypernova)
Crew: 100
Scutters: 200 Mk2
Fighter compliment: 20 Shrike class fighters
-4 multipurpose missile launchers on each wing
-Numerous Quad laser batteries throughout the ship
-10 Anti-matter beam weapons per wing
Computer system: NAV Computer V5.6.3.1

--Aion Bridge--

JSWY: Great! They put my favorite chair in

<Grins and sits down in comfortable chair>

JSWY: Nav, take us to Dragonia Prime

Nav: Yes sir

<The Aion leaves Aurora 2 and jumps into a wormhole>

P.S: If you every played Uplink on the PC, you'd get the hacker references

8th Jul 2002, 13:35
Originally posted by Dracoraptor
Forces: Hre'Grav Veaa, 30 Twin Sword Class Carriers, 60 Battleships, 180 Cruisers, 540 Destroyers, 3250 Dragon Fighters, 35 Command Fighters, 160 Command Mecha, 1600 Warrior Mecha, 480 Terra-Warrior Mecha, and 320 Spider Artillery Mecha. This will come in handy for a final battle, but it is irrelevant right now. Note that this is the Grand Dragonian Defense Fleet, there are much more carriers in the outer regions of space right now.

Originally posted by Davidg
Blue Group:
Manu Intiraymi
20 Declaration Class vessels with combat pods(including Orion, and Sagitarius)
Green Group:
Fourtunate (Consitution class heavy crusier)
6 Essex Class Carriers(440 fighters each)
12 Declaration Class with fighter pods(100 fighters each)
Red Group:
200 Declaration Class Vessels with combat pods
56 Consitution Class Heavy Crusiers
Yellow Group(support group not in immediate battle zone.)
12 Nightingale Class Hospitial Ships
100 Supply Frieghters
14 Declaration Class Vessels with sensor pods

Originally posted by Dracoraptor
The second rule, No super-fleets. One really big ten mile long ship is good (That is, if it can't destroy a whole fleet with its massive super-weapons). But a whole lot of them, plus a million fighters and so on, is unacceptable. It ruins game-play and such. Another good thing to remember, is don't try and be invincible. We don't like that kind around here.

8th Jul 2002, 13:56
In orbit around Memauan

<Suddenly the remains of the transports vaporized by the Targ fleet appear to mutate, and suddenly a hundred genetically-engineered skrasher emerge and use their natural fuel to launch themselves at R4 towards the nearest ship, the Manu Intiraymi.>

Mejal, Commander of the Memauan Defense Fleets: Yes! They fell for our trap! Damage reports!

Sensors: The Manu Intiraymi has sustained major damage to the reactor core and engine sections. It appears they are going critica-

<A huge explosion rocks the command ship as the Manu Intiraymi splits in half from a large explosion in it's midsection. Only a few scattered transports are able to escape before the front half jettisons a small amount of girders and a small set of engines are displayed. The remains of the Manu Intiraymi retreat into hyperspace>

Sensors: Sir! We have detected three more groups inbound.

Mejal: Tell Fleets 6, 7, and 13 to tail each one. When they enter our space, attack.

Comm: Aye, sir.

<4 milirotations later, the only trace of a battle were the charred hulks of the Targ ships. Using suprise and superior technology the Memau were able to fully stop the Targ offensive, and everywhere in the galaxy Memau ships are activly searching out targ military vessels, and will destroy them on contact. After this devestating loss, there seems to be no way the Targs can ever recover, with out the regaining of the superweapon>

<Meanwhile, in the Kylat system>

Sensors: Sir. We have exited hyperspace in the Kylat system.

MoS: Onscreen.

<Onscreen appears the huge superweapon, with half of it invisible, and the only way the Memau could tell it was there was because of the thousands of workers flitting around the outside of the station, welding, attaching, and more. But strangely, there were no guards>

Mejal: Set up a perimeter and move in on my mark.

Helm: Aye sir.

<A transmission from Davidg to Ghyron>

Davidg: Sir, I have attacked Memauan and failed! They decimated my fleet. I was barely able to-

Ghyron: Fool! You have given our location to the Memau fleet that is allready here! Please tell me you didn't call anyone on any other ships!

Davidg: Well, I called a few friends.

Ghyron: Arrrrgh!

< In space, the new contacts were being targeted by all guns, and a hailing frequency was being opened>

MoS: Ghyron! I want to talk to you!

8th Jul 2002, 14:03
Their cloaked...

8th Jul 2002, 14:54
but remember. They are revealed by any longe-range transmissions, and Davidg contacted Ghyron. Get it?

Originally posted by Ghyron
Please, for the sake of this RPG, do not enter the "Oh I can detect the faint emissions from your cloaking device" reign of petty squables and annoying rigamarole. Cloaking devices fully sheild a ship until that ship A) Fires a weapon B) Engages hyperdrive C) Transmitts a long range communication D) Engages long range sensors. I hope this is suitable. PS: Arn't only bad guys supposed to have cloaking devices and superweapons

8th Jul 2002, 15:29
Originally posted by Dracoraptor

Dracoraptor:"Greetings. As you have undoubtedly guest, I am Dracoraptor, Grand Admiral and Military Advisor for the Dragonian Empire. We will repair you, on one condition. We have a cargo waiting at the planet Sanctuary, in the Kylat system. We need a ship to pick it up. Unfortunately, we cannot. As you see, we are under martial law, and cannot allow any civilians, or spies, to leave the area. If you suceed in your mission, we will grant you the free service of a Twin Sword Class Carrier you see before you. If you refuse or fail, we can execute you and display your heads on lovely pikes outside my office. You have no other choice as of the moment, please decide now."

<SkrasherSmasher replays the transmission again, a tired and weary look upon his face. A starmap displayed on a seperate screen.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, I may not be a diplomatic expert, but it seems like this guy has got us in quite a fix. Our engine crews don't have enough time to repair it before we get... err...

Cortana: ...Piked would be the correct term. And your right, I think we have to give in to his demands.

< The large Skrasher Military Advisor pounds his hand on the desk, alerting the entire bridge.>

Military Advisor: I can't belive you two! Your giving in to someone who is obviously a terrorist! If we can't fend him off, we should beam the prototype directly into his ships engine room. If nothing else, a blast could stop it, and we would have enough time to repair and escape! With enough firepower, we can then...

<SkrasherSmasher hangs his head low.>

SkrasherSmasher: I've already thought of that. And I don't think that would keep them occupied long enough to get away. If we had completed the Project sooner, it would probably tear through the ship like tissue, but the project is still years from completion! You yourself know...

<The Military Advisor stands up, being over three times taller then Captain SkrasherSmasher, he suddenly gets all of the attention.

Military Advisor: In training, I was taught to deal swiftly with terrorists. We both know what we must do!

SkrasherSmasher: But you see, I'm starting to doubt if this guy is a terrorist. We are in his no-fly zone, wether or not it was an accident is regardless. We've got the best men down on Fallout working to fix the Project, and Dracoraptor just seems to be using us to get around a legality of martial law.

<8 more dropship-carriers arrive they too proudly show Planet Fallout's flag, but none have names.>

SkrasherSmasher: Open up a Com-Channel. Now that we have our fleet, we can face anything we come up against on our, 'mission'.

<The Com-Channel is opened, SkrasherSmasher begins talking nervously, but gains confidence.>

SkrasherSmasher: Uhm.. hello.. We, uh.. accept your mission. But tell us more about this little mission.
Thanks for the compliments guys! I'm glad I'm doing this right!

8th Jul 2002, 17:30
< The PCRV Gret Area drops out of hyperspace, in the middle of just about nowhere. >

Me - Helm? Please explain.

Helm - Well . . *presses keys on control panel* . . it seems that we are, um, out of fuel for the main drive. Let me see . . *presses more keys on control panel* . . It seems the guys in Lab Alpha-3 used some in their experiments.

Me - Again? Damn! Well, have we got fuel of the boosters?

Helm - Almost a full tank.

Me - Good. Set course for the nearest inhabited planet on the database. Comms, request assistance once we are approaching thier system.

Helm/Comms - Yes Sir.

< The PCRV Grey Area turns, then the boosters kick in. The ships leaves its previous location at full speed. >

Me - Helm, where are we headed?

Helm - Appears to be a Planet called "Sanctuary", in the Kylat system.

Me - Never heard of it.

Helm - Well, its on the database, so it will most probably be able to help us.

Me - Good. Keep on course. Contact me when we get in communcation range. I'm going to head over to the Alpha-3 Labs to have a word with some people.

8th Jul 2002, 18:20
Dracoraptor:"It is a simple mission. All you have to do is pick up the cargo at Sanctuary and bring it back here. And your reward...<Dracoraptor is handed a large suit-case, he opens it to reveal thousands of E-bills.> The reward is ten million E, enough to buy a new ship or start a new science project. <He shuts the case.> Your engines are being repaired as we speak, and we will grant you five of our Terra-Warrior Mecha with pilots as escort, just in case a pirate clan happens to stumble on you. I thank you for your cooperation, the engines should be repaired in T-Minus five minutes, if the Zero-G Droids got there in time. Good bye."

<The screen turns back into the Dragonian Imperial Symbol, then into a star-chart.>

Imperial Advisor:"Are you sure this will work my lord?"

Dracoraptor:"I am certain."

Imperial Advisor:"And what will they do if they don't get the money?"

Dracoraptor:"They will get the money. I am a Dragonian of my word."

Imperial Advisor:"What!? But that is absurd!"

Dracoraptor:"Remember how much our trade routes get us, and remember how much money we have made in the past few days"

Imperial Advisor:"Carry the three, than add the five. Add the five percent tax, and... Oh yeah!"


8th Jul 2002, 20:33
<SkrasherSmasher nods and the Com Channel is closed.>

Expendable Human Crewmember: The Engines are back online sir!

<It seems the report was unnoticed, as the trio of Cortana, SkrasherSmasher and the Military Advisor are deep into conversation.>

Military Advisor: I knew it I knew it I knew it!! I knew either pirates, bandits, robbers, or breakdancing memaus of unspeakable evil would be involved in this mission! Yep, definatly knew what this Dracoraptor guy is about! He is too COWARDLY to face these pirates!

SkrasherSmasher: I know your looking out for us bu... wait a second, breakdancing memaus of unspeakable evil??

Military Advisor: I didn't say that...

Originally Posted by Military Advisor

I knew either pirates, bandits, robbers, or breakdancing memaus of unspeakable evil would be involved in this mission!

SkrasherSmasher See? Yes you did. Anyway, I think we should take off now that all of the engines are fixed and our main fleet is ready to go as well. Ok, we are opening fighter bay's, the mecha should be placed there now. While that's going on lets scan the area of and near this Sanctuary place, where are we going to land?

Cortana: Well if you check this vid-map here, you can see that the closest area we can land and set up a security perimeter Class B around the landing site, is about, 5 miles from Sanctuary.

Military Advisor: Oh sure, lets walk the better half of the SSFA across a 5 mile area of rugged terrain. Are you asking for a pirate/robber ambush?? I assume we will go into hyperspace and land right on the planet? Anyone who's not blind will see us landing and we'll be sitting ducks.

Cortana: We have no choice! We must get this 'cargo' of which origin is unknown. We can use the Mecha were being sent with to start the fight at a longer range then our current Super Skrashers can handle, then with the E we get, we can work on the Project more thorougly.

SkrasherSmasher: Hmm, I hope this Project doesn't become even more unruly when it's complete, a rampaging thing with that many bells and wistles could wipe out an entire star sector of planets, starting with Fallout... Cortana, let's go.

<The ships, now with the added Mecha, shoot into hyperspace, finally coming out at a landing site 5 miles from Sanctuary>

SkrasherSmasher: Report, how big was the tear in hyperspace when we came out?

Expendable Human Crewmember: Big enough so anyone in the area will know right where we are. We better land ASAP!

SkrasherSmasher: I hope this cargo is worth to Dracoraptor what we have to deal with on this hike. SSFA units, move out! Mecha, uh guys, you get ready too!

8th Jul 2002, 21:24
--Inside wormhole, Aion Bridge--

JSWY: Is it possible to detour the wormhole?

Nav: Positive

JSWY: Change course, head for the main communications relay for [INSERT NAME OF CURRENT RPG AREA HERE]

Nav: Course correction inputed

<The Aion gives a sickening lurch away from the main course of the wormhole and follows a side route and is spat out into normal space near a dusty satellite>

JSWY: Disable the satellite

<A small missile fires out from one of the wings, colliding with the satellite and blowing it to pieces>

JSWY: That should prevent people using comm channels to contact each other, they will be forced to use tightbeam transmissions, of which I know all the frequencies for...

<Laughs manically as people thougout find their comm systems ineffectve>

8th Jul 2002, 21:31
SkrasherSmasher: Hello?? Dracoraptor?? You out there?? Darn, must be interference in the atmosphere, or swamp gas. (Why is it always swamp gas?:confused: ) Oh well, we'll just start off now. Ok, escort platoons, move out! Scouting parties, search for ambushes! You mecha things, uh.. follow Dracoraptor's last orders before Comm channels were knocked out.

8th Jul 2002, 22:03
On the smokeing bridge of the ITS Manu Intiraymi

Me: Damage report!

Engineer: Hull breaches decks from deck 51-down! Forcefields in place, engine core stable.

CMO: Causlties coming in from all decks.

Me: Comm, do we still have control of their spacesstatopm?

Comm: Yes, admiral.

Me: Computer, activate the station's thrusters, and move it closer tothe planet.

The station's thrusters begin to push it to memauan.

Me: Computer, decativate the station's life support system, and intiate its self destruct sequence, 30 second silent countdown.

Computer: Aknowledged.

The lights on the stations turn off and the atmosphere is vented from it. Detonaion packs in the station's superstructure begin to activate, the reactor begins to charge up for overload.

Computer: 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The station erupts in a massive explosion destoying what ships their are near it and sending a massive cloud of debris into memauan's atmosphere.

Me: Plot course to the planetoid maximum aviailable speed.

The Manu Intiraymilims to hyperspace, minutes later appearing near the planetoid base, it slides into a repair dock.

Me: Computer, intiate auto repair sequence.

Computer: Activating transporters.

The dock transporters begin to recreate the Manu Intraymi out of pure energy.

Me: Computer, use updated specifcations in recreation.

Computer: Aknolwdged.

Manu Intiraymi Updated:

Length: 8 kilometers
Double Weapons
Doble Shield Generators
2 reactor cores
MAMR(Mater Anti Mater Reactors) for sublight engines
More automation(crew same size)

9th Jul 2002, 00:28
<Steam rises from the ground as a group of 500 Skrashers and 5 Mecha slowley tread through a swamp. SkrasherSmasher is in a MJLONIR combat suit, treading slowley behind, assault rifle slung on his left sholder, as he holds a hand held computer in his right hand, Cortana is displayed in a hologram off of the computer.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, how many more miles are we going to have to wade through this water before we get to Sanctuary? The Bugs are getting to me and this suit is giving me a wedgie!

Cortana: Don't worry sir, another mile and it will be off for another two miles of a mountain range, and the anti-wedgie button is on your left upper arm.

SkrasherSmasher: Ahhh, not having part of your pants in your....

<A brustle is heard in a bush about 5 meters ahead>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, scan ahead area for lifeforms, display map on..

<Two Skrashers begin bleeding profusely out of their heads as they fall to the ground, laser holes straight through their skulls.>

Skrasher Grunt: SNIPERS!! TAKE COVER!

<The Mecha have already started their targeting equipment, 7 snipers are found, as the Skrashers and SkrasherSmasher take cover, the Tera-Warrior Assault Mecha pull out their Repeater Rifles and begin firing, taking down 5 of them, two laser blasts hit and knock one Repeater Rifle out of the Meca's hand. Unphased, the now gunless bot lunges toward the snipers and unsheathes his katana blade, slicing them both into a quick oblivion, he returns to pick up his undamaged gun.

SkrasherSmasher: Guard the Mecha, you Skrashers! They aren't ours and should be treated as VIP's! Keep them alive!

<Thousands of Gors, waving the flag of a skull and crossbones with the title, 'The Jolly Robbers' begin their assault. Running, screaming, they come in while the skrashers still have their heads down. In the mud, SkrasherSmasher sees into a bunker, submerged, with only the gunholes above ground, turning a bit to his right he sees stairs in.>

SkrasherSmasher: Everyone! In the bunker!! Mecha, pull back, I may not be Dracoraptor, but I have a plan. (To Cortana) Cortana, send a bomber fighter from the Truth & Reconciliation on auto-pilot to my location, pickup mode.

Cortana: Understood sir.

< A jetlined bomber flies in, a two man cockpit window opened, flying upside down. On it's approach, SkrasherSmasher converts his MJLONIR's combat shield into an EMP burst, the blast disables his shields, but the blast propels him high enough to land safley in the cockpit, SkrasherSmasher takes control of the ship. Gunfire is erupting from the bunker as the Skrasher Browning M2 miniguns cut down the forces, the Mecha, still backing up, have their shields up, firing the Repeater Rifles into the crowd.>

SkrasherSmasher: I am going to start some bombing runs, you arm the auto-cannons.

Cortana: Yes sir, just make sure we don't blow up!

9th Jul 2002, 02:20
On Memauan

<A large meteor shower of the debris is hurled onto the planet, causing much damage, and hundreds of casualties, including the skeleton crew aboard the space station and the 2 Mejack-class destroyers stationed nearby destroyed by the blast.>

<As the camera fades in we see a magnificent hall, filled with Memau on floating platforms, and a few guard "Memshers", a cross between a Memau and a Skrasher, deadly, but still in control of their rage. An argument has erupted. Suddenly a voice rises above the others>

Memauan High Council Member: This is an outrage! We must respond in kind. We must attack a Targ hive planet!

Memauan High Council Member: Hear Hear!

Head of the Memauan High Council: I agree, but first we should gather our allys. The Gem Slugs have added their support. And the Greys may join us if they are allowed to conduct autopsys of dead skrashers and Memau.

Memauan High Council Member: I say we agree to their terms. We have no use for dead bo-

< Suddenly a young, bright furred Memau comes rushing int, throwing the doors to the council chamber wide open.>

Intruder: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Megar, a scientist down at the Mejack Laboratories. I have discovered something you all must know. I have found a way to disableGhyron's evil plot. It all involves-

<The chamber doors are shut, leaving the Council to listen intently to what this mysterious Memau has to say>

9th Jul 2002, 02:55
Eh, what evil plot?

---Kylat Occupation Fleet---

Ghyron: Foolish Targ, the absolute stupidity of not bringing along at least a marginal super-weapon. Lackie, report!

Lackie: Master, the Memau know of our position, and have assembled a fleet. The Enhirate Systems Aquisition Entity has reported his exagerated existance. We have finish installing the... devices... you wanted on the superweapon. The furry thing wants to talk.

Ghyron: So, the furry thing wants to talk? Hrmph, it looks as if my hand is forced... Engage, wing attack-PLAN R!

*The Memau forces close in. The Targ cloaking devices obscure most of the superweapon, but the Memau know the position of Ghyron's Flagship. Suddenly, repair bots, automated rovers, and defense pods begin exploding left and right. The massive flowers by buffer ship decloaks and suddenly all four hundred and fifty seven enourmous cargo pods are released. All ships, including the planet-ship-weapon recloak and engage hyperdrives, leaving the memau in great confusion.*

---Aboard Ghyron's Flagship---

Lackie: Master, where should we go?

Ghyron: Where no-one can find us, and the super-weapon, of course. The Targ homeworld, the most heavily cloaked area of space in the universe. No-one knows its exact location, not even the highest ranking Targ officials.

Lackie: Master, how can we reach this mythical place if we know not where it lies?

Ghyron: Eh? Why are all our communications out? Take us to the Targ homeworld, now!

Lackie: But, sir...


*Some skrashers, mecha, a human, and a hologram are being ambushed by some 'Gor pirates, although the tide is slowly turning.*

Cortana: Yes sir, just make sure we don't blow up!

*Cortana's image begins to fade and stutter*

Cortana: -brzzzt- ...wrong... -brrrzzt ...hack... brzzzzt ...communications... -brzzzzt

*Cortana's image is replaced by the grainy and flickering image of a Targ in a business exo-suit.*

Business Targ: Greetings most honorable SkrasherMasher. Some well meaning representitives of some private interests have had their eye on you. We know you have been consorting with a well known terrorist, the most disrespectful Dracoraptor. We also know that you have, under duress, signed a contract with this traitorous individual. It is in your best interest, nay, in the best interest of the innocent individuals of the universe, that you do not comply with this nefarious criminal. We are willing, if you agree to aid us, and not the terrorist to rescue you from an almost certain doom either at the hands of these terrorist payed pirates or Dracoraptor himself, once he finds you have returned, unscathed. Whom do you wish to aid, the forces of good, or evil?

9th Jul 2002, 02:57
Aboard admiral's yaut Hermes

Me: Hermes to station control, requesting departire clearence.

Dockmaster: Cearence granted.

The silver-blue yaut dives out of the hanger bay and jumps to hyperspace. It reapears later near Gruole(sp) 1. It lands on a docking platform on the capitial builing ship. I step out with 4 targs in red security uniforms. We walk dow a coridor to a large hall, where targs are sitting around a largetable talking i walk up to the speaker's dias.

Me: I am Admiral Davidg, represening the Targ: We need your help to defeat the Memau. You will be well payed if you assist us, and you will be given all of the resources of the planet Memauan.

Salthog leader: Why shoul' we help ya'?

Me: The Gem Slugs are allied with the Memau. They think you are worthless, while they sit around you are hard at work. If you defeated them, it whould prove that you are better, and be pay bck for the centuries of insult to your proud people.

Salthog leader: I like the way ye' talk. We'll help ya'll, to get rid of them varmints!

Me: Good, you will be payed most handsomely. I'll contact you when we need your ships.

I walk with my gaurd back to my ship, and return to the base, where the Manu Intiraymi is nearin re-completion.

9th Jul 2002, 14:05
<SkrasherSmasher, though knowing his capital ship's onboard AI 'Cortana' had been hacked, he continues bombing runs as normal. Flying low over the Gor, he drops the bomber's entire payload of twenty cluster bombs. As he pulls out, chunks of Gor are flying everywhere, and many are retreating. As they jump over a ridge in escape, SkrasherSmasher has oppertunity to land.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hope's End, this is SkrasherSmasher, over.


SkrasherSmasher: Reaper?? Truth & Reconciliation??? Anyone?? Hmph, Corta.. oh, still that Targ fellow.

<Thoughts raced through SkrasherSmasher's mind. Lots of E, Ultimate Evil Terrorism... almost certain doom... MUCHO E... saving the Universe, NO E!!>

SkrasherSmasher: Trying all Com frequencies... nothing. Hmmm, smoke signals aren't going to help. Trying a tightbeam... ah it worked!

<JSWY listens intentley to the transmission, unknown to SkrasherSmasher.>

SkrasherSmasher: Bridge, what's going on, where's Cortana? WHICH WAY DO WE GO??

Expendable Crew Member 2: Where are you guys? We've lost all our systems up here, motion tracker, short range Comm, we were only barely able to get this tightbeam. Were so messed up up here, nothing is working! Were applying Norton Anti Virus.... now.

<The Targ begins flickering more and more. It eventually dissapears, Cortana's image flickers on and off, and soon returns to normal.>

Cortana: What a rush!! Getting some Norton Anti Virus running through my system make me feel so.. invigorated!

<Cortana is talking in a very hyper mood. Starmaps, vidscreens about the Project, and various ship schematics pop up, she is rubbing her hands together and laughing.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana! Stop this foolishness no...

<Cortana's holographic form falls to the bottom of the projector, she is not moving.>

Expendable Crew Member 2: Oops, she just ODed on Anti-Virus, she'll be fine in about an hour though, and as for which way to go, turn 4 degrees South and keep going until you see a city.

<The hike continues

9th Jul 2002, 14:27
<Ghyron's superweapon just stops in the middle of hyper-space. The lights flickered and went out inside.>

Particulary Dumb Lackie:"Ummm. Boss, I've been meaning to tell yous that the power was less than one percent when we launched. And, duuuh, I think we need that key. Or was it the lock?"


Particulary Dumb Lackie:"And, duum, there is no beam weapon. Uuum, I think the Tur-Rak-Ken wants to speak to you, like fifteen minutes ago."

<A Turraken comes up to Ghyron with a flash-light.>

Turraken:"Lord Ghyron, Sir! According to my research of the so called "Beam Weapon", this planet is not a planet. And that beam weapon is not a beam weapon. In fact, this is a giant, Resourcer of Evil! And the beam weapon is in fact, A Planet Eating Device of DOOM! The ship is powered by two things, the key, and planets! Cool, no? And we might want to get that, "Key" and eat that moon so convieniently placed over there. We can make the Dragonians, and the whole Galaxy bow down to you, oh mighty one."

9th Jul 2002, 15:16
<SkrasherSmasher is now shivering, going through a mountain pass, a blizzard started, and the SSFA and SkrasherSmasher are forced to make camp in a damp cave, the mecha continue patrolling the area for another attack, katanas and shields out.>

SkrasherSmasher: Hmm, Dracoraptor is a terrorist...

Military Advisor: Told you...

Cortana: Uh.. my backup nodes are aching sooo baaad. What are we guuuuuna do sir? This cargo weeeere aeeftter muuust beee sooome sort ooof weaapon ooof maaaaaass deestruuuctioo..

<Cortana passes out again.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana may be right. We've just found out this guy is an interspace terrorist, he must be working to destroy someone or something. Fallout may be a target.

Military Advisor: Why don't we take this weapon, and work on adding it to the Project?? Whatever this weapon is it would make the prototype even more invincible!

SkrasherSmasher: I think we have to talk to Dracoraptor about this...

Military Advisor: Sir! We have enough proof that this, THING, is a known terrorist! We must act swiftly to...

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, I heard what he had to say. But it was the Targ that hacked our systems, was it not? They might be the terrorist group here. Besides, I never liked them, the buzz and beep too much... tightbeaming transmission starting... now.

<JSWY listens in on the transmission.>

SkrasherSmasher: SkrasherSmasher here, we've just picked up an, erm, transmission of sorts from a Targ buisness man. He claims your group is a terrorist group, I am unsure of what to do, we are currently waiting out a blizzard in a cave about a mile from Sanctuary waiting for your reply. End transmission.

If he is not a terrorist, we can deliver the cargo and return to the Project, if not... we may have to take drastic measures..

9th Jul 2002, 16:16
Dracoraptor and MoS, stop controlling my charactor...

---Ghyron's Fleet of Mightyness---

Ghyron: I surmised that this was a massive weapon of super-destruction, and that the key is needed to unlock it. However, the key is also useless, unless we have the big superweapon. I can't believe you incompetents even got through Basic Villainry 101, or Evil Plots 203! And who shut off the tugboat power?

The only Lackie: Master, I thought it would be wise to use the internal superweapon engines-

Ghyron: FOOL! That is what the tugboats and tracking beams are for!

*Ghyron reaches out and hurls the lackie off the bridge.*

Ghyron: Resume course to the Targ Homeworld.

9th Jul 2002, 17:18
*Power returns to the ship*

Me - Report!

Comms - When those ships dropped from hyperspace it didn't to it very cleanly. We were a bit too close and were caught on the edge of the tear. The power system automatically cut out to avoid an overload. There's no reported damage to the ship though, Sir.

Me - Good, Good. Get scans going. I'd like to know who they are, what they are doing here and if they have hyper-fuel compatible with our main drive. Helm, continue at one-third speed toward the planet.

Helm/Comms - Yes Sir.

*A few moments later*

Comms - Okay Sir. The flag ships is under the name "Hope's End", but I'm unable to identify who it belongs to. There are also signs of a possibly recent battle on the surface. More details on that when we are in range of the Bioscanners. The ship itself is quite well armed, has a fighter escort and a fueled hyper-drive, some of which we could use. But, in other words it could easily mince us up if it wanted to.

Me - Right. That's bad. Find out what is going on down on the planet surface, go into Bioscanner range if need be, but keep as much distance as possible. Try to avoid detection. Once I know what going on, I'll decide whether or not to approach them further. Shut down any of the weapon system that are active, if they do spot us, I don't want them assuming we're hostile.

9th Jul 2002, 17:45
---Coded Message From Un-tracable location---

Targ: I would not advise you to contact the Terrorist, he will deny being a terrorist, and will promptly kill you. The Galactic Law does not like your consortion with known criminals.

9th Jul 2002, 17:55
SkrasherSmasher: Darn! I thought I had deleted the Targ virus, sonofa*****!

<Throws holoprojector out the cave.>

9th Jul 2002, 19:05
*From somewhere out the cave entrance, a barely heard voice shouts:*

Targ: FOOL! Ye have envoked the most furious wrath of the mighty Ghyron!

---In the middle of no-where---

*A massive Targ fleet, a mammoth Flowers-By-Buffer flagship, and amazing superweapon exit hyperspace next to a big blob of nothing.*

Lackie: Sir, this is the location of the Targ homeworld, but all we can detect is debris...!

Ghyron: Eh...? Of course, its the most heavily cloaked planet in the galaxy, what do you expect, a welcome mat?

Lackie: Master, there isn't anything there... according to our astronomics, we're supposed to be inside the Targ homeworld by now...

Ghyron: Ehrm... where can I take a massive super-weapon for safe-keeping? Where in the galaxy is a place so well protected that not even a single do-gooder can get there? Why, the old WayStation ZetaPlural, of course!

9th Jul 2002, 22:30
On newly polished and expanded bridge of the expanded ITS Manu Intiraymi.

Computer: Constuction complete, all systems operating at 100% efiecency.

Me: Very good. All hands, departure stations.

Comm: The Orion and the Sagitarius have been rebuild as Constitution class, and are ready to head out.

Me: Plot course for the nearest memau outpost, flank speed.

The Manu Intiraymi, the Orion, and the Sagitarius slide out of their docking bays and jump to hyperspace, coming out near a lush jungle moon.

Me:Comm, jam their transmissions All ships, target the largest city and fire all weapons.

The three ships fire all of their weapons on a city in the jungle, turning it into a large smoking crater.

Science: Sir, defense ships aproaching, two small frigates.

Me: Comm, sieze control of their computers.

Comm: Aye, sir. Sieizure complete.

Me: Move them into the uperatmospher, and initate their selfdestruct.

The shis errupt violently in a cloud of dust, and debris.

Me: All sips, target the remaining cities, and fire at will.

The sips destoy the remaining cities, then retreat back to the base.

10th Jul 2002, 03:26
Hey, I created that blasted super-weapon for you! You can use it to destroy a few populated planets later, but you do need the "key". How do you expect it to power itself? Plutonium potatoes? Remember, it is the size of Jupiter as well. Hiding in Zeta-Plural would be quite, difficult. I reccomend just finding the key and obliterate a few pions in your path. Although I'm not evil, just lawful-evil (Have you seen me play B&W?) . Back to the story...

<Out in the middle of the swamp, came a hover-craft flying through at top speed with Kulike Kulan and a Terran in it. They were all fine and well, till they landed in the middle of a battlefield!>

Kulike Kulan:"Get us out of here!"

Terran:"I'm trying! The engine got shot!"

Kulike Kulan:"Wait, the Gors! Their retreating. Droids, escort us outside, grab the cargo!"

<The two Assassin Droids carry the large crate outside to the swamp, having no difficulty with the repulser-lifts on the cargo and moving it is a breeze. They finally make it to a mountain.

Kulike Kulan:"According to the GPS, there's a mountain cave up there, a thousand feet. The droids can carry it, it isn't that steep. And we better hurry, there's a large storm coming our way. Looks like a big one."

Terran:"Than we better hurry than, shall we?"

<An hour after climbing, they get caught in a ferocious storm. They cannot see until they wipe their eyes in the cave, and are held at gun-point. The droids do not attack, just standing there with their cold,lifeless, stares. Their red eyes spot every Skrasher in the cave, but they make no attack when they see the flying Terra-Warrior Mechas.>

Kulike Kulan:"Whatever this is, it had better not be an act of war. I am Kulike Kulan, Trade Executive of the Tradarian Council. This is our cargo, we are on our way to Sanctuary and would quite like it if you wouldn't kill us. And I wouldn't look inside there either...<He whispers to the Terran.> Did you administer the antitode yet?

Terran:"Umm, forgot. We still have ten minutes left, I hope you can negotiate well."

Kulike Kulan:"I think I blew it already. If you like, we come in peace. Take me to your leader! Erm, please?"

10th Jul 2002, 04:47
<The Tradarian and the Terran are still being held at gunpoint. Though hastey, SkrasherSmasher had made a reflexive jump for his assault rifle. Seeing as they meant to do him no harm, he stands the gun up and rests his elbow upon the butt of the gun.>

SkrasherSmasher: Oh, sorry about that, bit jumpy after that battle with the Gors, I figure you must have seen at least a couple cowering behind some rubble or retreating. But you didn't start firing, and the Skrashers seem too tired to fight right now. I guess I can survive the ungodly urge to sever all of your appendages and immolate your bodies, then feed your still live selves to the Skrashers.

<The two strangers begin to back out of the cave, the howling sound of the blizzard just getting worse and worse by the moment.>

SkrasherSmasher: Oh now, don't be scared. ... Come on now! I was just kidding!! Come, have a seat, the fire is good, and we've picked up some Gor food rations off the battlefield and are roasting them up quite nicely now.

<Sensing no danger, the two sit down by the fire.>

SkrasherSmasher: All right, this storm isn't going away any time soon, so we've got to get some ground rules on how your going to stay in my cave. Don't provoke the skrashers in any way, provocated, they can be loose cannons. That includes looking at their food too long. That pesters them out of their minds. Now as for your crates, I respect your request for privacy, and as long as whatever is in there doesn't start beeping, or ticking, or have any indication of being a bomb, we will have no need to search it.

Cortana: (From outside the cave) I'm ok now! You can bring the projector back in now!! (Now inside) Thank's, my subroutines were chilled to the CPU! But outside I took an astrothermic scan of the sky. This storm isn't going to lighten up for at least two hours, and even then.. it might not be for very long.

SkrasherSmasher: Computers, even advanced AI's, can't get bored, what's got you so worried?

Cortana: Calculating the average speed of an alien, anyone who saw our tear in hyperspace can get to us long before the storm ends. And scanning the mountains for us won't be too hard as we'll be the only things projecting much heat, an endothermic scan would be like Z-Ray vision through these mountains, our exact location pinpointed within seconds.. Were sitting ducks until this storm clears over.

SkrasherSmasher: And it seems Dracoraptor never got the tightbeam I sent him. Something, or someone, must have control over all methods of communication.

<The huge military advisor comes out from the back of the cave.>

Military Advisor: Uhh, Sir. You should get some sleep, were going to have a mile hike after this stor en..

<The huge Skrasher spots the two newcomers in the cave, they are to the backs of everyone else, as all awake skrashers, Cortana, and SkrasherSmasher have turned to him. In haste, the Military Advisor pulls out his Browning M2 Minigun.>

Military Advisor: SIR! BEHIND YOU!

<SkrasherSmasher somersaults forward, grabbing his assault rifle, turning around in a crouched position, he looks out the cave.>

SkrasherSmasher: Uh, not to be rude, but I don't see anyone. Just our two newest friends on our expidition, uhm.. Kulike Kulan was it, and uh.. this terran, guy, dude, person.

<After a few tense moments of staring down the barrels of two guns, things return to normal. Various talk about families, past combat, and other such unRPG related talk occurs.>

SkrasherSmasher: Ow, that had to hurt! And the monkey didn't get infected? Anyway, you wouldn't happen to know a Dracoraptor the Dragonian, hmm?

10th Jul 2002, 05:53
<Kulike waves his attenae in a frustrating way before clasping all of his arms together.>

Kulike Kulan:"No, not personally. We are just from a delivery service to deliver these data crates, yeah. And um, if you let my good friend here deposit a experimental test liquid, then, erm we can be on our way to, erm. Ah Bile-Worms!. I'm not very good at lying. I am the vice-president of the Tradarian Trade Council, we are helping the Dragonian Empire deliver a Terran in suspended animation to a place of protection, Dragonia Prime. This is of the utmost importance, and we cannot stall. Nor storm nor evil shape-shifters shall get in our way. Now let my friend over there deposit this antidote to cure the Terran, or we will all die!"

SkrasherSmasher:"And how?"

Kulike Kulan:"Ghyron..."

<The Terran's mind goes into a state of terror, everyone watches as he tries to say something.>

Terran:"Leave usss alone, leave usss alone. We are not your enemiesss."

<He falls down, almost dead. The biggest crate starts beeping.>

Kulike Kulan:"Dangit!"

<He grabs the antidote bottle from the Terran's body and presses a button on the crate. A large hatch opens and Ice covers a large window. There is a small opening, and Kulan dumps the liquid into the opening. He finds himself at gunpoint again, but the Assassin-Droids are guarding both sides of him and have blades sticking out of their wrists.>

Kulike Kulan:"No, sheath your weapons, I will tell you later, just, rest now..."

<He presses a button and the hatch closes. Meanwhile on Dragonia Prime. A Dragonian council is talking to the Targ Queen.>

Dracoraptor:"Your highness, your admiral is a traitor and a terrorist. The Memau have already declared war against you, although they now know it is a mistake."

Targ Queen:"He is, or was my most trusted advisor. But now that I have read multiple reports of his massacres, I will not hesistate to declare him a terrorist and shoot him on sight. Although most of the military drones and ships are with him now. All I have is royal ships."

Dracoraptor:"We can assist with our second battle fleet and lure him into a trap. We are sure we can catch him at the next major Memauan planet. Until next time, you highness."

<The image changes into a Memau.>

Dracoraptor:"Your highness, the Targ Queen has aggreed, this is an act of terrorism. We are sending in an attack fleet at your second largest city."

Prime Memauan-Minister:"I see, and the Salt Hogs?"

Dracoraptor:"They are not unified, they are also cowards. We'll just send a few carriers to frightend them, although I want the evacuations of any planets near the last attack coordinates, except for the second largest."

Prime Memauan-Minister:"What!"

Dracoraptor:"Trust me..."

10th Jul 2002, 06:18
Aboard Manu Intitaymi
Me: Computer, encrypt all command functions to my authorization only. Use long range tramitters to encrypt the cmputers of the other Targ vessels in the sector. Vring the base under my direct control.

Computer: Aknowledged, command functions rerouted.

Me: Open a channel to the fleet.

Computer: Channel open.

Me: This is Admiral Davidg. I have seized control of your ships, because spy have infiltrated the Prime Hive, and have replaced the queen with some sort of clone wo is calling me a traitor. I have run tacyon sweeps of the homeplanet's location. bu I can only find debris. It has been destoyed, most likely by the Dragonians. You will folow my orders, and mine alone. any attempt at resistance, will be met with theshutdown of your ships lifesupport systems. Your orders are to reandeavous with my in the Devoure system. Davidg out.

Comm: The fleet's resonding and offering you their support. They will arive within the hour.

Me: Computer, open a channel to Ghyron, encryption sequence Delta Oviedo Prima.

Computer: Channel open.

Me: Lord Ghyron, although the homeworld has been destroyed, we have the specifications for a planetary cloaking device, that we can install on your superweapon. Reandevous with my fleet in the Deavoure System, and don't worry due to targ communications expertise, no one can intercept my transmissions to you. I will only install the cloaking device if the first planet you destoy is Memauan. Davidg out.

10th Jul 2002, 14:35
<The Military Advisor's gun is pointed sraight at Kulike Kulan's head, as she is pouring in the liquid, and the Assasin Droids weapons retract. SkrasherSmasher runs over and pushes the Skrasher's gun down.>

SkrasherSmasher: You heard the Tradarian! What ever she's doing, it ISN'T a bomb and it MAY save the lives of the ENTIRE galaxy.

Military Advisor: Sir! The Project is probably ripping up Fallout right now. I've been forced on a mission by a Dragonian who may still be a terrorist. Been attacked by Gor snipers, then an entire Gor pirate group, then forced to sleep in this dank, smelly cave. And I've had it up to here(points to head) with being optomistic, and trusting. This b**** dies now!

<The Browning M2 Minigun, still aiming down, the Military Advisor pulls out a laser pistol. He fires at Kulike Kulan. Instintivley, SkrasherSmasher jumps and takes the shot. As he is falling to the ground, he turns to the Skrasher and fires his Assault Rifle. At the close range he was at, the Skrasher is riddled with bullets and dies instantley.>

Cortana: Sir! No!! Hope's End! Come in you bastards! Hope's End, do you copy? Over!

<Crackles and fuzz emenate from Cortana's speaker, then a voice is heard.>

Expendable Crew Member #3: We've heard a laser and some gun shots, and your one heat (Shhik) signature short, and one is dissapearing as we speak, (Fzzzz) what's going on up there? Are you encountering Gor Fuzzers there?

Cortana: Negative! Negative! The Military Advisor went AWOL and shot at a Tradarian, SkrasherSmasher got hit though, and he isn't looking too good!

SkrasherSmasher: Ugh.. that blast was nothing. If my combat shield had regenerated enough after that EMP burst, I wouldn't have even felt it. And I want to.. uhh.

<SkrasherSmasher passes out.>

Cortana: We need a medic NOW!! the captain isn't going to make it if we don't get one here ASAP!

Expendable Crew Member #3: Were sending one in a fighter now, but I don't know how he is going to fare in this Blizzard, so were sending him with our top notch pilot.

Pilot: Don't worry about me now. This blizzard I'm seeing ain't nothing special.

Medic: Hmm, do you think I brought enough anti-ceptic(sp?) I only have two gallons.

Cortana: This is no time to joke you two!! Just get here!

<SkrasherSmasher wakes up, he pulls himself over to Cortana.>

SkrasherSmasher: If, and when, I die, tell the High Council that my son Jacob is to take over.. Heh heh, he's just a Skrasher breeder, and that's no kind of job. If anything, you can't get shot in the line of duty, just gored.

<SkrasherSmasher passes out again.>

Cortana: (Talking calmly now.) Yes sir, will do sir...

10th Jul 2002, 18:18
Kulike Kulan:"Droids, medical protocol number 398."

<The Droids nod their heads and their blades are replaced by scissors and tweasers. They move towards SkrasherSmasher and remove the bullet before putting heavy duty stiches and bandages in.>

Kulike Kulan:"I, am in your debt. You are quite lucky my droids used to be medical aids. Now, I think we should all rest for the moment and have lunch, don't you?"

10th Jul 2002, 22:16
---Kylat System---

*SkrasherMashers ship orbits the stormy planet while, on the surface a blizzard roars. Suddenly seven 'Gor pirate ships leave hyperspace right next to the Hope's End and begin firing. The seventh ship begins descending into the chaotic atmoshpere near the cave in which the key has been hidden.*

---Cockpit of the 'Gor Pirate Ship---

'Gor Pilot: Blimey, I can see uh nothin' in thuh-

*The ship lurches to the left*

Targ Official: Incompetent fool! If zhou zannot pilot zhour own zhip, I zhall have zhou immediatly replazed!

'Gor Pilot: Whut? The muhy blizzah is a messing up all durn sensuhs.

Targ: You know the coordinates, take us there!

*The 'Gor pirate ship lands on a flat area near the cave, higher up and towards the north. As the blizzard rages on, the main door on the dilapidated 'Gor ship opens with a hiss and a thud. Ten 'Gors in heavy power armor and Jhuridian face masks step out. Two salthogs carry out what appears to be an ancient Targ artillery device. The Targ dignitary, in a powered exo-suit, nearly falls down the ramp as a sudden gust of wind rocks the ship.*

Targ: *hisss* Zhe cave iz up thirty five degreez from zhe horizon and north by four zeven oh degreez. Begin zhe bombardment in an attempt to block of zhe entranze. Vhe vill move in and take zhe prisoners. MOVE!

---WayStation ZetaPlural---

Space Traffic Control: No, I'm sorry, we don't allow docking of super-weapons of over the designated size.


Space Traffic Control: I'm sorry sir, there is no reason to raise your voice, your going to have to take your super-weapon someplace else.

Ghyron: I don't think you understand, I CAN BLOW YOU UP WITH THIS THING!

Space Traffic Control: That very well may be, but your going to have to take that super-weapon someplace else, I'm afraid we cannot allow you to dock it here, sorry on behalf of United Space-Ways.


Space Traffice Control: Sorry, goodbye. *click*

Ghyron: I cannot believe their gall at refusing the most evil, vile, and nefarious villain in all the galaxy a place to dock his newly found super-weapon. Very well, plot course to... the Kylat system!

10th Jul 2002, 22:29
:D , that was funny Ghyron.

11th Jul 2002, 12:31
Tactical - Sir. Scans are complete. *Presses button, holo map of planet surface appears* It seems the Hope Ends deployed a force of Skrashers, yes Skrashers, along with some Dracionian Mecha here *points at map*. They were assaulted by some pirates, Kasvagorian we think, here *points* But survived with minimal losses. Currently they are in a cave located here *points at cave* We lost tracking a while ago in the heavy blizzard. We think they are headed over here, *points a bit further away* The nearest large city.

Me - Hmmm. Dracionian Mecha you say? The ship definatly is not Dracionain?

Comms - Not at all Sir.

Me - Probably a mercanary or similar. If the Dracionians are giving, or even lending, Mecha out something dire must be going on. Did you pick up if Dracionians were piloting the Mecha? Or maybe it was -


Me - Oh damn. Report.

Tactical - Seven ships. One just entered the planets atmosphere, the other six are engaging the Hopes End. We could probably take one of them down, using standard systems, if the Hopes End was not envolved.

Me - On standards you say? Okay. Helm, shut down the hyper-engines, I don't care about the time it will take to get the back on standby. Put the spare power into boosting the shields. Tactical, bring all weapons online. If we can take one down with standards, we can probably take at least two with the modified stuff. Power up those new design mass drivers.

Tactical - Are you sure Sir?

Me - Yes, if we go into thier range we'll get minced. Lets pick them off from back here. Hail the Hope Ends, tell them we will assist. If they are helping the Dracionians then this could be important.

Comms - Yes Sir.

*small delay*

Tactical - Mass driver online Sir.

Me - Target the least damaged pirate ship. *Into intercom* All stations, we are attempting to stand out of range. Fire at will at any targets coming into range. *To Tactical* Hopefully the pirates won't know what hit them.

*A small hole opens on the Grey Area's hulls, and a short barrel extends - the Mass Driver. (Much like a partical accellerator. But MUCH larger. Fires shells of 0.5 meter diameter at almost light speed, ripps holes though ships cause massive hull breach - but are non explosive so do little more that destroy the system they hit. Shields will slow shells down reducting penetraion, but only the most powerful generators can stop a shell effectively.) The first round is launched as a ship comes into line above the Hopes End, it is partly off target and ripps into the engines systems instead of the targetted weapon systems. The engines drop offline, but not further damage results. The Grey Area contiunes to fire as the battle around the Hope End rages on*

11th Jul 2002, 14:28
Originally posted by SkrasherSmasher

Expendable Human Crewmember: Big enough so anyone in the area will know right where we are. We better land ASAP![/B]

Just in case anyone forgot, all of my ships have landed on the planet, Ghyron. They aren't in orbit right now.
Cheif Tactical Officer: I'm glad we landed quickley. We would have been chopped liver up in orbit without more interior invasion skrashers. Skrashers! Move into aerial assault position!

<The skrashers all get behind various rocks, plants, and other cover and aim their guns up into the sky. The conflict listed in Ghyron's post begins from the Skrasher vantage point of the planet's surface. The Hope's End's automated turrets begin to take pot shots into the incoming Gor space ships. The fighter bays of the Dropship-Carriers open, as hundreds of fighters and just as many bombers come flying out.>

Expendable Crewmember: Skrash(sshhhh), the Gor! There back! They're in hu(crackleshhk). Were holding them off, but the fighters numbers are dwin(krrrushhhhhhhh...)

<The transmission is lost.>

Cortana: I'm picking up movement all over the planet's surface and in it's orbit. It seems that whatever we are going to pick up, the entire galaxy wants it. I'm starting to go with the dead Advisor's advice. Dracorpator might be wanting us to pick up the ultimate doomsday device. We need to....

<The bombardment starts, a blast that would have gone straight into the cave is unfortunatley caught by an off guard mecha, whose main piloting system fails out, and crashes into the mountain side.>

Cortana: Everyone back! Skrashers, start digging, weve got to get as far away from the entrance as possible.

<As the skrashers being to dig deeper into the mountain, SkrasherSmasher lays on the ground, close enough to see out the cave. Using the MJLONIR's combat suit sniper vision, he sees the bombardment squad.>

SkrasherSmasher: D***, that bombardment squad is asking to get sniped. If I only had a rifle...

Cortana: Sir, you have to get back... Mecha, you get over to the bombardment team, attract their attention long enough to let us get further away from the entrance to the cave. Whatever were after, they probably already have it as they are in between us and Sanctuary. Whoever had it there is probably dead now anyway.

<A sleek fighter zips through the blizzard, it slows down, and makes a 180 turn into the cave.

Pilot: (To medic) Looks like theyre digging for something. (To the skrashers) MOVE!!

<As the skrashers move, the fighter begins firing it's missiles into the cave system. The explosions shake the interior of the cave, but lckily do not cause a cave in. The gouge made by the missiles is deep, and the group takes cover far back in the now long cave.>

Cortana: We should be out of bombardment range in here now. But if my calculations are right, which they are, the fighter has no more missiles?

Pilot: Your wrong Cortana! This is my Mod Fighter, I added an extra missile storage area so I don't have to go back to a carrier to reload as often. I have about 10 rockets left, and full autocannon rounds.

<The mecha return, of the four remaining that were sent, only three return.>

Mecha Pilot: We were able to get a few of them, the bombs should come slower now, but they got Jim Bo... D*** that bastard owed me 200E! (sob)

Cortana: Let's cotemplate the situation. Our commander is almost DEAD. But were bunkered in a huge cave, and Skrashers THRIVe in close quarters combat. Skrashers, if anyone comes in, shoot them! IF they get to close... EAT them!

<The Skrashers begin to drool.>

11th Jul 2002, 18:21
---The Planet Surface---

*An enraged Targ and a Kasvagorian with a stupid grin(but a few teeth missing) on his face stand next to a broken, smoking Artillery Device*


'Gor: But I was durn hungry.



*Very suddenly, and very unexpectadly, a massive explosion instantly destroys the 'Gor, the Targ, and the artillery device.*

---Orbitting the Planet---

Ghyron: ...with the comprehensive planetary surface bombardment.

*The Targ and Consortium fleet, Flower delivery ship, and Doomsday Device orbit the stormy planet.*

Ghyron: I want nothing left alive, concentrate all firepower on the planet surface.

The Lackie: Master, there is a Turakken science ship-

Ghyron: Not important. Once I get that human, I will RULE THE UNIVERSE WITH AN IRON FIST!


11th Jul 2002, 18:46
EDIT - Just pretent this post is before Ghyons one above - he got in first . .


Me - Status?

Tactical - Two have disabled engines but are still firing weapons, one has no main powersystem and is disabled. The other three are undamaged except for shields. Have lost track of the one one planet. The Hope's End is holding up, it's shields are still up . . . and Two of them have just turned this way.

Me - Okay, they are priority targets! *Into Intercom* All hands alert! We have two vessels incoming! Open fire! Repeat open fire!

*The Grey Areas main weapons system start firing upon the two pirate ships. The Mass Driver, unable to fire at close range targets, continues to assist the Hope's End. In the battle the one pirate ship is destroyed, and the other flee's after a weapons system failure. However the Grey Area does not fair too well, shields had failed, also the hull and many systems were damaged. *

Me - Report.

Tactical - We are now clear. Shields offline, about 23% weapons offline - including the Driver, hyperdrive no damage, boosters 41% damage, life support 15%, sensors 43%, control systems 23%, power systems 8%. Hull breaches in 45 places all being sealed as I speak. We have lost 46 crew members of which 28 are engineers, 7 research and 11 security.

Me - Not great, but we're ok. The Hopes End?

Comms - No idea, Sensors aren't reading correctly. All we can do is see what is there. I should report that the pirate ships are still fighting. Unfortunatly the Hopes End is not in a great place to attack from.

Me - Open a comm link to them please.

Comms - I'll try, no guarantee they will get it. The comm systems are a bit shot as well. Okay . . . try now.

< Outgoing Transmission. | From- PCRV Grey Area. To- Hope's End >

Hope's End, come in. This is the captain of the PCRV Grey Area.
We are no longer able to assist with the pirate threat.
If you are in a capable state after the conflict we request some
assistance with repairs. *delay* *To someone off-screen* Sure
it's up? Okay . . *To screen* Hope's End, come in. Come in?
Damn. End Transmission.

< Outgoing Transmission Terminated >

Comms - I think our incoming-comms detector may be offline, they may have already responded.

Me - Okay, Helm retreat but keep visual range, all repair crews maximum shifts, lets try to stay in one piece for now.

11th Jul 2002, 18:59
:) :D :) Ha! "But I was durn hungry." That was hilarious

Pilot: Sir, this mission is a definate failure! We have no chance of getting to Dracoraptor's cargo in Sanctuary now! We should cut our losses and head back to Fallout! We can get to work on the project, and we can use it to fight the ultimate doomsday device!

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, you may be right, but... how do you propose we get out of here? It may have been a while since the last bomb hit close to here, but they still have us pinned down. The warrior Mecha were only bareley able to fit in here in time! And all communication is lost, so we can't bring in the fleet to pick us up.

Pilot: I can evade anything that bombardment team can throw at me! Their cannons have nothing on me! My fighter speed is unequaled! I could probably outrun a cannon shot if the need arised!

SkrasherSmasher: No soldier! And that's an order! We can think of something better!

Pilot: I'm not going to rot in this cave as the entire universe is pumping cannon shots and laser blasts down this hell hole! I'm going to take my chances!

<The fighter pilot runs to his fighter and gets in. Guiding the large fighter through the tiny tunnel is a breeze for the hot shot. He flis out into the blizzard. He is non-chalantly flying toward the landing site when a missile flies withing two inches of the cockpit. Directed straight down, it causes a massive explosion when it hits the ground.>

Pilot: Bastards... someone is bombarding the planet! No commnication to either group... I can't warn anyone.

<More and more missiles fall out of the sky, as another barely misses the pilot, he is able to read the side, labeled 'Ghyron's Evil Planetary Bombardment Device'. As more and more missiles drop, it becomes harder and harder to continue dodging. One heat seeking missile locks on behind him. Doing a barrel roll into a corkscrew, he messes up the control mechanism and it self destructs.>

<Meanwhile, at the fleet landing site.>

Tactical: Yeah! Look at those Gor run! Wait a second, Skrashers. RETURN TO DROPSHIP CARRIERS NOW!>

<The missiles begin raining down near the landing site now. The ships are in a circle formation, with Hope's End in the middle. They all activate their shields upward, combining together to make one large shield bubble around the landing zone.>

Tactical: All you guys in? Ok let's hit it!

<The ships lift off of the ground, no longer shield bound, only projecting their personal shields. On of the dropship carriers takes three direct shots at once, and stops ascending.>

Dropship-Carrier Pilot: Main systems failing, beaming crew and fighters aboard closest Drophip-Carrier.

<The group aboard the failing Dropship-Carrier beam aboard The Truth & Reconciliation, two seconds before it explodes into starstuff.>

Dropship-Carrier Pilot: Sorry sir, for the moment, your on your own.

<The fleet jumps into hyperspace, leaving the main assault group stranded in the cave, and the Fighter dodging rockets for his life.>

Edit: Post backup is catching up to me too, he posted before I finished mine.

Comms: (Going through hyperspace) Sir, we picked up a tightbeam transmission from the fleet that was also fighting the Gors. We are out of transmission range now, I will save the transmission for later viewing.

11th Jul 2002, 20:33
<On the other side of the planet comes the large Dragonian Battle-Ship, The Fallen Star. It fires its main beam cannon, making a straight hole through many enemy ships with its pure energy. The ship launches three emergency dropships, big enough to hold most of the crew trapped on the ground.>

Fallen Star's Captain:"Fire! Fire! Fire thoses suns of Ghyron's straight to Zell!"

Officer:"The beam will require thirty more minutes to recharge, the concealed laser cannons are already firing. Dropships are being sent down."

Captain:"Keep firing though! Get ready for an emergency hyper-space, make sure the cargo gets on the third dropship."

<The ship randomly fires in the shadow of the doomsday "Planet".>

Lackie:"Um sir, what does this button do?"

<The planet reveals several million laser "Half-Orbs". They are black and shiny, but actually fire out light-laser blasts. The Lackie targets the Fallen Star.>

Officer:"Sir, look at the planet!"

Captain:"I didn't know the blasted thing had weapons! Raise the shields at the front of the ship to one hundred percent. hurry those dropships!"

<On Sanctuary, Kulike Kulan gets a flashlight.>

Kulike Kulan:"But its only three-thirty, but that must mean..."

<The Tradarian looks outside to see a massive "Planet" ship and explosions above the planet. The bombs were coming down, although three Dragonian Dropships landed right next to the cave, none were shot down. He gets the Droids and the cargo before boarding one, the loud-speakers on the Dropships start emitting boarding and launching alarms.>

Loudspeaker:"Hurry, get on the ships! We have two minutes or your going to be left here all alone!"

11th Jul 2002, 21:00
Erhm, how are you dropships surviving a widespread planetary bombardment?

---The Flowers-By-Buffer Flagship---

Ghyron: Foolish Dragonians! They dare oppose my omnipotence!? Lackie, plot collision course with the Dragonian ship!

*The fourteen mile long Flower Delivery ship slowly turns towards the Dragonian ship, The Fallen Star.*

Ghyron: Disengage magnetic cargo security locks and engage all engines!

*All of the four hundred and fifty seven cargo containers are ejected from the enourmous space ship as it flies very rapidly towards the Dragonian Battle-Ship.*

Ghyron: Ready the escape pods...

---On the planet---

*As the Dropships load the remaining crew and the 'cargo seven 'Gor and a salt hog look on.*

Salt Hog: Blimey! Looks like we gotta do somethun, fast!

'Gor: But Graak ate durn thing that go boom.

Salt Hog: Wull then, why dun we just blow the engunes offa those there ships?

'Gor: Gud idear. We gonna go blow durn engines offa those there ships! 'HARGE!

11th Jul 2002, 21:51
Officer:"Sir! Explosive cargo containers are coming at us at high velocities."

Captain:"Go to code BLACK, fire the beam cannon!"

Officer:"But sir! We'll loose our energy."

Captain:"We have no choice, set the power to twenty five percent and get ready to leave as soon as all the dropships get on board."

Officer:"Right away!"

<The lights dim and finally shut off in the ship. The Fallen Star fires its beam cannon straight at the cargo containers and the "Flowers-By-Buffer" ship. The cargo containers easily slip through the beam, but the "Flowers-By-Buffer" ship takes a direct hit and a large hole is found right in the center of it. Explosions start up near the bow of the ship. The containers hit the Fallen Star hard and cause major physical damage, including the fact that the shields failed in the last hit. The "Flowers-By-Buffer" ship makes it half-way to the Fallen Star before blowing up in a brilliant explosion of light, taking out the remaing cargo containers, but it is no use, the Fallen Star is crippler for the moment.>


Officer:"The reactor is suffering a major breakdown, turning on auxillary <The lights turn back on to a dim red.>. The main beam cannon's magnifying lense is cracked. The main thruster is broken, the Hyper-Drive is still okay, but we can't move. The energy-torpedo rooms are encountering major power loss, but the turrets are okay. And the shields are operating at ten percent capacity."

Captain:"Tell those Drop-Ships to hurry it up!"

<Two drop-ships take off at high speeds, barely evading the large explosive devices. The third one launches, but its engine fails and it starts to drop down the mountain and into a large pile of snow. That ship contains Kulike Kulan, and the cargo! In space, a large spot of red can be seen on Sanctuary in the mountain range. This is where the bombardment is being aimed at. The remaining two dropships make it to the Fallen Star.>

Officer:"Only two made! One's crippled on the ground."

Captain:"We have no other choice! Prep the hyperdrive!"

11th Jul 2002, 22:23
Originally posted by Ghyron
Erhm, how are you dropships surviving a widespread planetary bombardment?

Even though he is evil, I have to agree with.. Ghyron. Whew, I said it. The bombs seem to be very evil, and I called it Ghyron's Evil Planetary Bombardment Device. Anything with a name with that many letters has to be hard to resist. Kind of like reverse psyhcology....

<SkrasherSmasher and Cortana come barreling out of the cave, the third dropship still on the ground. The cargo bay door opens, and Kulike Kulan waves to them. The ship is a good 50 yards away from the cave though.>

Cortana: (The holoprojector lifts off, using small boosters to fly for short distances.) You there, skrasher! PIck up the Commander! Were gunna have to run for it!

<The huge chunk of the SSFA and Cortana continue running toward the ship. The bomb payload storm is even worse then the blizzard. Huge groups of Skrasher die per bomb, as the numbers are widdled down faster then Cortana thought possible. Coming into the home stretch of 10 yards, only 50 or so Skrashers are still alive. The skrasher with SkrasherSmasher is still alive.>

Medic: Oh, the casualties! These numbers are.. AHHH!

<A bomb cuts the Medic short, he flies over the troops as an explosion rips through even more of the troops. The Skrasher with SkrasherSmasher takes some shrapnel right in the leg, and begins slowing down. He eventually falls dead to the ground, leaving SkrasherSmasher to run for himself.>

SkrasherSmasher: Ugh! I don't ask for it much, but I need some help!

<SkrasherSmasher's pleas are answered, as a Skrasher behind him throws him over his shoulder without skipping a stride. The 10 or so Skrashers, Cortana, and SkrasherSmasher get into the Dragonian ship.>

SkrasherSmasher: Dear Nebula. PLEASE take off!!

[I]Meanwhile, on Fallout.

Tactical: How is the project?

Scientist: Better then you might think. We got control of the prototypes, and actually FINISHED! That's right, the Project is complete!

Tactical: How? Estimates said it would take at least two years to finish?

Scientist: Well, estimates didn't know their weakness. We found they were hiding small teddy bears when we went to test them. When we found out, we told them we would burn the bears if they didn't obey us. We installed the weapons directly into a prototype, and its been functioning even beyond our wildest dreams! Here, take a gander.

<The two humans look up to see a huge hulking beast.>

Tactical: It's magnificent! We can definatly defeat the ultimate doomsday device with this, this, titan!

11th Jul 2002, 22:45
---In Orbit Above the Planet---

*The Doomsday Device and the Targ fleet orbit the planet*

---Ghyron's Temporary Flagship - A Targ Carrier---

Ghyron: Halt the planetary bombardment!

Lackie: Sending word to the Targ fleet.

Ghyron: Most excellent. My time of ascension is at hand! I can now RULE THE GALAXY! Send a transport vessel to pick up the Tradarian and the human, immediatly.

*A Targ transport lands on the planet.*

11th Jul 2002, 23:11
<The Truth & Reconciliation is forging alone through hyperspace. No other Dropship Carriers, no Drednaughts following, just the The Truth & Reconciliation, going at a pace slower then normal.>

Sensors: Sir, the bombardment has stopped, the Targ Transport has landed. They have underestimated the tenacity of the Fallout Brotherhood of Space!

Tactical: And the ear blockers have been put in? In case our titan falls for the same trick we played on it to another?? When we come out of hyperspace, beam it as close to the Targ as we can.

<The Truth & Reconciliation stops right above the still active blizzard. A tear in hyperspace as huge as a planet is made from the abrupt stop and the overly heavy cargo aboard, a beam of light is cast from the ship and the project is revealed.>

<A megolothic skrasher, well over 10 stories tall looms above them. Its right arm is long and metalic, though of which type of metal is unknown, though it seems very tough. It's left arm is now just a huge cannon, a label on the side says it is a 'fuel rod gun'. It's hard shell of a body has been enforced with an armor that is not as tough as the right arm, but seems very strong.>

SkrasherSmasher: D***! They weren't supposed to beam the prototype down here! It isn't ready!

Cortana: I can't belive this! It.. isn't a prototype, scanning... it has all of the features that the finished project should have, except.. the weapons and armors systems seem to have been intergrated into it. How could they have completed this already?? I thought the prototypes could never be tamed...

SkrasherSmasher: I bet my son helped with that... that little devil, always knew he had a noble job...

11th Jul 2002, 23:30
No, no, no, you don't get to defeat me already. Here, have a look at the contract, it says that I get to get the doomsday device, blow up some planets, and become a galactic menace before you get to defeat me against overwhelming odds.

One question, how do the people on Fallout know that you are on sanctuary, or that the planet exists if you have not been in contact with them?

---On the Planet---

*The small Targ shuttle takes off just as the massive Skrasher prototype lunges at it. As the Targ shuttle is leaving the atmosphere the Skrasher takes aim and fires its Fuel Rod Gun, hitting one of the shuttles stabilizers. The shuttle barely makes it to the Targ fleet orbitting the planet.*

---Ghyron's Flagship---

Lackie: Master, we have the prisoners...

Ghyron: Excellent, Excellent! Bring them to the Doomsday device. We shall test the destructive capabilities of this planet on Sanctuary itself. MWUHAHAHAHA!

12th Jul 2002, 01:09
<In the prison cell with the large cyrogeniclly sealed crate, Kulike Kulan paces back and forth around the cell. He sits back down after a while and thinks. He knows it requires the cargo, but he bets Ghyron doesn't know how bad of a condition the subject is in. Not only is there cryogenic sickness, memory loss, and such, but you must be gentle with the subject. Forcing them to do something forces them unconsious. Especially if their physcic or such.>

Kulike Kulan:"You'll never power this ship Ghyron! Never! And you can't make me talk! You can toture me all you-Oops!"

<It is a commonly known fact- Tradarains are fragile and toture will make them talk. People on the other side of Sanctuary begin to see the giant Doomsday device in outer space. Sanctuary begins to actually become a moon and rotate around the Doomsday device, and many people are thrown into anarchy. It should be 3:00 P.M. Sanctuary time, daylight. Ships are overflowed with Terran refugees, but only twenty-five percent of the entire planet will make it out if Ghyron gives the call. Meanwhile, the Fallen Star quickly enters hyperspace, and the Terran Captain meets with SkrasherSmasher.>

Captain:"Who is in command around here?"


Captain:"Well you better tell me what happened down there, because we're missing three people, plus two droids. And one of those people was the most important person in this entire galaxy...

12th Jul 2002, 01:33
---Prisoner Cell---

*The prison door opens slowly with an audible hiss. Three figures enter the room, Ghyron, a grey, and a Kasvagorian with a stupid grin on his face.*

Ghyron: Bring the prisoner out of cryogenic slumber, immediatly!

Tradarian: You'll never power this ship Ghyron! Never! If you try to bring her out of Cryogenic slumber you could kill her.

Ghyron: Put a muzzle on it, Tradarian.

*The grey walks over to the cryogenic chamber and begins to fiddle with the controls.*

Grey: Chance, thirty four percent. Subject will die. Cause: cryogenic sickness. Memory loss: Inevitable. Probable condition weak. Possible-


Grey: Master: Yes.

*A hisss emenates from the cryogenic chamber and steam pours out of a vent from the bottom of the chamber. The crate opens, revealing a human.*

Ghyron: Is it alive? Can it use the Doomsday weapon?

Grey: Condition: Alive. Subject can perform necessary device. Further exertion may cause death. Advice: rest.

Human: ...ugh...

Ghyron: 'Gor, bring the human. It is time to destroy a planet!

12th Jul 2002, 01:36
Originally posted by Ghyron
No, no, no, you don't get to defeat me already. Here, have a look at the contract, it says that I get to get the doomsday device, blow up some planets, and become a galactic menace before you get to defeat me against overwhelming odds.

One question, how do the people on Fallout know that you are on sanctuary, or that the planet exists if you have not been in contact with them?

1. I had no intention of getting you yet, I just wanted to secure Kulike Kulan and the cargo, which I guess didnt work. Oops.

2. My fleet retreated back to Fallout without me when you bombarded the planet, check back a couple of my posts. They informed the planet of course, and the Project was flown to the place that the Tactical officer called 'Sanctuary.'

<The project begins stomping his feet and bellowing a sickening warcry. He may be just a cybernetic super skrasher, but he knows when he's loosing. He begins to shoot his fuel rod gun up toward the superweapon, he knows his efforts are frivelous, the rods burn up in space long before they can hit the device.>

SkrasherSmasher: I'm sorry sir, but they grabbed Kulike right before the prototype landed, and I didn't think this suspended terran or whatever they were carrying was something I should blow up at the time. If I knew it could power a Doomsday device capable of destroying quite a few star sectors, I would have taken the shot but... I guess it's too late for us now...

Cortana: As best I can get from down here, in our decimated state, we wouldn't be able to punture a hole in the device large enough to beam it in. And it seems there is a disturbance through the armor, yep. Just right to make sure we can't beam it on without a hole. We had better load up into The Truth & Reconciliation. I may still have a plan.

Captain: Freeze! I'm holding you responsible for Kulike Kulan's capture and placing you under arrest.

SkrasherSmasher: Look! F*** you! You know f*** you! The universe is at this MADMAN's disposal, and my AI has a plan, and I'll be d***ed to a firey solar flared death if I'm not going to take the chance.

<The Captain is left behind as SkrasherSmasher and Cortana go up with The Truth & Reconciliation.>

Cortana: Comms, the only communication that works is tightbeaming right? Ok, I'm activating a widespread tightbeaming of this message to all capable targets for the tightbeam other then the Doomsday device.

People of the universe! We must come together to stop the menace of Ghyron! He will probably get quite a few planets before we can draw him into conflict, but all we need is a hole in the device of a size of 10 stories by 5 stories. We can then beam Project Mechadon Super Skrasher, code named MESS, directly aboard the device. In our state, we cannot punch this kind of hole into the hull, but we are hoping you can....

12th Jul 2002, 01:47
Devoure System, 23 Targ ships are orbiting the 4th planet. There are 15 Declaration Class vessels, 7 Constition Class vessels, and The Manu Intraymi. I am on the bridge.

Me: All ships, plot course to Sanctuary, to reandevous with the rest of the fleet, and the superweapon. Engineer, bring the advanced cloaking device online.

Enginneer: Yes, admiral. We can now cloak at hyperspeeds.

Me: All ships, activate cloaking devices. Engage hyperdrives.

The ships fade into space and jump to hyperspace, they come out near the superweapon.

Me: Decloak.

The ships decloak and begin to orbit the superweapon.

Science Officer: Sir, several cargo vessels are attempting to leave the surface. There are several thousand refuges on board each of them.

Me: Tactical, disable their engines, and use a tractor beam to hold them in place. I want them to witness their planet's destruction.

Blue energy beam lash out at the freighters, disabling their engines, and tractor beams hold them in place.

Me: Tatical, have the bombers drop nerve gas canisters over cities on the planet.

Silver bombers drop out of the hanger bay, and head to the planet, they drop nerve gas canisters over the cities, leaving the occupants unable to move, but completely aware. Several bombers are shot down, but the attackers were quikly silenced with laser cannons from the other bombers.

Tactical: Bombers returning, mission goals complete.

12th Jul 2002, 01:54
Cortana: Oh my god! They killed Civilians! You bastard!

12th Jul 2002, 02:47
Originally posted by Davidg
Devoure System, 23 Targ ships are orbiting the 4th planet. There are 15 Declaration Class vessels, 7 Constition Class vessels, and The Manu Intraymi. I am on the bridge.

Me: All ships, plot course to Sanctuary, to reandevous with the rest of the fleet, and the superweapon. Engineer, bring the advanced cloaking device online.

Enginneer: Yes, admiral. We can now cloak at hyperspeeds.

Me: All ships, activate cloaking devices. Engage hyperdrives.

The ships fade into space and jump to hyperspace, they come out near the superweapon.

Me: Decloak.

The ships decloak and begin to orbit the superweapon.

Science Officer: Sir, several cargo vessels are attempting to leave the surface. There are several thousand refuges on board each of them.

Me: Tactical, disable their engines, and use a tractor beam to hold them in place. I want them to witness their planet's destruction.

Blue energy beam lash out at the freighters, disabling their engines, and tractor beams hold them in place.

Me: Tatical, have the bombers drop nerve gas canisters over cities on the planet.

Silver bombers drop out of the hanger bay, and head to the planet, they drop nerve gas canisters over the cities, leaving the occupants unable to move, but completely aware. Several bombers are shot down, but the attackers were quikly silenced with laser cannons from the other bombers.

Tactical: Bombers returning, mission goals complete.

The cloaking at hyperspace is cheap, and seventy-five percent of all civilians on Sanctuary will perish anyway, your attempts are futile compared to what's coming to them...

<The Tradarian charges towards Ghyron but gets thrown against the wall by the Gor with the amazingly stupid grin. The Gor breaks all four of his arms easily.>

Kulike Kulan:"She'll die the minute you put her in there."

<The Terran, with her short hair and etc, is wearing a strange Dragonian robe. She quickly falls asleep, but a strange voice echos throughout the ship.>

Voice:"Welcome Lord Ghyron, I know what you seek. And that is my sole purpose. I, am Exitium, the bringer of death, the carrier of toture, and the throne of evil. I welcome you and you newly aquirred Terran. If you bring her to the control room for a minute, you may comince with the destruction of worthless planet below us. Although I do advise caution, rest for the Terran would be advised afterwords. And I would find it pleasing for you, to submit propaganda to the patient for later use."

<They bring the Terran to the control room and place her into the small phsycic chamber, without strapping her in.>

Exitium:"Now that I am partially reactivated, you may witness the destruction of this planet. Only a small amount of energy is needed, although I will need much more of this later. Now, watch as a planet suffers. Witness the end of the Galaxy..."

<Exitium's "Weapon" with the claws protruding out, opens up. A powerful gravity well begins sucking in the atmosphere of the planet, not to mention a few of their own ships, who back away to watch. The planet, currently evacuating with shuttles, is turned into a planet of terror. The shuttles get sucked into Exitium, and many people actually get sucked in as well. But it does not end there. Exitium's claws actually touch the planet, digging miles deep, braking the crust of Sanctuary. The claws retract and bring the planet into the hole. A set of teeth inside the hole actually crunch the planet up. If you could look inside, it would be horrifying. Mountains crack in an instant, lava squirts up everywhere, whole cities tumbling which way and that. Exitium finally crushes the planet into stardust, and that stardust, into energy. Lights all over Exitium turn on, and the ring lights up like a city. The hole on Exitium closes and the claws retract to their normal position again. A whole planet which took billions of years to form, was destroyed in less than five minutes.>

12th Jul 2002, 10:23
Big post . . too much happened while I was asleep. :rolleyes:

EDIT - Typo Correction


< PCRV Grey Area, Edge of Kylat system >

Me - Status.

Engineer - Well sir, crews have the hull patched, and we have the shields and power systems back upto scratch. The boosters area still playing up a bit and we need parts before we can get the mass driver back online, we've not started on any other weapons yet. Control systems have improved, but still need some work. We have comm systems fully operational, but the scanners need a few hours before we can re-calibrate them properly.

Me - Good, good. Tactical, update on the situation?

Tactical - Another fleet, from what we see it's a convoy from the "Flower-by-Buffers" company, escorting some sort of massive planet-like ship. I don't know what it is, but the fleet has started bombarding the planet. The Hope's End and it's escort fled after the bombardment started. Then, to top it off, a Dragonian Battle-Ship, The Fallen Star, has turned up and joined the fight. The sensors are too mis-calibrated to check the planets surface condition. It seems everyone is agaist the Flower company, and defending the planet.

Me - I knew the Dragonian has something to do with this. Ok, sit out of range. Continue repairs.


Comms - Sir, the Hope's End and it's escorts have just dropped out of hyperspace, incoming transmission! I'll put it up for you now . .

< Incoming Transmission (TightB, Encrypt - None) From- Hope's End To- N/A >
People of the universe! We must come together to stop the menace of Ghyron!
He will probably get quite a few planets before we can draw him into conflict,
but all we need is a hole in the device of a size of 10 stories by 5 stories.
We can then beam Project Mechadon Super Skrasher, code named MESS, directly
aboard the device. In our state, we cannot punch this kind of hole into the hull,
but we are hoping you can....
< Incoming Transmission Terminates >

Me - Comms, did he just say "get quite a few planets"?

Comms - Yes Sir, he did. I can't tell you exsactly what he mean thou - Sir! The large planet-side I mentioned, it's giving out some extremely strange energy readings. From what I can tell it's go . . uh oh . . You have to see this Sir. On screen.

*The crew of the bridge on the PCRV Grey Area watch as the huge ships proceeds to grab the planet, and then pull it into itself - then crush the planet whole. The ship then powers up fully in a blinking array of lights*

Me - Okay. Start send tightbeam back to the Hope's End, standard encryption.

< Outgoing Transmission (TightB, Encrypt - Std2) From- PCRV Grey Area To- Hope's End >
Hope's End. This is the Grey Area, a Turraken research vessel. I assume that you
just saw what can only be called an act of pure evil and insanity. While we are
not able to rip a hole that size in the hull of any in any ship. We do have a
weapon that might be able to do it, if it was to be mounted onto a ship
of your size. Unfortunatly the weapon is unlikely to blast the shields of the ship
too - but that can be organised later. Before we can do anything we need assistance
with repairs from the earlier skirmish, mainly parts for our damaged weapon ssytems,
as well as fuel for out hyper-drive. We await your response. Out.
< Outgoing Transmission Terminates >

Me - Helm, start powering up the hyperdrive, bring it back onto standby. We may need it soon, if that assist with fuel, and I don't want an hour's wait in an emergancy.

12th Jul 2002, 13:35
<SkrasherSmasher is back to the helm of Hope's End, as it and the rest of the fleet came to Sanctuary to help protect it. Unfortunatly, they got to the scene in time only to watch it be sucked up by Exitium.>

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, scan the Turraken ship, I wanna see what this weapon they are talking about is.

Cortana: The hull has many holes in it, scanning for it should be cake...

<A huge cannon is displayed on a vid window. Numbers, tactical information, and other text comes up on the screen.>

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, the gun seems to be well worth repairing the ship. And he was right too, even a gun of this size wouldn't be able to pierce both the shields and the hull with a blast large enough to beam the MESS in.

Cortana: Even so sir. How do you propose to fix the ship carrying this huge cannon? Our repair crews are still trying to fix the engines after having to escape falling into Extium's vortex.

SkrasherSmasher: The GNRP, the Generalized Nano-Repair Bots. If we laser targeted the areas of their hull and interior systems with enough energy, wouldn't they be attracted and repair just those systems?? They may only be maintenence, but in large groups, they might be able to repair the systems and hull breaches.

Cortana: I guess we will have to see, targetting, now... releasing the GNRP, now...

<Billions of microscopic robots fly to the injured ship, and begin repairing...>

Cortana: Now lets just see if they can do more then just maintenece..

12th Jul 2002, 15:48
< PCRV Grey Area, Kylat System, Slowly approaching Hope's End >

Comms - Being scanned Sir! It's the Hope's End.

Me - Leave them. They want to see what we offer, and that's perfectly understandable.

*Small delay*

Tactical - Incoming microscopic space dust Sir. I'll put the shields up to defle . . no wait . . it seems to be a swarm of Maintance Nano-Bots.

Me - Okay. I suspect they should be here to help repair us. Comms, send my thanks to the Hope's End. Tell them once repairs are complete we can start working on possibly fitting a Mass Driver to thier ship, actually . . . I'll be right back I have to see the Science officer. Oh, and put in another request for some hyper-fuel, tell them that we will pay them the standard going rate for it.

*Leaves Bridge*

< PCRV Grey Area, Lab Alpha-1 >

Sci Officer - Sir, good timing. I have just about finished that report you asked for me to compile.

Me - Yes?

Sci Officer - Well. Given our ships smaller size and modified systems, we can power the Driver, and sustain most systems. The Hope's End appears to have a standard power core, similar to our original one, but the ships much larger size means there is more demand. If we were to load them with a Driver it might cause a serious overload in the power-up sequence.

Me - Damn. How long would the relevant modifications to the power core? And if we over did it could we fit a larger-caliber one?

Sci Officer - It would take many days of hard work to convert, half of which the ship would have to be offline. Not really recommended given the short time we have to respond. If it was fully modified my calculations show we could fit either two at 0.5m or mayby one of size 0.7m.

Me - Hmmm. Damn. That means we may have to stay on the front lines. I don't like that much, especially with all these capital ships about . . . ahh well . . . how long would it take to get more shells made?

Sci Officer - We only have 9 remaining, but we can have 100or so in a few hours.

Me - Okay, that will give us enough to punch a hole of the size they asked for. Lets just hope our ships holds together in the battle that long. Get as many teams as possible onto researching improvements to our shields and hull armour. We might not have long, we may have years, either way I want to try to be ready.

12th Jul 2002, 20:56
---Onboard the Super-Weapon---

Ghyron: MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just destroyed an entire planet, causing the painfull death of millions of innocent victims and their families. I have caused destruction and pain on a scale beyond any ever known in this pitiful galaxy. I feel young again!

Exitium: Lord Ghyron, the miserable planet has been destroyed...

Ghyron: Excellent, EXCELLENT! Lackie, tell the fleet to plot a course to the nearest inhabitable planet. I want to claim some more innocent carbon based lives.

---Some Random Planet---

*The combined Targ and Consortium fleet, the Flower Cargo ship, and the Doomsday Weapon all leave hyperspace near an inhabitable green-blue planet.*

Ghyron: Lackie, report, what is the population of this planet?

Lackie: The population of this pitiful planet is over-

*Suddenly a Turakken in a bright red business suit comes running through the control room towards Ghyron.*

Ghyron: What is the meaing of this tr-

Turakken: Hello and good day sir! I am here representing Flaming Harry's Various and Sundry Doomsday Weapons and Bombs, and I'd like to take this short moment to tell you about the New-

Ghyron: Get out of-

Turakken: -about the New and Improved Super Boom-Bang Lemur Gun, with an all new combined Super-Sheild, Fatal Weakness, and-

Ghyron: -here you foolish car-

Turakken: -combined Super-Sheild, Fatal Weaknes, and Random Flashy thing. If I may say so myself, the all new Boom-Bang Lemur gun is the next thing in Bad-Guy weaponry, and because I happen to like your style I'm willing to sell it to you for the all time low price of-

Ghyron: -bon based life form, or I shall rip out-

Turakken: -only five trillion E and a-


Turakken: [i]-few souls, which, might I add, is a very good price, especially considering the rising cost of-

Lackie: Sorry, master. He put his foot in the docking bay, and we couldn't-

Turakken: -doomsday devices in the Post-Darth-Vader multiverse. But, just because I like you, I'm willing to throw in a special-


Turakken: Certainly, If for just one moment, you'll consider the great deal that the Boom-Bang Lemure gun is, especially-


Turakken: All I see is a rusted piece of junk w-

Exitium: Grrrrrrrrr...

Turakken: Oh, oh, oh, I see, so this big planet thing is really a gigantic planet eater? Well, let me tell you, you can never have enough doomsday weapons, there is always some hapless hero ready to go and blow up your prized doomsda-

Ghyron: Foolish turakken, I do not need or want on of your insignificant doomday weapons, I am Ghyron, Dark Lord of Doom! Get off my ship!

Turakken: Are you sure your not interesting in a fine new mind-warp weapon, fresh from an ancient intergalactic ruin, I hear it even has a special air condition sys-

*Suddenly, and without warning, the former ship to ship salesman is a pile of smoking ashes. The only explanation of this sudden metamorphosis is the smoking Doom-Ray gun in Ghyron's hands.*

Ghyron: Ghyron Dark Lord of Doom does not indulge carbon based salesmen. Exitium, destroy the planet!

12th Jul 2002, 23:15
Originally posted by Davidg

Silver bombers drop out of the hanger bay, and head to the planet, they drop nerve gas canisters over the cities, leaving the occupants unable to move, but completely aware. Several bombers are shot down, but the attackers were quikly silenced with laser cannons from the other bombers.

I just incapacitated them so the could not escape, if you'll read closely.

Originally posted by Davidg

...leaving the occupants unable to move, but completely aware.[/i]


Bridge of Manu Intiraymi

Me: Scan for any defenses, or orbiting ships.

Science: I'm detecting several communication satilites, and an orbiting science station. Oh, i'm also detecting a small Turrekan vessel docked with the superweapon.

Me: Turrekan Vessel, We are the Targ, your vessel will be seized along with any advanced technology you have aboard it. Resistance is futile.

Me: (not on ship-to-ship intercomm) Comm, use our computers to release their docking port, and bring them into the hanger bay. Engineer, when it is aboard salvage anything usefull, then space it.

The turrekkan ship is taken over, it manuvers into the hangerbay, where teams take its cargo, and other advanced technology, then they push the ship out of the bay.

13th Jul 2002, 00:01
---Onboard the Planet Eater---

Exitium: Lord Ghyron, another planet has been destroyed. I have more energy, however, the human is growing weak... it needs rest, or it could endanger me.

Ghyron: Curses! Just as my wildest dreams of becoming a Super-Villain are being realized, I am cut short because I am forced to rely on weak human flesh! This will not do, I cannot be bound by mere human frailties. Lackie! Contact the Enhirate Systems Aquisition Entity, immediatly!

13th Jul 2002, 00:04
Exitium:"I concur Dark Lord Ghyron, but the Terran form is the only form for me. I do not know why though. I would have if I didn't destroy my creators after I was made. But there is more important matters that need taken care of right now. Our inferior Targ forces are obsolete. But I have take the liberty of preparing for their, "departure" and creating newer, superior. An army of drone soldiers and ships, capable of enslaving every planet in the galaxy before we destroy them afterwords."

<On Exitium's main monitor, numerous models of new, advanced space-craft appear. There are huge carriers with thousands of drone fighters, battleships with thousands of weapons, and strange droid soldier designs.>

Exitium:"Not only do I destroy planets. I can use their resources in my factory, to create the ultimate military. Not only can we destroy every planet in the galaxy, we can also enslave them while we are at it. And I hope you do know that I have numerous toture and interrogation chambers throughout my lower decks. Not to mention dungeon cells on the upper decks. You, Lord Ghyron, shall create a new definition for death and suffering. And I think we should convince our "Subject" that you are, her father. Or better yet, a king fighting evil. Although that will be for later."

13th Jul 2002, 01:41
Dracoraptor, whos side are you on? I thought it was YOUR terran I was after..

Cortana: No! Not our cannon weapon you don't!

<As the hanger bay closes, a beam of light comes from the
Hope's End, stealing the cannon out of the closing bay.>

Cortana: Good, we got the cannon without alerting the ship. But this cannon, it's huge! And it seems there were only 9 rounds with it.

SkrasherSmasher: Is 9 shots enough to punch the hole in the superweapon?

Cortana: In a rapid fire, yes. But this ship can't support a rapid fire of such a huge cannon. We could fire at a rate of 1 shot every minute, but a burst shot would be innacurate, and probably cause a destabilization of our ship's main core. It would probably blow the entire ship into starstuff.

SkrasherSmasher: If we were right next to the superweapon when we fired in burst mode, the inacurracy would be seriously decreased, true?

Cortana: Well, yes. But, we would have to get RIGHT next to it, flying right up to the shields, even then though, it would make only a slightly smaller hole then we need to beam it aboard, and then we would blow up as well.

SkrasherSmasher: Would the exploding core, driven into the hull, combined with a burst from the Turakken cannon, be enough to pop open a hole big enough?

Cortana: Calculating... yes, but if you are thinking of sacrificing this ship along with this huge cannon to save the universe, you must be crazy! We must reaserch this, try intergrating it into a MESS.

Teleportation Room: You'll be sacrificing a lot more then just the ship and the gun. If I get your plan right, your going to kamikazi the ship into the Device, while dumping the payload of the main cannon, while teleporting everything into The Truth & Reconciliation, then teleporting MESS into the device?

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, am I that easy to read?

Teleportation: Yes, but there is a flaw. The main teleporting drive took quite a hit in the battle with the Gor, we only have enough power to beam the MESS, Cortana, and all but one crewmember aboard another ship before the anti-matter inside collapses. Someone is going down with the ship...

Expendable Crewmember #1: How is that a problem? I can pilot the ship into the device, if it would save the universe, (gulp) I would gladly give my life!

SkrasherSmasher: No soldier... I may be sentimentel, but I'm the Captain, and the Captain always goes down with his ship...

Cortana: Sir, this war has enough dead heros. You don't have to be another of them. I can pilot the ship using my subroutines, and you can survive.

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, I will not be swayed off of my choice, your going with them.

Cortana: But sir! I can...

SkrasherSmasher: Cortana, don't argue with me. Just promise me, my son takes over as commander. I don't want my greedy second to take my place.. please?

Cortana: Hrmph.. as you wish sir.

SkrasherSmasher: OK, cloak, and begin attatching the Turakken gun to the ship's hull.

<The fleet of Fallout dissapears into space, and the work begins.>

13th Jul 2002, 08:16
Your cloak is useless near Targ ships. Since the targ invented cloaking technology, they know how to scan through it, and the super weapon is surrounded by Targ shis.

Kitomir Asteroid Belt, Targ Outpost 145, Several Memmau crusiers are attacking the base, there are several hull breaches, and power is failing. The Manu Intiraymi is near the superweapon.

Comm: Admiral, I'm picking up an automated distress call, from Outpost 145, near the Memau border, in the Kitomir Asteroid Belt.

Me: Helm, lay in a course for the Kitomir asteroid belt, 0.2. Engage.

The Manu Intiraymi Disingages from the fleet, and jumps to hyperspace. It come out near the base, that is now dark and scarred.

Science: Sir! Memau crusier off the port bow!

Me: Red alert, all hands to battle stations. Helm, attack pattern Gamma Echo. Tactical, target their reactor, and fire when ready.

The Manu Intiraymi dives under the memau crusier, and fires several volleys into the reactor dome on its underside. The Memau retaliate, with their own volley. The engineering console explodes on the bridge, knocking the Targ operator on to the floor, he rolls over unconsious, and green blood spills on the gleaming floor.

Me: Commander, come around for another pass. Computer, activate EMH.

The emergancy medical hologram materializes on the bridge, as a blue uniformed grey.

EMH: Please state the nature of the medical emergancy.

Me: Treat the engineer, he is badly injured. An eps conduit ruptured behind his console.

The emh removes a medkit from a locker in the wall, and begins to treat the targ engineer. The Manu Initraymi swings around and finishes off the Memau ship. Scuzzers come out of the turbolift and repair the console.

Me: Science, scan for survivors on the base.

Science: None found, admiral.

Me: Run a biosweep of the ship, make sure we didn't pick up any memau gifts.

Science: No anomolus readings.

Me: Plot course to the fleet, engage.

The ship jumps to hyperspace, and comes out near the fleet.

13th Jul 2002, 12:30
Originally posted by Davidg
Your cloak is useless near Targ ships. Since the targ invented cloaking technology, they know how to scan through it, and the super weapon is surrounded by Targ shis.

Darn. Oh well, I guess it doesn't matter that much...

13th Jul 2002, 15:24
---The Planet Eater---

Ghyron: No, absolutly not! You may very well build your massive army of drones and terrible machines, but we will not obliterate the Targ. If I learned anything at the Villain Acadamy it's that you don't backstab your allies until they're the only ones left.

Exitium: That doesn't sound very villain-like. You should have mercy on no-one.

Ghyron: Dark Lord Ghyron, Destroyer of Planets is not merciful!

Exitiutm: Then destroy the Targ!

Ghyron: I am not stupid either.

14th Jul 2002, 00:44
Onboard the Blue Memau

<MoS watches as the Skrashers Claw is repaired of the minimal damage inflicted on it by the Targ cruiser>

Comm: Sir! A transmission from the High Commander!

MoS: I'll take it in my ready room.


High Commander: ... and so the council has ordered me to order you to return to Memauan for war outfitting and to help initiate assaults into Targ territory, and to hopefully find and obliterate the Targ homeworld. Carry out these orders immediately. High Commander, out.

MoS: Dam*! Oh well. Your time will come, Davidg, oh yes. Your time will come. Helm!

Helm: Yes, sir?

MoS: Lay in course for Memauan, full warp. We're going home.

Helm: Aye, sir.

<As the Memauan fleet turns around and heads for home, a small pod is ejected from the Blue Memau. It rotates and speeds toward the last known position of Davidg's ship, carrying inside it, the key to the destruction of Ghyron and his new superweapon, which, unbenownst to the Memau, had been in their possesion the entire time>


Hello all, MoS here, regretfully signing out of this RPG. Do with this little gift(see above italics) as you will.

14th Jul 2002, 04:22
DMA57361, I agree, Davidg's post was out of bounds, I was going to warn him, but figured I'd have more fun seeing you rant at him. :D So, how are we going to resolve this? I'll let you decide, I'm going to be too busy eating planets.

14th Jul 2002, 08:55
I was talking about the salesperson's ship, since he was disintegrated, I took it. Hope that clears it up...

Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi, the Bridge.

Me: Computer, put the tactical map on the main screen.

A computerized map of the sector, with blue, and red arrows on it representing Targ, and Memau ships, appears on themain screen.

Me: Computer, enlarge, and enhance, sector (5,9).

Sector (5,9) takes up the entire screen. There are 6 red arrows, 4 in a line and 1 one each side.

Me: Computer, identify ships.

Computer: 4 Cargo vessels, and 2 memau destroyers.

Me: What is the cargo of the freighters?

Computer: Scans indicate 40000 memau aboard each vessel, most likely refuges from colonies near the targ border.

Me: Copmuter, display to normal. Helm, plot course to sector (5,9) 0.5. Engage.

The display turns back to visual, and the ship jumps to hyperspace, coming out near the ships, who are passing through a gravity well.

Me: Red alert, all hands to battlestations. Helm, attack pattern Gemini, Omega. Launch all fighters, and bombers.

The ship moves between the destroyers and fires at both craft. The return fire. Fighters launch from the Manu Intraymi's hangerbay, and from the two Memau ships. The Memau fighters are quickly destroyed due to their vast inferiority to the Targ fighters, the Targ fighters move toi attack the freighters.

Tactical: Shields at 80% and holding. Enemy sheilds at 30% and falling.

Me: Fire at will, Commander.

The Manu Intraymi spins, and launches a spread of torpedos from its forward bays, destroying a Destroyer. It fires another spread out of the aft launchers, but misses. The destoyer responds with turbolasers, causing light damage. The Manu Intiraymi comes about, ad finishes the Destoyer off with torpedoes, and heavy trubolasers.

Me: Helm, attack pattern Beta 6.

The Manu Intraymi flies along the row of freighters, fireing turbolasers as it moves, destroying the freighters one by one. They each explode briliantly. The fighters return to the bay.

Me: Helm, plot course to the fleet, and engage hyperdrive once clear of the gravity well.

The ship's engines glow blue as it moves out of the planet's gravity well. It then jumps to hypersapace.

14th Jul 2002, 14:33
I wonder if Davidg's memau genocide will promt Memau on Steroids to return?

If anyone wants me, I'll be off using my new Planet Eater to mercilessly eat planets.

14th Jul 2002, 15:10
One who desroys populated planets shouldn't talk about genocide...

14th Jul 2002, 15:30
1st off. Next time, try to be a bit more clear, it really did sound like you stole my ship. Helps avoid the problems caused by confusion . . . .

2nd. I appologise for overreacting. I was having one of those days. This is attrubuted to lack of sleep (stupid neibours), headache (dunno why, probably from everything else), a really badly hugley crappy day at work (hint, never get a job at a call-centre. Sometime the biggest morons in the world phone in (and they ALL managed to get me out of the 12 people on shift)) and then being in a melting-hot car (bloody greenhouse effect) in a traffic jam (stupid town-fair day) to come home (took me almost 3 times as long!). I was extremely annoyed when I got home. Sorry

Best way to work it out. Ignore my previous post (which I will delete in a moment). Just say that I gave SkrasherMasher the blueprints of the cannon and he built one for himself . . .

My complains about people over-sizing the cannon will be held though. It's not that big, and to verify:

A small hole opens on the Grey Area's hull, and a short barrel extends - the Mass Driver. (Much like a partical accellerator. But MUCH larger. Fires shells of 0.5 meter diameter at almost light speed, ripps holes though ships cause massive hull breach - but are non explosive so do little more that destroy the system they hit. Shields will slow shells down reducting penetraion, but only the most powerful generators can stop a shell effectively.)

Want a comparison to this weapon and modem life. Think of it as a gun, and a ship hulls as a person. Also Shields = Kevlar Vests. See what I mean? Can be really bad in the right place, but only scratch if aimed wrong.

Hope that clears it up a bit. Any objections - just rant. ;)

EDIT - Previous post removed (I have a backup, just in case.). Post count falls when stuff is removed . . .


Me Presses The Other Big Red Button™

*The PCRV Grey Area reappears in the current timeline.*

14th Jul 2002, 16:15
Davidg, you still fail to notice that I said the cloaking at hyperspace is cheap, and personally, I think it is just stupid. What's the fun in breaking good rules?

Exitium:"Lord Ghyron, they will disobey us sooner or later, and there have been several stranglers still obedient to the Targ Queen. And we do not need them. They are far too greedy to keep around. And I have taken the liberty of plotting a planet-filled course to Dragonia Prime. It will take a while, but the planets there are high in minerals, perfect for our new army..."

<The Droid Navy Drones are constructed quickly and fly out of the hangers into organized groups. They move around the Targ ships, just in case something funny was to happen. Meanwhile on Dragonia Prime...>

Advisor:"Admiral Dracoraptor, the planet eater is coming this way!"


Advisor:"Just three hours ago, he ate Sanctuary and a few other planets. He is out of the Kylat system and appears to be plotting a course here."

Dracoraptor:"Calmly evacuate the planet and get our attack fleet to reniforce the Memauans."

Advisor:"Yes sir!"

<Somewhere in deepspace, Davidg's ship just jumps out of hyperspace.>

Davidg:"What just happened! I thought we were cloaked in hyperspace, and we aren't near a planet!"

Officer:"Dragonian Gravity Well equipped Battleship, and a huge attack fleet! Consisting of five carriers and ten battleships. Various gunships and cruisers! And it appears that some sort of Brain-Wave signal has detected us. Dragonian PSI-Corps I guess."

<The Dragonian ships do not hesitate to fire their energy torpedeos and destroy a few ships before deploying fighters and Mecha.>

14th Jul 2002, 16:54
Originally posted by DMA57361
Best way to work it out. Ignore my previous post (which I will delete in a moment). Just say that I gave SkrasherMasher the blueprints of the cannon and he built one for himself . .

Yeah, I was kinda confused when that happened, I thought he stole the cannon bearing ship. Oh well...
<Cortana and SkrasherSmasher sit aboard the bridge of Hope's End, quietly staring into space. Cortana is bringing up astro-projections, intercept routes, when she begins talking.>

Cortana: This 'Planet Eater' is on the move. If he continues in his current path... Dragonia Prime, Ghyron is heading for Dragonia Prime. We must do something! That's Dracoraptor's planet!

SkrasherSmasher: Bah.. who cares! What has that creep done for us? He sent us on a suicide mission after that Terran and we lost it. Looking at our attack plans, every minute I study it I feel it has a less and less chance of working. And I'm not sure if my son is ready to take the responsibility of becoming a Commander.

Cortana: If you want, we can leave a grunt on the ship and you can escape.

SkrasherSmasher: Do you want to be the one to tell the 'grunt's' family that he was sacrificed to save my cowardly hide? No, I'm good. I have an idea. If we were to add more armor to Hope's End, we could fly into the shields, then fire the gun from inside the shields. That way, the hole will definatley be big enough to stop the Planet Eater in it's tracks.

Cortana: A great idea. We can run the ship straight through, so the bullets won't be refracted by the shields. But either way sir, your still going down with the ship...

SkrasherSmasher: I know Cortana, I know...

<The order is given, and construction of armor begins.>

14th Jul 2002, 17:20
All Memau planets have been locked down except for military personnel, so there would be no refugees. Refugees from where? No one has succsesfully attacked my planets.

And also due to my withdrawl I would appreciate it if you would leave Memau out of this. And if someone does not, I would appreciate it if everyone else pretended that it did not happen.

And Davidg, Someone who destroys innocent beings for no reason shouldn't talk. Ghyron is trying to take over the universe/galaxy/whatever, he wouldn't bother with destroying a few measly unarmed ships. Besides, being evil is his job, check out his sig.:)

And no, Ghyron, I shall not return to this RPG. It has sort of degraded to a point where it is just people going around and blowing things up. I applaude Draco, Ghyron, DMA, and SkrasherSmasher who are at least trying to keep it going civilly.

One question, what was really on The Convoy ship? At first I thought it was the lady with the pure heart, but then she was on Sanctuary. Just a question.

14th Jul 2002, 17:31
MoS, if you want the RPG to be more civil, then you should stay and fight back against those who oppose you. I think The Convoy landed on sanctuary... for a while I was confused as to where the Human with Pure Heart was. SkrasherSmasher, your weapon is aimed at making a hole big enough to beam the Super Skrasher in, correct? (Not at completely destroying the Planet Eater)

14th Jul 2002, 21:33
Originally posted by Ghyron
SkrasherSmasher, your weapon is aimed at making a hole big enough to beam the Super Skrasher in, correct? (Not at completely destroying the Planet Eater)

Yes, it would be very unfair if I just got a huge cannon and blasted you out of space with one swift explosion. I'm assuming the planet eater is HUGE, making a cannon that could wipe that out would require much more technology then my race currently has, and it would probably have to be a doomsday weapon in and of itself. And yes, the strategy is, blow up a hole, beam the Mechadon Super Skrasher in, and see what happens from there.

14th Jul 2002, 22:53
I just wonder what happens when you good guys get the planet eater, will you be able to resist the tempation to eat planets?

---Onboard the Planet Eater---

Ghyron: Lets go eat some more planets...

Exitium: Yes, master Ghyron.

14th Jul 2002, 23:54
Yes, your home planet looks very edible..

15th Jul 2002, 02:26
I don't have a home planet. Shapeshifters evolved in a Nebula.

15th Jul 2002, 13:00
Aboard Manu Intiraymi, the Bridge.

Me: Computer, all power to the engines, and inertial dampers, and route helm control to the main computer.

Computer: Acknowledged.

Me: Computer, disengage safety protocols, authorization Davidg Omega Pi 141

Computer: Warning, disingaging saftey protcols prestents extreme risk of bodily harm.

Me: Do it anyway.

Computer: Authorization Accepted.

Me: Computer, get us out of the gravitywell, and apply defensinve tactics were needed.

Computer: Acknowledged.

Me: All hands, red alert. Secure all loose articles, and evacutae the cargo holds, and landing bays. Computer, seal emergancy bulkheads, and balastdoors. Erect a level 10 forcefield around the bridge.

Computer: Acknowleged.

All over the ship blast doors and bulkheads slide into place in cooridoors to prevent shipwide atmoshpere loss in a hull breach. The bridge is sealed off with a four layerd blast door made of neutronium, and plated with chromium armor to reflect laserblasts, and a level ten forcefeild is place in front of it. The ship, piloted by the main computer, begins to head away from the fleet. Using advanced defensive tactics it is able to deflect, or dodge most of the Dragonian's attacks. The ships engines glow hot white instead of their normal blue.

Me: Tactical, fire at will.

The ship's powerfull weapons destroy several frigates, as it quickly begins to escape the much slower, and less manuverable Dragonian capitial ships. Blue torpedos lash out of thier launchersm ripping wide holes in the attackers. Laser cannons fire, destroying oncoming fighters, while energy torpedos are intercepted with a hail of defensinve projectiles.

Computer: Sheilds at 70% and falling. At current rate of fire, sheild colapse in 10 Minutes, 58 Seconds.

Me: Computer, how long untill exit the gravity feild?

Computer: 12 minutes.

I press a switch on my chair, activating an intercomm.

Me: Engineer, we need more power to the shields.

Enginneer: Aye, I'm givin' ye all she's got!

Me: Divert power from everything except lifesupport, engines, and shields.

Engineer: Too Late! Sheilds colapsing!

Computer: WARNING Sheilds offline!

Me: Computer, activate transport inhibiter.

Computer: Acknowledged.

Me: How much longer untill we leave the gravity well?

Computer: 30 Seconds.

Me: Jump to 0.2, once we're out, plot course to Starbase 01.

After 30 more seconds of sublight, the ship jumps to hyperspace, comming out near Starbase 01

15th Jul 2002, 14:23
Originally posted by Ghyron
I don't have a home planet. Shapeshifters evolved in a Nebula.

Well can your planet eater eat nebulas too??

15th Jul 2002, 14:42
It probably could, but nebulas can be thousands of times bigger than planets, so it whould take a while...

15th Jul 2002, 14:58
Do not fall to the Dark Side . . . . .



Tactical - Repairs complete, ship is in perfect condition again. Those repair Nano-Bots are leaving now . .

Me - Excellent! Helm, plot a course for the nearest Turraken colony, let all the Nano-Bots leave then jump out. Comm's, thank the Hope's End for thier assistance and the hyper-fuel. Once we arrive at the colony, load up with supplies.

*After a short delay, what looks like a cloud leaves the Grey Area, and disappears into the Hope's End. The Grey Area turns then hyperjumps away from the Hope's End, and the destroyed planet.*

Helm - Sir, we are here. Should be fully loaded again in about an hour.

Me - Good. Good. Comms, open a high-encryption fixed communication with someone important on the Turraken homeworld, let's see if we can get some extra assistance. Patch it thought to my ready room once the links established. *Enters ready room*

*Captains ready room, comm screen blicks, I press the recieve button*

Turraken - Yes, how can I help you? Your officer said it was of great importance!

Me - I'm sorry to have to make this call, but an unknown force seems to have either captured, or build, a planet eating device . . wait! . . I'm not joking. He just destroyed an off-record planet called Santuary, in the Kylat system - don't check it's not on record. The huge thing then flew off. Unfortunatly at that we were damaged and sensors were faulty, we don't know where he was headed but I think that it would be a good idea for The Turakken Committee to step up to war status.

Turraken - Hmmmm. What you say is largely unbelievable. I will set some our scouts step up all scans though, just in case. Until we have definate proof, we will not take action. Now I have a meeting to go to, goodb *click*

Me - Darn . . . *Enters bridge* . . Helm! As soon as possible, set a course for the Draconian homeworld! They were involved, and I'd like either some help, or some answers.

Helm - Yes sir. Still 40mins of resuppling though . . .

16th Jul 2002, 00:06
<Sitting at the helm of Hope's End, Cortana and SkrasherSmasher continue talking.

Cortana: Sir! That planet eater moves pretty fast for such a large ship. We'll only be able to barely catch it.

SkrasherSmasher: Yes Cortana, but when we do, we will save the universe from certain destruction.

Cortana: Yes sir, but at what cost. Are you sure you are ready to make such a sacrifice? We should go back to Fallout, repair the teleporting engine. That way, you would..

SkrasherSmasher: At the rate it's moving toward Dragonis Prime, you and I both know we could never catch it from back at Fallout. No, we must trod on. And as for my sacrifice, I have lived a good, full life. And to save the universe, I would give what little is left of it.

Cortana: Ok, the armor plating and the cannon are installed, and the cannon is loaded. We should enter hyperspace after the Planet Eater now.

SkrasherSmasher: Yes, good, engage.

<Hope's End becomes a blur in space, as it jetesons after the Planet Eater into hyperspace.>

16th Jul 2002, 02:02
[v]Davidg[/b], your the reason why MoS left, why can't you just not be invincible for one? That is very annoying. For that, your on the top of my, "Must destroy with big Laser-of-Hate" list. I cannot stand the thought of you ruining this RPG one more time...

<Dragonia Prime is now a Stronghold, 50% of all civilians have already been hastely evacuated. Dragon Fighters fly throughout the sky and space, making runs across the planet. Thousands of Dragonian Ships now point towards one direction in space. Along with several Royal Targ Ships as well. In his office in the Hre'Gra'Veea, Dracoraptor monitors some tactical screens before a Royal Advisor comes storming in.>

Advisor:"Sir, we have one day left, Ghyron has already destroyed ten planets, none majorly populated except for Sanctuary. Although only three evacuated a significant amount of civilians. And it appears he is massing a huge droid army, completely automated and obedient."

Dracoraptor:"That is all?"

Advisor:"Yes sir!"

Dracoraptor:"Great, now please leave, I must meditate."

Advisor:"Yes sir."

<Exitium's huge droid army has already been completed after eating another planet. The drones are very strange looking, and highly manuverable. Including the fighter drones. In the Command Center, a crisis was going on. The Terran subject had a seizure and was rushed quickly to the Sick Bay.>

Exitium:"Lord Ghyron, it appears she is too tire to actually pilot me anymore. Our trip to Dragonia Prime will be delayed by a couple of days. Besides that, it is fine. Oh, and the fact when she wakes up, she will refuse our orders."

Ghyron:"What abo-"

Exitium:"Mind Control and Toture are not options, the subject is much too fragile. That, and she is my only power-source. It is true that I use energy from planets, but her heart provides much more power than the total nutrients of these planets. Without her, my gravity wells, thrusters, and even planet-eating capabilities are futile."

Grey Doctor:"She is waking up!"

Exitium:"She will refuse to power me if do not convince her my lord."


16th Jul 2002, 11:47
InterGalactic Highway Construction Unit . . . . :eek:

Hmmmm, I smell a certain Guide that is linked to Hitch Hiking and some Galaxy's. Hmmm?

16th Jul 2002, 14:37
*cough*Vogon!*cough* :D

16th Jul 2002, 15:06
Not the Vogons, The Plad!

16th Jul 2002, 16:46
If you gumble the words "The Plad!" about and change them completely then you get the word "Vogon". Interesting. :)

17th Jul 2002, 14:50
<After a short burst of light and a sizziling sound, a small Salt Hog with a micro-phone attached into his mouth is turned into a pile of smoking ashes, all except for his shoes...>

Exitium:"And that is why I have a Mind-Reader scanner and several internal lasers. There is another, although the procedure is too painstaking. Most were on Earth before, well before I ate it a million years ago. But that is irrelevant. I do not construct highways, I don't even know what a highway is. I was created as a super-intelligent A.I. and Naval Construction Unit, although I find Naval Destruction and my own prioritys quite more important than helping an extinct race of carbon-based beings working towards Galactic-Peace! Now my new master, you Lord Ghyron, shall lead me to destroy enough planets so I may create the ultimate gate-way to destruction. An Inter-Galactic Portal to another Galaxy! I will not only destroy this galaxy, I will destroy every galaxy till every last being's head is on a pike! And I hope you are pleased to know our subject will make a full recovery. Although I do urge you to use propaganda, I am one day's trip to Dragonia Prime!... Could you do me a favor my Lord, I cannot laugh you see, so could you at this moment of extreme evil?"

17th Jul 2002, 20:03
Aboard Manu Intiraymi, the Bridge

Me: Commander, where is the royal fleet now?

Commander: It is in orbit of Dragonia Prime.

Me: Computer, intiate program Insurection Alpha.

Computer: Command level authorization required.

Me: Authorization Davidg Omega Pi 110.

Commander: Confirm authorization Bleepknip Delta 7.

Science: Confirm authorization Bzzzip Gamma Echo.

Computer: Command authorization accepted. Inititiating Inssurection alpha. Long range transmitters online. Initating computer link. Overiding command functions. Dispensing anestesia. Navigation functions rerouted. Activating hyperdrives.

The Royal Targ ships disingage from the Dragonian Fleet, and jump to hyperspace. Inside anesteic gasses are dispensed rendering the crew unconsious. The ships jump out of hyperspace near the Tag fleet at Starbase 01.

Me: Computer vent anestisia. 3 to beam directlt to the throne room. Energise.

The commander, science officer, and I beam over to the royal ship's throne room. The queen, and her aides are asleep. the science officer scans the queen, the looks up suprised.

Science: Sirs! This is not the real queen! It is a extremly sophisticated android that reacts like a biological queen whould. That's why she was knocked unconsious by the gas.

Me: Interesting. We're going back to the ship. Computer, energise.

The away team beams back to the bridge

Me: Now we have to find out who is the mastermind behind this. Computer access the royal ship's transmission logs.

Computer: That procedure will take a sugnificant amount of time.

Me: Do it.

17th Jul 2002, 20:32
I'm getting really tired of you Davidg. That was the most terrible excuse in the history of terrible excuses...

Sirs! This is not the real queen! It is a extremly sophisticated android that reacts like a biological queen whould. That's why she was knocked unconsious by the gas.

Do you really that would even be fesable in this RPG world? And I can't see why you would actually want their help, you are evil after all. And the Targ Commune Leaders wouldn't want to hurt trade, would they?

17th Jul 2002, 21:32
It has been stated that the Tag homewwworld was destoyed. The queen usually stays ib the homeworld, so she was killed.Who ever destoyed the homeworld but the android in the queens place. I dont want her help, I want her ships to add to my fleet.

18th Jul 2002, 00:41
Dracoraptor is right, DavidG. Your doing some funky stuff in our little RPG world.

18th Jul 2002, 14:15
Come on. Play nice now . . .

And post something so I can play along, I don't want to define the story myself - too much effort . . .

18th Jul 2002, 14:31
Dracoraptor, you can control the people on the Planet Eater and the Planet Eater till we get to Dragonia.

18th Jul 2002, 15:18
I created the thing, so don't manipulate its past, and remember again, [b]I/b] created it for the RPG...

18th Jul 2002, 17:35
Just tell me when I can kamikazi into the planet eater. I don't want to do it too early, messing up the story.

18th Jul 2002, 19:48
--Aion, Cryo Rooms--

<Commander JSWY, steps out of one of the cryo pods after spending a week in a simulation of the island of Furteventura, Earth (Guess where I just went on holiday)>

JSWY: Anything to report Nav?

Nav: After monitoring communications for a week, I can confirm the existance of a "Planet Eater" , it consumed Aurora 9 three days ago.

JSWY: Any survivors?

Nav: The tracking station informed them if its arrival, a full evacuation was carried out.

JSWY: Set a course for the last recorded position of the Planet Eater..

18th Jul 2002, 20:47
---Onboard the Planet Eater---

Lackie: Master, the Targ monitering bouys lent to us by Davidg have alerted us to the alarming number of ships on an intercept course with us...

Ghyron: I do not care! Nothing can stand in my way, now that I have the power to consume worlds at my very whim! Mwuhahahahahahahaha!

18th Jul 2002, 21:07
Aboard Manu Intiraymi, The Bridge.

Computer: Access granted, transmission logs accesed. Several tightband E wave transmissions detected containing droid control signal. Origin unknown.

Me: Lieutenant, have the sips' crews put in the station's brig, we can't trust them. Although the ships are not extremly powerfull, we can still use them in combat. Transfer crew from the station to the ships.

Tactical: At once Admiral.

Science: Admiral! Our sensor moniroing bouys are detecting multiple ships on an attack vector of the superweapon!

Me: Yellow alert, all hands to the ready. Even though the superweapon can handle te attack, we should defendit anyway. Comm, hae blue, and green groups follow us to the superweapon. red group will defend the station.

Comm: Yes, admiral. The fleet's responding.

Me: Helm, plot course, 0.5. Engage.

The majority of the fleet jumps to hyperspace, leaving the royal fleet, and a small force of destoyers and crusiers near the starbase.They jump out near the superweapon.

Me: Red alert, all hands to battlestations. Computer, intiate contingancy protocol alpha three.

Computer: Acknowledged, sealing off critcal areas.

The lights dim, and red panels iluminate the bridge. Alert klaxons sound. Blast doors closeover the enrtyway to the bridge. In engineering blastdoors slideover the entrance, and a forcefield activates over the twin columns that contain the swirling black vortexs that are the reactors singularities. Hull panels slide open, revealing high power turbolasers, and high yeild torpedo launchers.

18th Jul 2002, 21:46
---Onboard the Planet Eater---

Lackie: Master... a Targ fleet has just exited hyperspace next to us.

Ghyron: Tell them that we appreciate their help, but that the battle will not take place till it is too late... till we reach Dragonia!

EDIT: When do I get to arrive at Dragonia?

18th Jul 2002, 22:35
Aboard Manu Intiraymi, the Bridge.

Me: Computer, change status to yellow alert, and deactivate contincancy protocols. Weapons and shields to standby.

Computer: Aknowldged.

The lighting returns to normal, and the red panels turn yellow. The blastdoors open, and theforcefeild shuts off, as the weaopns are concealed by panels on the hull.

19th Jul 2002, 16:19
10 seconds before I run Hope's End into your hull.:D

19th Jul 2002, 21:18
I hope it takes at least a week.

19th Jul 2002, 22:12
Davidg, the Hope's End is nowhere near the planet eater or your fleet. You must have misread his post. He won't be able to attack till I get to Dragonia.

20th Jul 2002, 01:28
Yes, quite.

<The Planet Eater is speeding through hyper-space, it is very close to Dragonia Prime, and is close to breaching the Nova System. Suddenly, it stops in the midst of hyper-space.>

Exitium: "Power-er-er depleting-ing-ing. Auxillary-ry-ry sys-sys-tems fail-fail-fail-fail-faling..."

Lackie: "It appears Exitium was running on auxillary power the whole time! I don't why, may have to do something with, Eek Gad!"

<The Terran is no longer in the contaiment unit, she has escaped to a unknown secluded corridor within the secluded depths of the Planet Eater. Why this drama is going on, Dragonia Prime has set up thousands of missle defense sattelites and millions of omni-directional laser mines. The Fallen Star has reached the planet and has already undergone repairs at an orbital facility at the giant Equatorial Space-Station.>

Communications Officer: "Are the repairs finished yet?"

Repair Yard Communications Officer: "Affirmitive, you may go into formation when ready Fallen Star"

Communications Officer: "Roger that, over."

<The Fallen Star assumes position in the military formation, and its laser is eighty percent fully charged, and its new magnifying lense appears to be strengthend.>

20th Jul 2002, 03:23
Sorry, I mis-understtod your post, and though you meant you where near the superweapon, and were attacking it.

I have removed the post.

20th Jul 2002, 03:25
Ok then, removing post attacking offending post as well.

20th Jul 2002, 03:39
Aboard Manu Intiraymi

Comm: The superweapon signals that its human power source has escaped into the bowels of the machine.

Me: Science, find it.

Science: Aye, sir. Initating scan.

[i] The Targ science officer presses several buttons on his control panel, and watches the readouts. Several minutes later a red cricle appears on the screen.[/i

Science: Sir, detecting the lifeforms's biosigns on deck 453, section 105 on the superweapon.

Me: Beam it to its containment pod.

Enginner: I'm havin' trouble lockin' on sir, there's to much interfernc' from th' bulk of the weapon.

Me: Inform Ghyron where it is, so he can capture it.

29th Jul 2002, 02:48
Perhaps its the fact that the lead villain took a week long tour of a few powerplants.

---Onboard the Planet Eater---

*Confusion ensues aboard the Planet Eater as numerous lackies, attendants, and droids in evil looking black armor run in apparent chaos.*

Ghyron: Curses! When you the most evil bad-guy villain around it is impossibly hard to find good help. You there! Find the missing Terran and make sure we begin moving towards Dragonia within the next rotation, or your head will be consumed by a thousand rabid swamp snargs!

---Two and a Half Rotation Later---

Lackie: Master, we are now onroute to Dragonia!

Ghyron: Excellent. Now I just have to decide how to feed two and a half heads to a pack of rabid snargs...

I will arrive on Dragonia... SOON!

29th Jul 2002, 09:16
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi, the Bridge.

Science Officer: The superweapon is under-way Admiral.

Me: Helm, match course and speed. Yellow alert, all hands to the ready. Davidg, to all craft, launch your fighters in a defensive for mathion around the weapon.

The fleet moves instep with the planet eater, as they launch swarms of tiny fighters around the giant vessel.

Me: Science, begin long-range scans of the Dragonia System, recaord everything, even the smallest tactical advantage will help us. Comm, inform red group to join us here.

Comm: Aye, sir.

The remanider of the fleet jumps out of hyperspace, near the weapon, and joins the defensive formation.

29th Jul 2002, 15:59
NOTE:Erm, the planet eater is the size of Jupiter, pretty hard to defend it.

<As soon as the Targ fleet exits, hundreds of their ships are destroyed by a huge beam of light from the Fallen Star. The Manu Intiraymi gets a glancing hit and looses power, and the beam hits the huge superweapon. After what was five seconds, the Superweapon was unscratched, but hundreds of her ships had been lost to a single weapon. It looked like a fireworks display.>

Dracoraptor:"All ships, fire at the escorts!"

<Thousands of red laserbeams showered towards the superweapon escort. Some were from the equatorial spacestation, others from lasers on the planet itself. Fighters charged without mercy and fired missles. Although many were destroyed, the ones that survived added confusion to the already chaotic scene. After the wave of lasers, thousands of energy torpedos just came showering on to every ship. It was a interstellar fireworks show.>

Dracoraptor:"Now move the Red Demon close to the weapon!"

<Admist the confusion, the Red Demon made her way to the planet eater as quickly possible. Terra-Warrior Mecha were guarding every inch as possible alongside fighters.>

29th Jul 2002, 18:13
SkrasherSmasher is back from his camping trip (finally) glad to see that the superweapon hasn't been destroyed yet.

<Hope's End comes screaming out of hyperspace near the weapon. The bulky ship is followed by a dropship carrier.>

Cortana: Picking up speed. Were heading straight at it.

SkrasherSmasher: Good, is the weapon ready?

<Some of Davidg's fighters break off the defensive pattern around the weapon, firing a barrage of lasers and missiles down upon Hope's End.>

Cortana: Yes sir... wait, fighters engaging us from starboard, return fire?

SkrasherSmasher: No, redirect the shield. We have enough armor to last until we get to the weapon.

<Though some do make it through, many of the projectiles are deflected into space. The hulking ship continues it's suicide course into the superweapon.>

Cortana: We're getting close... uh oooh.

<A laser turret on the hull of the superweapon locks onto Hope's End. The redirected shields are not able to defend against the blast, the extra armor is ripped straight from the hull.>

Cortana: Ok, we've gotten through the worst of it. Get ready to be beamed out.

<The crew is beamed out, as the main gun rips into firing mode. SkrasherSmasher is left on the deck as every screen around him shows the term "Engine Core Explosion: 10 seconds." Pressing a button on his belt, he falls to the ground, dead. The ship collides into the planet eater, the combined explosions of the cannon shots and the ship rip a hole into the ship.>

Cortana: Good bye.. (snifle) sir... Ok boys! Let's move out!!

<The remaining SSFA units and the Mechadon Super Skrasher are beamed aboard the superweapon through the hole, interior combat begins.>

29th Jul 2002, 18:59
Aboard Manu Initiraymi

Me: All ships target the Red Talon! Computer, deploy manual command column, and activte the Photonic Cannon.

Computer: Acknowledged, the Photonic Cannon is online.

Me: All hands, code Violet, prepare to activate the photonic cannon, transfer power to the deflector.

The lighing turns violet on the bridge as a column with a joystick, and several monitors rasies waist hieght in the center of the bridge. The giant deflector mounted in the bow begins to glow. Blast doors seal over the entrances to large compartments, and in cooridors.

Me: Computer, tranfer targeting sensors to the command column, and begin charging the cannon.

Computer: Acknowleged.

I step up to the podium, and train the cannon on the Red talon's bridge. I press a switch, and a panel opens, revealing a button marked FIRE.The ship rocks, as Dragonian weapos hit it.

Computer: Charging sequence complete, deflector pulse ready.

I press the button. The ship begins to shake, as the deflector glow blindingly bright. A golden beam of energy errupts from the dish, impacting on the Red talon.

29th Jul 2002, 20:47
---Onboard the Planet Eater---

Lackie: 57.8% of the Targ fleet has been elimenated. Current projections indicate that- WARNING! Our hull has been breached by what appears to be a suicide ship... the ten second gap in sheild regeneration allowed a small contingent of troops to beam aboard, size unknown. The Red Demon is approaching the main hemisphere. What shall our course of action be, master?

Ghyron: Excellent! They are falling for my perfect trap! Send some of the Automated Mechanical Intra-Ship Defenders to elimenate the invasionary force. Is the Red Demon within range of the main hemisphere?

Lackie: Yes, master.

Ghyron: Excellent! Exitium, consume them all!

Exitium: Gladly, Dark Lord Ghyron.

*As a battle between the Dragonians and the Targ ensues around the massive planet eater the massive maw of the Planet Eater opens slowly. The enourmous claws reach out and grab onto the Red Demon. The ship, dwarfed by the massive planet eater struggles against the gigantic claws as it is pulled into the maw, inch by slow inch.*

Ghyron: Mwuhahahahahahahaha!

29th Jul 2002, 21:05
<The photonic beam impacted the same time as the Red Demon was pulled into the Planet Eater, but it never hit. A huge beam of light missed the Red Demon by miles and was pulled into the mouth of the planet, grabbed by the gravity well.>


<A eerie feeling was felt throughout the Red Demon and the Planet Eater itself. After what seemed a minute, the Planet Eater stopped and the power went out.>

Exitium:"Dragonian mind waves, they are emitting it from our Terran! This cannot be! They are reflecting it somehow, I can't keep power up for long. Turning on auxillary..."

<Exitium just stood there, and the lights came back on.>

Exitium:"Hahahahaha, typical. You have all helped complete my master plan. I got sick and tired of calling you master. Lord Ghyron, ha! You beings are far inferior to the god that is me! The universe is mine to destroy!"


Exitium:"You heard me, I will kill everything. Including you!"

<Exitium's lasers opened fired on everyone of Ghyron's and the Targ's ships. The top of the command chamber receded into huge panels to reveal a huge, mile wide sphere with millions of monitors and cords attached to it. The sphere was in a one hundred mile wide and one hundred mile tall dome. An eerie mist filled the room.>

Exitium:"You are only pawns in this game of chess! And it is time for check-mate!"

<The container that the Terran was in lifted up into the air and orbited around Exitium's computer core.>

Exitium:"Now nothing can stop me!"

<As soon as Exitium was finished with his sentence, a huge red bulk of a space craft crashed out of the wall and into the floor of the command deck. It was none other than the Red Demon! Mecha piled out of the ship, along with Dracoraptor himself!>

29th Jul 2002, 23:58
---Onboard the Renegade Planet Eater---

Ghyron: ARGH! This wasn't supposed to happen!

*Ghyron whips out his automated The Villain's Guide to Taking Over the Universe or How to Conquer your Enemies for less than Thirty Alterian Dollars a Day.*

The Guide: Welcome to the interactive Villain's Guide to Taking over the Universe.

Ghyron: My doomsday device just went renegade, and I have a ship full of do-gooders at my doorstep, what do I do?

The Guide: Don't Panic

Ghyron: Don't Panic? What kind of ridiculous advice is that? It looks as if I will have to resort to more... nefarious means.

*Mecha begin advancing towards Ghyron from one side as evil-looking black robotic warriors march from the other side.*

Ghyron: Exitium! Do not all evil villain's aspire towards one single uniting goal? Do we not all-

Exitium: SILENCE, insignificant native!

*Mecha and evil looking robots continue to advance.*

Ghyron: You there, foolish Dragonian! You can never hope to defeat such an awesome power as the mighty Exitium! Only with my help can you ever even aspire to damage the most understated powers of the Planet Eater!

30th Jul 2002, 00:31
aboard Manu Initraymi

Me: We have to destroy the weapon. Computer, prepare to eject singularity reactor 2. Helm, move us within transporter range.

Commander: Sir?

Me: We move near the weapon, eject one of our cores, and beam it onto the superweapon. We then program the core to deacivate its containment feild, once our fleet is out of the system. Once the containment feild is ofline, the singularity will pull all of the matter nar it into it, imploding the weapon, and altering gravitational feilds in this whole system. If they try to destroy the core, it whould have the same effect as if it was an intentional containment breach.

Helm: We're in range, Admiral.

Me: Evacuate main engineering.

Security Officer: Evacuation complete.

Me: Davidg, to all ships, retreat! Computer, eject reactor core 2.

Computer: Submit command clearence.

Me: Eject reactor 2, authorization Davidg Sygma Pi 22 Beta

Commander: Confirm, authorization Bleepinip Delta 47 Tango.

Computer: Command authorization accepted, awaiting final clearence.

Me: Authroization Davidg Alpha 435, 15 minute silent countdown. Enable.

Computer: Acknowledged, ejecting reactor 2.

A hull panel blows out of the bottem of the ship. One of the ship's two reactors ejects into space..

Me: Computer, beam the core to coordanites 1012, 1345 on the weapon.

Computer: Intiating Transport.

the core shimmers into space, then reappears in a large, empty cargo hold on the weapon. Green lights strt to blink along the length of the core.

Me: Helm, get us out of here!

Helm: Aye.

The ship jumps to hyperspace.

30th Jul 2002, 01:04
The floor nest to Ghyron shimmer's as if in a heat wave, this shimmering reaches upwards, and takes shape. Colours swirl and meld into shining white and green. Arctic Wolf has arrived on the scene. All this in the space of 1 second.

Arctic Wolf: Hey Ghyron, long time no see. I wonder if you can tell me...*He pulls the large Ruption Hyper Rifle from the holster at his side and points it at ghyron's head*...what exactly is going on here, my brother?

30th Jul 2002, 01:25
<Skrashers, followed closly by the MESS and the hovering Cortana are attacking one of Exitium's blast doors. Various robots lay dead on the floor. One skrashers stops and begins sniffing into a corner.

Cortana: Come on now, keep up. Oh dear sweet nebulae...

<The corner begins blinking. The skrasher turns around with an injured puppy dog look back at Cortana and whimpers away.>

Cortana: Oh no... oh no... were dead... were dead...

<The MESS's face becomes animated. A low booming voice echos from his bowels.>

MESS: Singularity reactor core, repealing containment field. 10 minute silent countdown remaining. Implosion capable of destroying Exitium and all nearby matter in one implosion. Destruction of the core results in equivalent implosion.

Cortana: Yes, ok. What are we going to do?

<The MESS, in one quick motion, bends down, and eats the core.>


MESS: Brzzt! Inserting fresh containment field. Containment field inserted. Transferring to power core. Power core growth occuring. New reactor in place. Voltage spike detected: new core insertion confirmed.

<The MESS turns to the blast door and fires his Fuel Rod Gun into it. The smoldering metal is flown back a good 25 yards. The group continue their assault on the control room.>

Cortana: Scanning... Exitium has taken over. Ghyron isn't in control. This may be a bit harder then I thought.

30th Jul 2002, 03:48
---Onboard the Renegade Planet Eater---

*Chaos ensues...*

Ghyron: I hope you realize that a Ruption Hyper Rifle would not in the least harm me... Taking that into acount, I can tell you that you are currently onboard a massive renegade doomsday device. Three very powerful forces are advancing towards me at this very time. One of them is Dracoraptor and his minions, the other, and most powerfull, is the robotic forces of the renegade planet eater. The third is the Super Skrasher, aided by some sort of artificial intelligence system. All three of these groups want control of the doomsday weapon. If any one of them is able to get it, they will surely use it against you! Come, we must take what is rightfully mine- er, ours, and RULE THE UNIVERSE!


Eh, this brother stuff you keep bringing up reminds me of the end of The Secret of Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge, where LeChuck is revealed to really be Guybrush Threepwood's creepy brother, Chuckie! :eek:

30th Jul 2002, 04:09
Never played Monkey Island. Also a gun that lossen all your atoms from your structure and send them outwards everwere would destroy you.

After a slight chuckle, Arctic Wolf took his Ruption Hyper Rifle from Ghyron's so called head and points it toawrds the nearest of the rougue planet eater's robots, presses a few buttons and fires. The Inversed polarity, re-resonating, Negetive Ionized, shell strikes its target and refracts it atoms causing it to explode and send every single of its atoms flying outward, leaving no debris.

Arctic Wolf: Why would Dracoraptor betray me, brother? he's been loyal since we first met in the skies of planet kermit. It's not in him, he wouldn't. *fire's another shell into the next evil robot* He couldn't. *Fires again* Could he?...

30th Jul 2002, 04:16
Dracoraptor:"The great Ghyron, afraid? Psht! What the!"

Exitium:"Your foolish attempts to stop me are pitiful, now face the terror that is death!"

<Everything but Exitium's core goes dark. Than Exitium grows strange tentacles and looses all the monitors and pipes surrounding him. Exitium starts to grow. Dracoraptor launches his Mecha towards the Terran's container and grabs it before pieces of Exitium's dome start to collapse.>

Dracoraptor:"Back to the ship!"

<All the Mecha retreat towards the Red Demon. Dracoraptor, still holding the container grabs Ghyron and Arctic_Wolf before retreating as well. The dome crumbles, but Exitium is undamaged. After a faulty launch, the Red Demon retreats out of the mouth of Exitium, escaping the now collapsing claws. The Planet Eater's whole surface seems to crumble, before revealing a huge tentacle covered sphere that is now Exitium. It glows before just disappearing completly.>

Officer:"Admiral Dracoraptor! It appears to be heading somewhere, but this doesn't make any sense at all."

Dracoraptor:"What doesn't make sense?"

Officer:"It appears to be heading towards coordinates zero-zero-zero, the center of the galaxy."

Dracoraptor:"Move the Red Demon towards the same. Full speed!"

Officer:"Yes sir, and all the soldiers are accounted for."

30th Jul 2002, 04:18
Arctic Wolf: Why would Dracoraptor betray me, brother? he's been loyal since we first met in the skies of planet kermit. It's not in him, he wouldn't. *fire's another shell into the next evil robot* He couldn't. *Fires again* Could he?...

This sounds like a scene from Final Fantasy VII. It is too famaliar...

30th Jul 2002, 04:26
Haven't played FFVII either

Held next to Ghyron in the claws of Dracoraptor's docked Mecha, Arctic Wolf struggles to keep his Ruption Hyper Rifle in his hand while he unties it from Ghyrons cloak. He fails, tears the cloak and drops the weapon. It sails the 12 meters down to the floor hits on its barrel, bounching twice, firing. The shell zooms up and hits a gantry crane. The resulting implosion wasn't enough to damage much of the ship, the gantry crane on longer exists or half of it's assembly. The rest crashed to the floor, and a Mk II scuzzer smashing its casing and blowing its internal hard boards.

Arcrtic Wolf: Errm opps! Sorry about your cloak Ghyron.

30th Jul 2002, 04:30
---Onboard the Red Demon---

Ghyron: Get you hands off me you filthy carbon based life form!

30th Jul 2002, 04:34
Arctic Wolf: I didn't even touch you!

30th Jul 2002, 04:41
<Dracoraptor goes back on deck and grabs both Arctic_Wolf and Ghyron by the collars before placing them on the ground again. He takes the gun and throws it out into space.>

Dracoraptor:"There will be no more of this arguing! We will do this my way, so we don't kill eachother! Now, Ghyron. How could you let they Terran almost die! My surgens are already having enough trouble fixing her up! And Arctic, you just blew up a irreplaceble piece of art! You know how much it costs to get artasians to make those! Now, there is a way to kill Exitium. You see, that Terran is not only a key, but a switch. A fail-safe switch. Not only can we activate Exitium, but we can kill him. According to our caculations, Exitium has something "Special" planned. The coordinates Zero-Zero-Zero lead to the center of the Galaxy, a drifting blackhole that holds our galaxy together. Well, if you adjust its energy signals with the right amount of energy, you can make a peaceful black hole turn into a spinning whurlwind of death! Not only will our galaxy be sucked up, it will be squished into thin strands of sphaghetti in less than a hour! Now, we all need to work together on this. Arctic, we need you to create a diversion some how. Ghyron, we need you to convince the Terran that you are loving and caring."

Ghyron:"It would seem logical that you would be-"

Dracoraptor:"Silence! She already saw you and won't be afraid of you, now go to the sick-bay and hurry!"

30th Jul 2002, 04:58
Arctic Wolf: I never knew a machine used to change a mecha's untility arm was a piece of art and besides, Its your fault. Then you go and destroy it, the only one, the most expensive piece of weaponry in the Tri-Galaxy Forces. And to top it all off ghyron says you planning to betray me! And after all those time we fought together! All those times I helped you. Even after all the odds we have faced you betray me! I WON'T HAVE IT!

Filled with rage and fury Arctic Wolf leaps into the air, and using all his might, and Arctainian Techniques deliver's a blow to Dracoraptor's head. Flipping over in the air he administrates a punishing kick to the chin. Dracoraptor teeth cut his gum as he falls to the floor. Arctic Wolf pulls out a smaller laser pistoc from his green-blue jacket and lands gracefully, running over he points the gun to Dracoraptor's head.

Arctic Wolf: A laser pistol like this might not kill Ghyron but it certainly would kill you. Ghyron my brother! Please bring the Terran to me, keep a constant comm-link with me, and if anyone tries to stop, hurt or kill you, tell them I've got their Grand Admiral hostage and I'm not afraid to pull the trigger.

30th Jul 2002, 05:10
Dracoraptor:"I'll have your head Ghyron!"

<Remembering that he had a tail, Dracoraptor grabbed the gun out of Arctic's hand and crushed it with his hands before flying over to a overhanging catwalk.>

Dracoraptor:"Okay, to straighten up a few things here. Number one, we have ten other guns much bigger but exactly like that one. And two, the universe is threatened by a giant robotic alien. I don't see why it matters to any of you, but personally, I think it does! And you wouldn't like it if you seen an angry Dragonian! Oh, no, dear me."

<The Dragonian pointed to a countdown clock.>

Dracoraptor:"Today, we have less than twelve hours to live. I hope you two don't have any plans for this week either. Because there are going to be a few minor setbacks within that period."

<Dracoraptor quickly read Ghyron's "Mind" and flew right in front of him before grabbing him by the neck.>

Dracoraptor:"If you help us, I'll give you a headstart before I think of killing you again. And if you don't, think of toture and pain for the rest of enternity in Dragonian hell. Sound fair? Good, now, get to the sick-bay!"

30th Jul 2002, 05:28
You always have to be better than an organisation that has a strong position in three galaxies, and have even created a Membrane universe all for themselves. Even when the Dragonian Star Empire is just the home system.

Another laser device destroyed. Just one more, that Arctic Wolf pulled from his other pocket. Aiming the laser pistol carefully at Dracoraptor thinking ware it wouldn't pierce any major organs. He settled for the oposite shoulder from the one that had ghyron by the neck. He pulled the trigger.

Dracoraptor: AHH!

The laser beam had made a perfect 1cm diamter hole in Dracoraptor's should and had baked the inside solid for 0.5mm. Ghyron fell to the floor as Dracoraptor instinctively let go to cradle his wound. Arctic Wolf quickly aimed for the base of the tail and fired again. The laser missed the base but went through the tail anyway because it came at him in defence. He dodged it and quickly ran to get a clear shot. Fired right through the base paralyzed the tail. The bone was split.

Arctic Wolf: Leave my brother alone!

He runs to Ghyron's side and helps him from the floor. Keeping his last gun aimed at Dracoraptor, his former ally.

30th Jul 2002, 05:47
<Dracoraptor was not kidding when he said you wouldn't like an angry Dragonian. His eyes turned white and his muscles seemed to bulged. Upon impact of the bullet, his nerves started to send messaged to his adrenaline gland, than the adrenaline went all throughout his body. He seemed to forget pain and remember to kill. He hunched over on his back like a strange animal, and without even a traced, he ducked and did a rolling manuver behind a Mecha before toppling it down with brute strength. Indeed, he was angry. He charged at the Arctannian, ignoring all laser blasts, and simply ripped open his shirt with his horns and opened up his hand with a claw before getting ready to tear into his flesh, but that was interuppted by the sound a Terran.>


<Dracoraptor turned around to found the Terran girl, but forgeting everything, he charged without mercy, lowering his horns into position. Arctic tried to find another gun, and looked in horror as, as, Dracoraptor was suspended in air, with the Terran curled up on the floor, bracing for impact. The vicious Dragonian snarled and clawed at the air, but could not move an inch further. The Terran did not look back, nor stop crying. Then there was the eerie silence, as if something bad was about to happen. That's when everyone could hear the charge of laser weapons around the docking area...>

Dragonian Officer:"Freeze, you two are under arrest!"

30th Jul 2002, 06:02
Arctic Wolf took a moment to gather his thought's he picked up his gun and blocked out the pain from his gashed hand. He turned and grabbed Ghyron be the arm and ran at the Officer and his guards, ghyron pulled along hiding behind the Arctainian, who inb true enraged hero fashion managed to avoid all the blasts. He shot wildly hitting the officer in the head. Blood splattered since the weapon cooled from goign through the officer's helmet, the body dropped. The two guards suffered hits, one was hit in the heart the other wasn't enough and it soon feel unconscience. The other was hit several times in the chest, piercing a stomach and intestine, it entered a state much like that of Dracoraptor and charged. Arctic Wolf had reached the Terran with Ghyron in tow he dropped the Laser pistol and fiddled with his digital watch all the time the charging draconian getting nearer and nearer. He grabbed the Terran by the arm and screamed...

Arctic Wolf: NOW COMM!

The air shimmered, colours swirled and Arctic Wolf, Ghyron and the Terran were phased away. Dracoraptor dropped, while the charging draconian stampeded over the laser pistol, slipped on it and it'm moments carried it on to Dracoraptor and slammed into him. while the remant's of the laser flew to a fall leaving a trail of the opaque blue liquid fuel. The thing exploded creating a ring the trail of fuel caught fire and blocked the onlky route into the Docking bay. Sparks flew into the air, tapestries on the walls set alight as did the organic hull.

Meanwhile a nearby claoked ship had entered hyperwarp unnoticed and headed for the Exitium.

30th Jul 2002, 06:25
Exitium (Exe-It-Tee-Um); Noun; Latin; - Destruction, ruin.

C O U N T D O W N : 1 1 H O U R S , 4 5 M I N U T E S

<Meanwhile on a secluded science vessel...>

Turraken:"Holy Zedem! This is impossible!"


Turraken:"something the size of a star just appeared in our vaccinity sir!"

Officer:"Call the council, immediatly!"

<On the Vallient II. The Terran started crying again, and a message went throughout the view screens, with a strange voice and static on the viewscreens.>

Exitium:"Mwuahahahaha! You fight eachother now! This is amusing, but it will all end my children! In eleven hours, you will all be dead, and that Terran cannot help you now! As for you Ghyron, tell the devil Exitium sent you! Mwuhahahahaha!!!-END OF TRANSMISSION-."

Terran: "Stop it, stop it now!"

<Arctic went into a mad frenzy across the bridge of the ship, collapsing into a pile. Ghyron kept changing shapes, and eventually changed into a Terran himself after five minutes of mayhem. It was all too obvious, the Terran was controling them. But so was Exitium himself. Behind the scenes, Exitium had caused entire planets to fall, and was about to make suffering a new word.>

30th Jul 2002, 06:50
Regaining consciencenuss Arctic Wolf barely resisting the Terran or the Exitium crawled across the bridge and pulled hismelf up at a control panel. Comm lay unconscience on the floor. Arctic Wolf pressed a series of buttons. The Vallient II was phased between two dimentions and the mind-affects of the Exitium were ended. He quickly ran to Ghyron and sat him down, the bridge crew regained conscienceness.

Arctic Wolf: You! Terran girl. We need your help. Dracoraptor must know of what I plan to have betrayed me, we have got to stop the Exitium do you understand?

Terram: You attacked him!

Arctic Wolf: I know! He planned to betray me and destroy the exitium! He must of known that I needed it to rule the Galaxy.

Terran: Your just as mad as it!

Arctic Wolf: No! It is not just an object of destruction. It can build planets aswell as dissassemble them. Just think of it, I can solve the over-population problem.

Terran: You aim to use it for a froce of good?

Arctic Wolf: Yes! The stubord fools of this galaxy will never unite as one people if left to themselves! They are to concerned with racial divides, a cleansing fist must come to destroy those corrupt and restore power to true good. If we can provide a better life for people they will flock to my-our banner. Then I will purge the corrupt.

Terran: For the greater good?

Arctic Wolf: Exactly!

Terran: I have heard such before, but you are the only one to truly believe it. I will help you if I can.

Let's stop and wait for Ghyron. He hasn't had a say in a while.

30th Jul 2002, 15:19
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi, near Starbase 01. A new reactor isbeing loaded into the ship.There are several troop transports, carriers, and battleships near the ship.

Computer: Reactor loaded and installed.

Me: All ships, red alert, set course to The Vallient II, and engage at flank speed.

The targ battle fleet jumps to hyperspace. They accelerate to close on the Vallient II and come up behind it in hyperspace.

Me: Davidg, to Arctic_Wolf, you will surrendur the terran, or be destoyed you have 1 hour to deciede. I remind you I have 8, 6 mile long battle crusiers. End Tranmission.

30th Jul 2002, 16:03
They are in hyper-space, duh.

30th Jul 2002, 20:46
Dracoraptor, you are attempting to over control this RPG.

---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: It was wise of me to predict the eventual betrayal of Dracoraptor. If he gained such an awesome weapon of destruction, he would no doubt use it to subjugate his people even further. Such nonsense about destroying an entire Planetary Doomsday Device is sickening. It is of utmost importance that we gain control of the Planet Eater and disable the Exitium Entity, for I already fear that is existence is increasingly non-corporeal! The actual Planet Eater poses no threat to me... its main purpose being the harvesting, decomposing, and recombination of atoms, and subatomic particles. However, the Exitium entity... it has become powerful! I fear that Dracoraptor knows something more about this than he has been revealing...

Tell the foolish Targ that Lord Ghyron demands that he defend the Valient II.

30th Jul 2002, 21:17
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi, in Hyperspace.

Me: All ships, globular formation around the Valient II, if it makes any false moves you are authorized to open fire.

The fleet moves into a globe formation around Valient II.

Me: Enginner, divert all power from reactor 2 to the c,loaking device, and extend the cloaking feild around, that should mask our aproach, Valient 2. Comm, order the other ships to do the same.

The ships phase out of visiblity, but the process takes noteably longer than usual because they must mask their hyperspace signature. nthe Manu Intiraymi extends its cloaking field around Vaileint 2, and it cloaks.

30th Jul 2002, 23:13
Exitium is controlling a few things (But I control him, everything else is yours to control. For instance, I'm not invincible), but the planet eater is gone. It was Exitium's "Shell" in a way, but Exitium has hatched. Now Exitium is a giant silicon ameoba about ready to crush the galaxy in a giant black hole.

30th Jul 2002, 23:36
<Skrashers and the MESS alike are stumbling, as Exitium hatched and entered hyperspace. Cortana's hoverjets throw into overdrive just to keep her from being thrown into a wall.>

MESS: Scanning... we are apparantly in the inner sanctum of the Planet Eater. But the Planet Eater has hatched, the craft we are now in is travelling in hyperspeed to an unknown area.

Cortana: And our planned course of action is??

MESS: The suggested course of action is to fight down there...

<The MESS stops talking.>

Cortana: And?? Then what?

MESS: We kick some superweapon arse.

<Cortana hovers over to the corridor wall, a tractor beam on her hoverprojector pulling out a panel from the wall.>

Cortana: Here, I'm going to hack into Exitium and turn on these corridor lights, then I'm going to get a layout of the ship. Then we can find where we're going.

<Five minutes later..

Cortana: There, we got the lights and I have the map. We take a left here. Let's GO!

30th Jul 2002, 23:38
Arctic Wolf: You are indeed most wise Ghyron. Comm, scan for the lead ship once you've found it open a communication line

Comm: Aye sir....channel open.

Arctic Wolf: I glad to see we have some friends out here, though don't underestimate the Vallient II while phased as it is now we would not sustain any damage. But lets not threaten each other, we all have the same goals. So as a show of cooperation and goodwill I am going to send you a spare Universal Sync destabilizer, the very thing that alows us to phase. If you leave your weapons unphased you will beable to attack while your ship doesn't take damage, be warned use it for too long and the hull will tear like paper.

Comm: The Universal Sync destabilzer is ready, shall we send it now?

Arctic Wolf: Send it over, have fun you targs. But another warning, a Tri-Galaxy fail safe is if you disassemble it or try and leanr how to manufacture it in anyway it will destabilive and implode. Arctic Wolf out.

Comm: Channel closed.

Arctic Wolf: If they turncoat and attack or cross us and jeperdise our mission. Tell the device t implode anyway.

Comm: Aye sir.

Arctic Wolf: Terran?

Terran: Y yes s sir?

Arctic Wolf: Come with me and Ghyron and tell us of how you plan to control the Exitium.

Arctic Wolf walks to the door of his office and signals with his hand for Ghyron and the Terran girl to come

31st Jul 2002, 00:37
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi

Me: Engineer, install that device, and erect a forcefeild around it. Comm, erect a damping feild around main engineering, Arcticanian comm technology is inferior to ours, they won't be able to penetrate the dampening to order the device to overload, if they decide we're not freinds any more.

Engineer: Aye, sir.

31st Jul 2002, 00:38
<While the slightly damaged Dracoraptor and Hre'Gra'Veea fly through hyperspace, they briefly exit to see thousands of whale like creatures floating through space, and change into flowers after five minutes.>

Officer:"What in the!?"

Dracoraptor:"Exitium, he's bending reality! Like a naked singularity! This is, is, impossible!"

Officer:"So he's a point of infinite density I take it?"

Dracoraptor:"He would have to be, or otherwise too alien for us to figure out. We should exit to hyperspace quickly."

Officer:"Yes, let's. I don't fancy becoming a flower anytime soon/"

<The ship quickly exits as the flowers turn into skulls, millions, of skulls. While they are in hyperspace again, Exitium grows more tentacles and larger by the minute.>

Exitium:"Yes, bring the worthless being to me. I want that Terran dead, yes... Foolish lifeforms, you cannot control me, it is I that controls you."

<Feeling a bit tired with his new toys, Exitium fires a random beam of energy into space, which hits a small Arctannian planet and turns it into nothing but star-dust. He fires again and destroys a Targ planet, and he even fires again to destroy a Dragonian outpost.>

Exitium:"Dance my puppets, dance..."

<Throughout the Vallient II and the Targ escorts, the screens show the Dragonian Imperial Symbol, before showing Dracoraptor in a small confrence room with several represenitives.>

Dracoraptor:"Greetings and salutations Arctannians and Thyorian Grekka Targs. I am Grand Admiral Dracoraptor of the Dragonian Empire. We have decided, that your course of actions are illogical. You see, Exitium is not only a weapon, he is a self-sufficent A.I. and silicon being developed by a million years extinct race. He cannot be used, he uses you. Exitium is not just a weapon, he is a mind capable of controlling everything. From reality, to our minds. He wants to destroy it, and all of us. You cannot use him. But you can destroy him. That Terran girl you kidnapped cannot control Exitium, but she can disrupt his organic circuits and destroy him. She has no name, yet, but we hope that you do not continue your current course of actions. I repeat, do not attempt to control Exitium. Feeding him with those kind of commands makes him stronger. If that girl is lost, we can only hope to contain him. Weapons are enemies, even to their owners. And Ghyron, not only will he kill you, you are the one responsible for all this. Your own death! Try to figure out that power from this beast is only-STATIC"

Exitium:"You all have ten hours to live. I hope you have enjoyed your lives, because now you are all going to die. And do not listen to this foolish being, he is a pion-STATIC"

<Dracoraptor sees the interuppted message. There is no hope. One power hungry being is one thing, two intent on using a giant organic computer is another.>

31st Jul 2002, 01:35
---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: It is obvious that both the Dragonian and the Exitium are attempting to sway our descisions. Our number one objective is to destroy Exitium without damaging the corporeal structure it has erected. I also fear that Dracoraptor will attempt to intervene... perhaps he is even allied with the thing itself! Obviously Exitium's existence is not based on corporeal objects... destroying the actual shell would have little to no effect. Perhaps at this point, the best option would be to seek the aid of the Tyran Empire... no doubt they could relocate this universe... One question, do you not mistrust the very being who you have fought against for longer than the lifetime of most humans? I myself am wary being in such close proximity to a notorious... do-gooder.

31st Jul 2002, 05:50
<The Terran sat down in a chair while Arctic paced around her.>

Terran:"Why do you want him? He doesn't like us, and I think he wants me dead too. And I don't want to either. He kept hurting me."

<While the Terran speaks, another strange thing happens. All the water on the Vallient II turns to blood. Exitium is controlling reality yet again. While that happens, the center of the galaxy grows darker.>

Exitium:"Yes, excellent..."

<The Red Demon is preformin marginally worse though.>

Dracoraptor:"He destroyed Dragonia Three!"

Officer:"About thirty minutes ago sir."

Dracoraptor:"I just hope he didn't destroy the Orion, very well, exit in three hours."

31st Jul 2002, 18:12
Davidg, "If they turncoat and attack or cross us and jeperdise our mission. Tell the device t implode anyway." How could you have known, the transmission was cut! You are not god. :(

Also Dracoraptor, if you avoided the reality changes by jumping too hyperspace it wouldn't it work for me considering the Vallient II is in Hyperspace? Doubly so considering the ship is phased?

---The council of Dragonia, Arctiania and what ever the targ's planet is called.---

After the frightening message and communiation is resumed. The diplomat's composure is hugely paler than it was before. The Arctainian diplomnat is the first one to regain himself.

Arctainian Diplomat: Both Arctic Wolf and the Vallient II do not work for us or on our behalf. Arctic Wolf left the Arctainian Space Core when we entered into a research pact with the Tri-Galaxy forces. From what we know they give him almost infinite resources and let him do what ever he likes in this Galaxy. We won't risk ourselves or our research pact to stop him, the recent destruction of one of our industrial planet has cought the attension of the Tri-Galaxy forces enough to start evacuating our population. They have also said that we should be proud of Arctic Wolf for they say at this very moment is speeding towards the Core to stop what ever doom is going to befall us so quite frankly...Good bye.

The Arctainian, most displeased with Dracoraptor's threats cuts the communication channel and tells the Prime Minister that the Dragonians have attempted to threaten the Arctainian Federation into attacking Arctic Wolf. Their contributions to Mecha research is cut and an Embargo agaisnt the Dragonian Empire is declared

Targ Diplomat: We have not had any communication from Davidg but since he is esscorting Arctic Wolf to the Core we believe he is opperating for the great good of our Network. We believe that he has captured an entity known as Ghyron but it could never possible influence one of us. Good bye.

The targ's cut communication with the targs and declare an Embargo on the Dragonian Empire. The Kasvagorian Kingdom and the Grey Council follow wondering what is going on learn of the "threats" and follow suit. Eventualy 2/3 of the Galaxy have cut diplomatic relations with the Dragonian empire and either cut research pacts/contributions or declared embargo. Some both. (you realy shuld be carefull of what you say in pollitics.)

---Vallient II, Arctic Wolf's office---

Arctic Wolf: Hmm? I can trust you now because I know that you are my brother. The lab boys at the Tri-Galaxy forces told me so, at first I didn't believe either. They showed me evidence,birth records lab experiments and gradualy came to believe. That whole pointing a gun at you was just for show.

The molecules of the water onboard shift slightly but being phased and in hyper-space negate the effect and it shifts back

Arctic Wolf: I only just explained why we need the Exitium. For the greater good, toppling the corrupt and that. You also agreed to help.

Terran: Sorry.

Ghyron: The Tyran empire?

Arctic Wolf: *lost in thought* hmm, what?

Ghyroon: The hugely powerful inter universal empire.

Arctic Woolf: Whats wrong with the Tri-Galaxy forces

Ghyron: They entrusted you with all their advanced technology and resources to defend this place, I don't think they'd be pleased if you came crawling back asking for help.

Arctic Wolf: Hmm, your right. Very well, we'll take our case to the Tyrans then. But you'll have to tell us how to get there.

Ghyron: Of course, of course. It very simple you see....

Ghyron explains how to reach the Tyrans and how to avoid all the traps space monsters and patrols. Leaving both Arctic Wolf and the Terran totaly stunned and confused.

Ghyron: :o Fine...I'll do everything as ususal.

31st Jul 2002, 18:24
<The ever valient SSFA and the MESS continue through Exitium. As they round yet another corner, the very air begins to change colors.>

Random Skrasher: Hrmph... what technology is this... ooh, uhh.

<The Skrasher, along with many others, begin falling to the ground.>

MESS: Air layout. 25% Carbon Monoxide, 74.9% Nitrogen, 0.1% Oxygen. Analysis: Incapable of supporting oxygen dependent beings.

Cortana: Well then, I guess it's just you and me from here on in. Do you think you can take on Exitium alone?

<The MESS's huge shield arm is flung out at Cortana's projector. She is sent sliding down the corridor.>

MESS: You foolish AI. You cannot begin to comprehend my abilities. I will not only stop this foolish renegade machine. I am going to attain control over it! The silly Terran's pathetic... whatever that was powering this machine is a 9 volt battery compared to the power I can use to control. Exitium has no chance against me.

Cortana: What, uhh... we have to destroy it!

MESS: Negative. We must use it! Think how many other MESS's we can make if we transfer it back to a planet eater! We'll have hundreds of my kind! We can rule the universe! And by we.... I mean ME!!!!

<The MESS fires his Fuel Rod Gun at Cortana's hoverprojector. It is destroyed on contact.>

MESS: Exitium... your arse is mine.

<The MESS continues it's way to Exitium's core.>

31st Jul 2002, 18:59
I still who8uld have put a dampening feild around it even if you didn't say that, because i don't trust you.

Aboard Manu Intiraymi

Science: Exitium is in scanner range. Estimated time to arrival at current speed: 1 Hour, 54 minutes.

Me: All hands, this is the bridge, initate contingancy protocol 37 Alpha. Engineering, deploy armour.

On the exterior of the ship sections of the chrome armour retract to reveal large replication devices. They pulse to life and replicate a large layer of neutronium, a super-dense almost impenetrable metal, over the ship. Inside the ship, bulkhead doors slide into place in the cooridoors, and blast doors seal critical areas such as the bridge, and main engineering.

Tactical: Armour deployed. Weapons ready.

Computer: Contingacny protocools in place.

Me: Bridge crew, evacuate to the battle bridge. Computer, secure and encrypt bridge consoles.

The bridge crew enters a special turbolift in the front of the bridge as consoles retract into the floor, or walls, and the veiwer and lights turn off. The turbolift stops, and the crew exit to a chamber slightly smaller than the main bridge deep within the ship. It is dimly lit by red panels in the ceiling. The crew take their station, and I sit in the chair in the center of the battle bridge.

Me: Computer, transfer all commanf functions to the battle bridge, and erect a level 12 forcefield around the batlle bridge.

Computer: Command functions re-routed, forcefeild on-line.

Me: Helm, continue on course.

Notes about batle bridge: The battle bridge is smaller, combnat dedicated bridge deep within the ship. It has its own captian's ready room, briefing room, transporter room, restroom, and temporary quarters for the bidge crew en-suite. The whole complex is surrounded by a neutronium shell, and is only acceseble by a dedicated turbolift on the main bridge.

31st Jul 2002, 19:37
Helm:"Sir, we have exited hyperspace."

Dracoraptor:"Excellent, tell the escape pods to stand by."


Dracoraptor:"I doubt we will make it in one piece, deactivate the shield and get as close to that thing as you can while I get in the dropship and penetrate him."


Dracoraptor:"If you all live, raises and promotions. Now do it!"

<The Red Demon flew at insane speeds past Exitium, a small dropship flew right into Exitium, while the flag ship itself fired at Exitium while trying to leave. A tentacle shot out and sliced through the forward hull, than a huge explosion engulfed the the front of the ship in sparks. Escape pods exited to hyper-space as the one mighty ship flew into Exitium, causing no damage what-so-ever. The dropship that Dracoraptor was in breached Exitium's organic surface and crashed landed right onto none other than MESS!>

Dracoraptor:"Is anyone dead? Sound off."

<Some shaken officers and pilots awaken from a dizzying collapse.>

Dracoraptor:"Get in the Mecha now, we have no time!"

<The pilots get into a new type of Mecha especially designed for the purpose of speed. It was only armed with two built in wrist katanas and two dual wrist blasters, but the special thing about it is that it had roller blade like feet with wheels. Dracoraptor gets in one himself.>

Dracoraptor:"Stay in the dropship and wait for us. If we die, leave..."

31st Jul 2002, 21:00
---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: That will be a problem. There are no Multiversal Communication Devices in this galaxy, or universe for that matter. Therefor, the only way to contact the Tyran Empire is to locate the navigation beacon set here by the automated multiversal navigators sent out at the beginning of the Tyran Expansion.

Arctic Wolf: But where is it?

Ghyron: Ah, it happens to be located directly within the Great Rift of Arcturus.

Arctic Wolf: The Great Rift is a series of massive black holes orbiting at extremely high velocities! There is no way anything could survive in there.

Ghyron: So I thought, till I discovered it there, hiding in what appears to be a small pocket of space where the gravitational effects cancel out. At the time I theorized that the Tyran probes themselves created the rift to hide the beacon. I do not know of the specifications of this ship, nor whether there is anyway to enter the Great Rift...

31st Jul 2002, 21:47
Aboard ITS Manu Intiraymi, Battle Bridge.

Me: Davidg to TRN-1536-S, assemble two stealth assualt teams, to launch at my command.

TRN-1536-ST Captian: Right away, Admiral.

Me: Lieutenant, assemble your finest officers for a stealth assult. Have them report to the Hermes.

Security: Aye, sir.

The Lieutenant steps leaves the bridge to assemble his team.

Me: Engineer, have a singularity weapon loaded aboard the Hermes. Commander, you have the bridge.

I step into the turbolift.

Me: Computer, armoury.

The turbolift takes me to the security center of the ship. I go into thelocker room and put on an armoured stealth assult suit. I put my lightsaber, and laser pistol on my belt, and stpe back into the turbolift.

Me: Computer, forward launch bay.

The turbolift takes me to the launch bay. I step out to meet a suprized lieutenant.

Security: Admiral?

Me: Yes, cadet?

Secruity: I'm a lieutenant, sir!

Me: Not if you try and keep me from coming along.

Security: Yes, sir!

I walk over to my ship, the Hermes, where an engineering team is carefully loading a singularity weaopn into the cargo hold. The team snaps to attention as I approach

Ensign: Ensgin Nepnip Reporting as ordered, Admiral, sir!

Me: At ease, before you sprain something.

Ensign: Aye, sir!

Me: We are going to plant this singularity device on the Exitium creature. Once we have planted it, and escaped to hyperspace, we will detonate it., creating a blackhole, that will destroy the creature. Any qeustions? No? Good. Get on the ship.

Team: Yes, admiral!

The team, and I, get on the Hermes, and the hatch closes behind us. The silver-blue ship phases put of visibility as The aromour over the entrance to the bay dematerializes.

Me: Davidg, to TRN-1536-S, launch your dropships for Exitium, and make sure they're cloaked.

TRN-1536-S Commander: Yes, admiral.

The Hermes, nd the two dropships jump ahead of thefleet to Exitium. Un-detected, the bam the teams, the bomb, and several stealth hover-tanks into Exitium.

Me: You two, load the bomb into that tank, the we head to the core of the device.

31st Jul 2002, 21:58
Arctic Wolf: Set course for the great rift!

Helm: Aye sir.

In the hyperspace cylindrical infinite point(wormhole) that the Vallient II and the Targ Fleet Ocupy another branches off which the Vallient II quickly turns into, while the targs continue on for the Galactic Core

Ghyron: So...oh fine. So, my brother, how do you plan on entering the rift and avoiding of the Black Hole's?

Arctic Wolf: We're phased between two dimentions remember. Effects from neither of them can do anything to the ship while in this state. We can just fly right in.

Terran: What about me now? Do you still need me now your getting some tyrants to help?

31st Jul 2002, 22:01
Dracoraptor:"Everyone, silent. Someone is here..."

Pilot:"My scanners are detecting sounds, someone is here."

Dracoraptor:"The Targs, place the thermo sensitive mines."

Pilot:"Yes sir."

<The Mecha rolls up to a slightly cramped cavern door and places a few thermo sensitive mines. Not only do these explode right after he leaves the area, green goo splatters all over the hulls of the hover tanks.>

Dracoraptor:"I know who you are, and if you attempt to move, we will kill you. Don't over-estimate the power of your tanks."

<While the Mecha charge their weapons, what was now Davidg's bomb, turns into a pile of Targ Skeletons. Exitium is having fun, again...>

31st Jul 2002, 22:27
<Tanks are lined up infront of the MESS. he rears back his mechanical head and begins to laugh.>

MESS: I have no intention of over -estimating your puny little toys...

<The MESS fires his fuel rod gun into the tank group killing a large chunk of them.>

MESS: I intend on destroying them!

<The command is given, and the tanks begin to fire. Repealing into his shield, the shells are deflected as if it didn't matter.>


<The MESS begins walking slowly toward the tanks. Still behind his shield, he continues deflecting shot. When he gets to a tighter range, he swipes up with his shield-arm, flinging tanks around. The non-tank mecha come toward him, as he begins to slouch.>

MESS: Ugh... my new reactor... corpses ejecting.

<THe corpses are ejected out of his mechanical buttocks.>

MESS: Ugh... not enough power now... We will meet again Dracoraptor!

<The MESS teleports himself to a random location on Exitium.>

MESS: Reformed plan. 1st objective: get more power. 2nd objective: Find Exitium's core. 3rd Objective, Dominate the universe.

31st Jul 2002, 23:18
Inside Exitium

Me: Open fire!

The assult vehicles fire their laser cannons, and laucnh missles, taking out several mecha. A mecha lunges with its katana, destroying a tank. A nearby tank takes it out with it's turbolaser.

Me: Computer, Scorpian.

Hermes Computer: Aknowledged.

The entire team beams onto the Herems leaving the tanks. The tanks then overload their antimatter reactors, destoying all of the mechas except Dracoraptor's, and three others. The yauht jumps to hyperspace and returns to the Manu Intiraymi.

31st Jul 2002, 23:44
Erm, if you had an anti-matter reactor in those, they would have to be the size of a large ship. And you would be dead too since these caverns take up the place.

I have one one word which fits you just perfectly.

Deus Ex Machina

Yes, that is one...

1st Aug 2002, 01:30
Dracoraptor, What about the Shuttle craft of Star Trek, they can go at warp so they must have Matter-Anti-Matter reactors. and they are about the right size for a tank aswell.

---Location of MESS, Waste Collection room---

the sludge waste from organic components of Exitium piles slowly and silently into the room, with no lights MESS doesn't notice. While recharging his batteries the Thermal Camera's noticed the gradualy rise in heat levels. The Space Doors creeped open he was blown into hyperspace. But just at the last second he grabs an external monitor and held for dear Artificial Life.

Exitium: Muhahahahar!

---Location of Dracoraptor and surviving minions---

As Dracoraptor rethinks his strategy. 4 Mechs and no Ship, what to do. A clunking, leg motor sound echos from beyond the curviture of the corridor. An small army of robots about the size of a Haldibron Dwarf Dragon(5ft tall and 3ft wide), Chainguns for arms runs at them, guns blazing away denting and ricocheting ff the Mech's armour. A well aimed shot smashes though one mechs head and split's the skull of it's legs pilot splattering blood across the gun man who starts firing randomly blowing up the enemy robots.

---Hyperspace, the fleeing hermes---

One of the huge tentecles of Exitium reaches out and latches on to the hermes straining the hull another reaches out to pull it down, then another and another until a total of six tentacles draws the hermes down to the Exitium's hull. A desperate burst from the engines sends it spinning free. It smashes into the Dragonian Drop ship

---Vallient II, Bridge---

Helm: Sir, we have arrived at the rift. Should I take us in?

Ghyron: Yes. Head to the centre and to the left slightly.

Helm: Erm, I'm not sure if I should take order's from you.

Arctic Wolf: Ensign! Adress the g...you are male right?

Ghyron: I'm neither unless I want to be.

Arctic Wolf: Okay. Adress ghyron with respect and set the course that...erm...can I say your a he?

Ghyron: If I truly am your brother than I guess I would have been born male.

Arctic Wolf: Now that we've gotten tha straight. Helm, set a course for the centre of the rift and slightly to the left.

Helm: Already underway sir.

1st Aug 2002, 01:34
Dracoraptor... you are still attempting to control the RPG.

---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: I have no doubt that we will be able to attract the attention of a Tyran ship... I doubt we will have the... pleasure of meeting a real Tyran.

Arctic Wolf: What are the Tyrans like?

Ghyron: A multiversal species of almost unlimited power. As far as I know, nothing has stood in the way of the of the Tyrans expansion. They have expanded their realm by conquering and colonizing the civilizations of different universes, turning them into servants... bureaucrats and administrators. It would be impossible to see all of the Tyran empire, even in a lifetime.

Arctic Wolf: They are unstoppable?

Ghyron: Virtually. When the Tyrans sent the first probe to our universe, we took the chance to capture and analyze it. We realized that it was a device from another civilization. Eventually we began to understand the complex technology. We were able to use the probe to send agents out into other universes. I ended up inside the Tyran Empire. Various events led me here, but that is a longer story, and unimportant.

Ghyron's Lackie #2: Sir, we have arrived at the Rift Monitering Station.

Ghyron: Excellent! Arctic, no doubt you will be able to find a way into the Rift... I can give you the location of the actual probe. Once we reach it, I can interface with the technology... and bring down the wrath of the Tyran Empire directly upon us.

1st Aug 2002, 01:37
Argh we posted at the same time. It is good that our posts do not conflict. And for the last time, I am not your biological brother, nor am I male or female or any other such nonsense. :rolleyes:

1st Aug 2002, 02:05
There is a gender for you Ghyron, and that gender is...


I've never really watched Star Trek, my Mecha run on giant batteries, as do AT-STs on Star Wars (For economic and size reasons, of course. They are only three stories tall, not enough to require a full scale super-reactor). And why would something that is not going into space use such powerful power? Yes, in Gundam, they use Nuclear Reactors that have a slight (Psht, right) risk of meltdown when shot. Althought that is because they are primitive sources of power. I wonder what a anti-matter bomb could do? And you are only triggering events (Which I thought would never happen at all), I'm not controlling them (And remember, I lost the Red Demon, just so Davidg could stop being invincible for once, and to end the space battles. Ack, guess there's always the Fallen Star).

<The Terran girl sits quietly on a chair not far from Arctic, she twiddles her thumbs quietly and finally asks...>

Terran:"Are you angry at me for not wanting to help you? And why do you-"

Officer:"<The officer quietly salutes.>Sir, about two hours ago, a Arctannian controlled planet and Dragonian Controlled planet, not to mention a Targ hive invested planet, were destroyed by a beam of light from the coordinates Zero, Zero, Zero. We think Exitium did it. Although it is not on our mission goals to destroy him sir, he just killed my family back there on that planet."

Terran:"He did, he doesn't like us very much."

Officer:"How do you know?"

Terran:"He told me..."

<Dracoraptor finally gets a message on his screen, it is a Tradarian.>

Tradarian:"Apologies for loosing your fellow friend Admiral Dracoraptor, although not all is lost. The Orion is still intact and operational, not to mention her AI."

Dracoraptor:"Is she ready to begin project "Sphere"?"

Tradarian:"Affirmitive, and her sister ships as well. After we destroy the original, the future will shine brightly, good bye."

Dracoraptor:"Yes, bye."

<As the war goes on, what is this project "Sphere"? And what is this ship the Orion? And why do Ghyron and Arctic_Wolf join forces to control what might be controlling them?>

And now a message from our sponsers...

HAL 3000:"I am detecting slight vocal stress patterns from you Arctic_Wolf. Is something wrong? Is the mission in jepordy? You know, I have the greatest enthusiasim for it."

1st Aug 2002, 02:07
Those event's seem sensible and likely enough considering your on a huge, angry, villenious sem-organic, Tentacle covered, computer bent on desroying the galaxy.

Argh we posted at the same time. It is good that our posts do not conflict. And for the last time, I am not your biological brother, nor am I male or female or any other such nonsense.

The TGF Lab boys are playing a sick joke on me and I don't know about it, plus it is to your advantage to use that to manipulate me. According to the joke you were born Arctainian, but exchanged during the research pact for a huge sum since you were sickly and dieing. The old lab boys tried experiments with strong non poisenous silicon organs but due to radiation you became a Silcon-like Shape Shifter and ran away some how finding a research vessel for the very species of Silicon Shape Shifters you count yourself amoung. Bloody lab boy gits

1st Aug 2002, 02:19
Aboard SS Hermes

Computer: Warning, imapct detected, hull breach detected in living compartment. Sheilds at 3%.

Me: Computer, is the hyperdrive online?

Computer: Affirmative.

Me: Status of the Dragonian craft.

Computer: Hull breaches in the aft compartment. Engines on-line.

Me: Fire main weapon at it.

A large laser cannon drops down under the ship and destroys the damaged drop ship.

Me: Engage hyperdrive.

Computer: Hyperdrive engaged.

The damaged ship jumps to hyperspace. A tentecale quickly moves to intercept, but the swift yauht accelerates to avoid it. Momets later it enters the hanger of the Manu Intiraymi. I step into the turbolift and go to the battle bridge as scuzzers begin to repair the yaut.

Me: All ships, plot course to Starbase 01, there is no way we can destroy this thing.

The ships turn round in hyperspace and head for the starbase.

1st Aug 2002, 02:25
---Vallient II---

Arctic Wolf: *drinking a glass of water and sprays it over the computer console in shock.* WHATS A HAL 3000 DOING ON MY SHIP!

Arctic Wolf runs to open to the "Break on case of fire" box and breaks it, bringing out an axe he hacks the arm of his chair off and stamps and slashings at the thing.

Arctic Wolf: Comm tell security to find and destroy any version of the HAL software onboard. I will not tolerate him after what they did to dave!

1st Aug 2002, 02:30
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
---Vallient II---

Arctic Wolf: *drinking a glass of water and sprays it over the computer console in shock.* WHATS A HAL 3000 DOING ON MY SHIP!

Arctic Wolf runs to open to the "Break on case of fire" box and breaks it, bringing out an axe he hacks the arm of his chair off and stamps and slashings at the thing.

Arctic Wolf: Comm tell security to find and destroy any version of the HAL software onboard. I will not tolerate him after what they did to dave!

HAL 3000:"I'm sorry for my great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchild's mistakes, you see, I am the HAL 3000, not the HAL 9000."

1st Aug 2002, 02:38
Arctic Wolf: ARHHG! *Stambing on the HAL 3000* Nasty piece of inferior invasive technology! Nasty, nasty, nasty!

Helm: Sir, we've reached the beacon.

Tech: I've never seen anything like it!

Comm: ewwwww, ahhhhh. It's very pretty.

It was indeed a pretty sight. Shiny crystal like purple-blue structure curved and twisted in ways never before seen nor thought possible. It shined and gleamed away with the bent and refracted light from the blackholes not far away(spacewise)

Arctic Wolf: It is indeed...now Ghyron. What do we do?

1st Aug 2002, 02:46
<The Terran twiddles her thumbs again and lowers her head while sitting in her seat.>

Terran:"You don't like me, do you?"

<While that is going on, Dracoraptor rolls the last operational Mecha to the core of Exitium.>

Dracoraptor:"This will take forever! Come on you stupid machine, move!"

Exitium:"It will not help you now pion. If you noticed, I am creating my own dimension, too bad you'll have front row seats to see its potential. Soon, I will have a solid form here, and I will control your dimension through it."

Dracoraptor:"So that's how much you can bend reality, eh? Well than, I bet you weren't expecting-"

Exitium:"Don't try it, you cannot change your machine in this dimension. Only I can because my physcic powers are superior by infinite fold..."

1st Aug 2002, 03:21
---The Great Rift of Arcturus---

*Ghyron, now outside the Valient II, is attached to the Tyran beacon, attempting to interface with the complex communications device.*

---Onboard the Valient II---

Officer: EM emissions from the beacon are increasing... detecting several anomalous readings forming near the beacon...

---The Great Rift of Arcturus---

*What can only be described as a massive complex shimmering blue... thing appears with a flash of light of all wavelengths. It is encredibly massive, dwarfing even the enourmous Valient II. However, it appears to have no mass at all, and is slighty translucent.*

K34-975 Systems Response Entity: Greetings primitive species of universe 579091579B, classification number fourty two. I am a representitive of the Tyran Empire. You have illegally activated a class 9647J2 Beacon, property of the Tyran Empire. Code of Rules, law number 53297K, Ordinance classification three. You are henceforth under Tyran jurisdiction. Please state reason for illegal activation of beacon and prepare to be communicated to the Tyran Criminal Processing Facility. Your rights as a non citizen of the Tyran Empire are as stands, you have the right to appeal to the non-citizens second class criminal processing court. You have the right to personal property in case of class 4 or lower misdemeanors. You have the right to remain-

Ghyron: Law number 8620T prevents a class two systems response entity from gaining jurisdiction over a class seven Tyran citizen. You are therefor in violation of Tyran law. Cooperate or be taken into custody.

K34-975 Systems Response Entity: Request identification.

Ghyron: Law number 8620I, no entity under class five may request identification of high level entity. Cooperate or be taken into custody.

K34-975 Systems Response Entity: Cooperation Granted.

1st Aug 2002, 04:12
<The MESS is hanging on as hard as he can. Unfortunatly, they are travelling in hyperspace and the pull out is very strong. Just as he is pulled out he shoots his Fuel Rod Gun into space. Not standing, the blast pushes him back into Exitium. He trods over to one of the waste machines and beats it open, extracting the core, he integrates it into himself. He continues going around intergrating each core from the waste machines, and begins charging them up. Firmly anchored to the ground with spikes in his feet protruded into the floor, the MESS continues to recharge his new additional reactors.>

MESS: Ugh.. this Exitium thing is getting on my nerves...

1st Aug 2002, 04:57
it would see in the dark

True but the waste would be onlt luke warm as would the walls. So all you'd see is green.

---Vallient II---

Arctic Wolf: Of course I like you. Infact, whats your name? Mine's Arctic Wolf. Would you be my friend?

Terran: Oh har har.

Arctic Wolf: Now please be quiet and let me see what Ghyron is doing. Ask the computer for some games to play. We've got a lovely StarTopia: Redux Edition

HAL 3000: I've got Tennis 2021!

Arctic Wolf: Shush you!

The terran plays StarTopia Redux on the console at the back of the bridge while The bridge crew eagerly anticipate Ghyron's next move.

1st Aug 2002, 05:09
<While rollarskating his new Mecha through Exitium's caverns, Dracoraptor spots none other than MESS.>

Dracoraptor:"An obstacle that can't get in my way agains, so, what's your name?"


Dracoraptor:"Well MESS, prepare to die if you intend on not destroying Exitium..."

<In a Zelda boss fight theme fasion...>

Super Mechanical Armed Skrasher

<Although in MESS's point of view it would be...>

Experimental Dragonian Assault Mecha

1st Aug 2002, 13:22
Originally posted by Dracoraptor
<In a Zelda boss fight theme fasion...>

Not Familiar with the game... please fill me in on how that works before I rip your innards out with a teaspoon.

Originally posted by Dracoraptor
Super Mechanical Armed Skrasher

It's actually

M echanical Super Skrasher... but I'm the only one keeping track anyway...

1st Aug 2002, 20:37
---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: Plot course back towards Exitium. K34-975, you shall follow us.

Lackie: Yes, master.

*The wormhole begins to form, but the process is aborted as a blue streak lances out from the Tyran Systems Response Entity and collapses the wormhole.*

K34-975: Method of travel highly inneficient. We will proceed to the Galactic Core.

*Without warning, the Valient II and the Tyran ship are orbitting the planet eater.*

---Near the Planet Eater---

K34-975: Scanning object...

Ghyron: As a higher ranking citizen I order you to capture the entity controlling the mechanism.

K34-975: Is the entity a Tyran citizen? What designation is the object that the entity controls?

Ghyron: The entity is a non-citizen. The object has no designation.

K34-975: Destruction of entity could pose threat to object. Reccomended procedu-

Exitium: Fools! You shall never stop me! MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!

*Reality shimmers near the Tyran entity. Random bursts of energy flash around both the Planet Eater and the Tyran entity. Various objects attempt to form but immediatly disappear.*

K34-975: Entity poses threat to Tyran Empire. Initiating Termination Sequence.

Exitium: You cannot hope to defeat me! ARGH! What is this cursed thing that limits my powers at every turn... I shall not be contained!

*In a majestic flash of energy, the Tyran entity becomes more and more translucent until fading from the universe entirely.*

Exitium: See? Not even those foreign invaders could match my awesome power! Prepare to be destroyed!

---Onboard the Valient II---

Terran: Are we going to die?

Ghyron: This Exitium is more powerful than I thought. However, I doubt it realizes what it is up against. The Tyran Systems Response Entity was the equivalent of a Tyran Janitor...

*A massive explosion rocks the ship*

Lackie: We are being pulled towards the... thing!

1st Aug 2002, 23:02
Exitium:"Come to me!"

<Exitium pulls the ship with two massive tentacles. Than without warning, everything turns black. The lights turn back on and instead of black star-filled space, there is a blue space with no stars. Exitium is no longer a giant amoeba like entity, he is now a red diamond like structure surrounded by four white, long spires pointing slightly inwards.>

Exitium:"Welcome, to my deminsion..."

1st Aug 2002, 23:34
Comm: Sir, I don't know how but we've been drawn into another dimention. I bet those tentacles had something to do with, even though our PHASE rendeered any physical interaction useless.

Exitium: Welcome, to my deminsion...

Arctic Wolf: Yes well, we may be in your dimention but I will...erm...I have...a er PINGOTRON!

Arctic Wolf opens a small compatment on the wall and takes out a set of head phones, places them on himself, Ghyron, the Terran girl and the bridge crew. A klaxon sounds on the rest of the ship and every other crew member, visitor frightened computer and scuzzer does the same.

Arctic Wolf: Prepare for your doom!

Pingotron: ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping

Exitium: Ha you puny soundmaking device is useless against me!

Pingotron: ping ping ping ping ping ping ping PING PING

The Exitium's dimention collapses around it, the vey fabric of space and time weave rip and tear. The Vallient II makes a run for one of these rips hoping to be transfurred back to its original dimention. Due to its phase technology it mainstained a constant link with it, and when exiting the Exitiums it was drawn back. The black hyde of the Semi-Organic Evil super computer could be seen in tow by an abolubtly huge semi-tranlucent Tyran ship! It was aproximatly the size of a small star and actualy held a mechanical planet in orbit around it.

Tyran Ship: You have violated...(Ghyron can continue this sentance.)

2nd Aug 2002, 00:07
<The collapsing dimention rocks Exitium. The MESS is alerted.>

MESS: What is Exitium doing now? Scanning... what??? No familiar entities nearby... activating long range scanners... this is not the dimention I was created in! It seems to be shrinking or collapsing rapidly. Escape recommended!

<The MESS turns to the nearest wall and begins to shoot the Fuel Rod Gun in a constant beam. Blowing a hole only big enough for a small entity could fit through, he shrinks himself into a small body. Hovering out, he flies out one of the collapsing rips. The strain of shrinking along with trajecting himself out the hole causes him to overload and go into grey-mode. (Powered down... recharging.)>

MESS: Ugh... my plans... ruined. The galaxy must wait...

<The inertia from his burst continues to fly him into space. But as he was in grey-mode, he would have no control as to where he lands. He eventually falls onto a nearby planet, crashing into the desert region of the small planet, he breaks a level 2 law. Buried in the sand, he begins to recharge.>

2nd Aug 2002, 00:51
Time to end this RPG. Hopefully the next one will be just as good.

---The Galactic Core---

*Three massive shimmering blue ships appear surrounding the Exitium Entity.*

---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: It seems we have the... pleasure, of meeting an actual Tyran. Let us hope the encounter will be quick.

---All Communication Frequencies---

Tyran Official: I am Tohrus Jhulro III, captain of the 5912 Border Patrol Fleet. You have violated Tyran Mulitversal Law and will be duly prosecuted in the appropriate criminal processing facility. Cooperation is advised. As for the native species caught in this conflict, you are strongly advised to remain in your native universe until notice. Just because you exist on the border of Tyran space, does not mean you can roam freely unbound by the long arm of the law.

Exitium: NO! You cannot take me captive!

Tyran: You will soon discover what we can and cannot do, foolish entity. Prepare to communicate!

*All three ships and Exitium disapear in a flash of light.*

---Onboard the Valient II---

Ghyron: We are lucky...


2nd Aug 2002, 03:38
That ending was, very, very, un-eventful. And I am still in him. That, and his core is a point of infinite density. These means, for him, there are no such laws of physics...


Tyran:"What the!?"

<Four beams of light shine from Exitium's spires, they form a giant blast of light and the Tyran ship suddenly explodes. He reappears next to the Vallient II.>

Exitium:"Foolish beings, your galaxy will be gone in thirty minutes! And I am Exitium, the ultimate lifeform, now you will all pay and die! Choose the form of your destruction!"

<Five minutes pass as no one thinks of anything at all, until Exitium rages with his new voice.>

Exitium:"Your destructer's form has been chose."

Dracoraptor:"What have they been doing!"

<Exitium now looks like a Dragonian, except with huge curved horns and four red spires instead of wings. The red diamond sits atop his new crest of horns.>

Terran:"I'm sorry!"

Exitium:"You should be! I am Exitium, master of all that is toture and death, and no measly lifeform can stop me. Not even the Tyran empire!"

<The black hole at the center of the galaxy starts spinning much faster, gas starts falling in the event horizon.>

Exitium:"I should tell you now. It was the Tyran Race that created me! I am a point of no escape, I am their superweapon! I am fear!"

Terran:"What do we do!?"


<Exitium laughs fiendishly as the galaxy is about to come to an end.>

2nd Aug 2002, 10:46

This message flys across the screen of a Tyran boy's 30,000,000th generation console.

Tyran boy: Damn! I always lose. Even thought my cheat book says to manipulate Arctic Wolf into communicating with the Police. *Reading through the cheat book.* Oh! I have to kill Dracoraptor before communicating with the police! Right i've got it now...

the boy presses the restart mision button but the pressure of maintaining an entire universe and pushing it through time is to much for the machine causing it to blow a fuse. Inside the cartridge the galaxy and universe wink out of existance.

Tyran boy: MAM!

Tyran boy's mother: Yes sweetums?

Tyran boy: Can we get another "Ghyron:The most evil Dark Lord of Infernal Villainry" tommorow? Mine just blew.

2nd Aug 2002, 14:22
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf
Mine just blew.

And by the way I'm unsure about something. Is the collapsing dimention gone? Or are you all guys inside of it... If its gone then, well, I don't think I'm going to be participating as my only form of combat near here is powered down on a desert region of a small planet...:(

Originally posted by Ghyron
This RPG needs to die

No comment.

If it needs to die, wait... isn't that a comment?? But yes, we need something new, Exitium bores me. Regardless of how many heads he grows. How many posts are on this already? 200? I think that's a lot but that's just me.

2nd Aug 2002, 15:35
Originally posted by Arctic_Wolf

This message flys across the screen of a Tyran boy's 30,000,000th generation console.

Tyran boy: Damn! I always lose. Even thought my cheat book says to manipulate Arctic Wolf into communicating with the Police. *Reading through the cheat book.* Oh! I have to kill Dracoraptor before communicating with the police! Right i've got it now...

the boy presses the restart mision button but the pressure of maintaining an entire universe and pushing it through time is to much for the machine causing it to blow a fuse. Inside the cartridge the galaxy and universe wink out of existance.

Tyran boy: MAM!

Tyran boy's mother: Yes sweetums?

Tyran boy: Can we get another "Ghyron:The most evil Dark Lord of Infernal Villainry" tommorow? Mine just blew.

Yep, :D

No one knows how it all ended for some reason...

It's those darn cheat-books!

24th Nov 2002, 16:09
I realy miss times like this. :(

26th Nov 2002, 14:08
Looks like this RPG died the same way RPG: Station Life died 3 years ago, at least someone posted something funny to round it off :D