View Full Version : An Error occurred while attempt to load this content

14th Mar 2016, 12:40
Anyone else having this kind of problem?
every time i tried to login, an error message pop up. it said "An error occurred while attempt to load this content. You will now be taken to the menu." and then, it force me to play in offline mode. at first i though it was some minor issue from SE server. but it has happen for a day to me now :(
Im from Indonesia, using Steam and have stable 1MByte/second internet connection. already tried verify game cache and re-link my SEM account but still no hope.
Can anyone help me? does hitman server still down? and sorry for my bad english :)

14th Mar 2016, 13:37
The hitman server is terrible.

They really need to patch the game so that it doesn't require a connection.

15th Mar 2016, 15:18
After .Net 3.5 patch, this problem seem to be fixed. Yes, the error still pop up once or twice when i return to main menu, but i can connect it right away and played it just fine now. thanks IO and SE Team :)