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3rd Jul 2002, 16:52
Hey folks. For all those of you who've been reading my novel, first let me just say thank you for all the time you've spent reading, and the much GREATER amount of time you've spent waiting. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.

Now for that little update I mentioned. 27 is currently in the works. Rather, is has been for about three weeks. I'm experimenting with a new way of doing this chapter in terms of writing style, and although I like the way it's working, I'm hating most of what I'm writing. So I'll write 10 pages, delete it all, and start over, write a paragraph, curse at myself for even THINKING I'm a decent writer, and delete that one too, write 34 pages (no lie, I got to 34 once) and delete all of that after a mad storming fit about how I can write nothing but garbage... Do you see a pattern? So it's coming, but Rio just needs to be happy with it. I refuse to release trash, 1.) Because I don't feel it right to hand my fans any old drivel and expect them to like it. I want to write WELL for those of you who've been so kind as to read my stuff, and 2.) Because if I see it on my site, or in the book when it is published (God willing) I'll vomit. So yeah, no trash. Sorry for the delay, but that's really why it is...

Getting to the request part... Part of my problem in hating 27 is that I feel my characters haven't been developed enough to be at the point at which 27 finds them. Riovanes himself might be, but then again, he's the focus of the story. However, characters like Gabrielle, Romo, Olian, and even Claude I feel are a little to weak. So here's what I'm asking of you. If you can find the time, and don't mind taking the effort, please either respond here, or send me an e-mail at Sephiroth_13@yahoo.com with your response to this question:

What is (at this point) your opinion of the following characters? Please include how you feel about them personally (love or hate), how they interact with each other, and most importantly, how believable the characters themselves are, and how believable their relationships appear. I'm especially concerned with the relationship between Rio and Brie. I think I let it happen too fast, but I'd like to see how you guys feel. Anything else you want to throw into your response would be much appreciated too... Anyhow, that list of characters I'd like you to consider:

1.) Riovanes
2.) Brie
3.) Rio and Brie (as they are different people together than they are apart.)
4.) Claude
5.) Romo
6.) Olian
7.) Myanar

You don't necessarily have to respond to all of these characters, nor do so in the order I've listed them, but any and all help would be MUCH appreciated... Thanks in advance, folks, and I promise I'll try to get over myself and finish 27 soon... Hopefully by this Sunday, but you know how I am with deadlines.


3rd Jul 2002, 19:07
1.) Riovanes
the main character. i like his ADND monk kinda style. the only thing that i find not as good is the fact his... dark side was only mentioned once or twice (adacemy? and that tree)
some more depth on that issue would be nice

2.) Brie
everyone`s alltime favorite Slothian. Rio`s girl. i like her the way she is now.

3.) Rio and Brie (as they are different people together than they are apart.)
Rio is VERY inexperienced, and Brie is shy. ah well.. it works, and they like eachother. a really tough female warrior with a unicorn plushie is creative though. (that was positive)

4.) Claude
mysterious badass. would love to see more of him (him being Rio`s mentor?)

5.) Romo
Rio`s guide in love.

6.) Olian
able fighter with bad past. more of it (besides that one encounter) would be nice too.

7.) Myanar
hm... ALOT more development is needed here... we don`t know anything of the past, motives, etc.

hope this helps a bit

3rd Jul 2002, 21:44
jah we know you deadlines...nothing more needs to be said there!

about the taking it to fast thing, im also writing at the moment and my main characters shagged in chapter 3! now that is fast...

1) Rio- i like where you have gone with him, he needs to confront the monastery, and chose a side.

2) Brie- she is kind of vague, i mean we dont really know to much deep stuff about her. i would like to see her involved in the action!

3) the are nice together

4) Claude is kewl..lets see more of him...i want him to fight!

5) Romo- we dont know much about her, but she comes in handy.

6)Olian- good friend, can keep his ground.

7)Myanar- who is that? i've never heard of him;)

good luck with chaoter 27!