View Full Version : How many more problems? Minor contracts (Tren Po, etc.) can't be saved.

14th Mar 2016, 09:29
Is this the case? I am on the verge of just quitting this and waiting till August. So far, apart from the sparse joys of walking around a large box and wondering why the always online thing was deemed acceptable in single player, this is not entertaining. It's kinda like an anti-game.

14th Mar 2016, 10:01
it got to the point that im afraid to play or if im playing im saving like a maniac every 2 min for **** sake...its sad that gaming got to this point where money matters the most,pay us now but pay the full game for xmas.the game has so much potential but due to moronic decisions like drm,no blood,removed weapons customisation,creating contracts dumbed down,etc... the fun factor is gone.hopefully they remove their heads from their holes ,read the feedback and improve the game.

14th Mar 2016, 10:13
Whilst I appreciate that the two franchises are very different, I just fired up Dishonored again. Immersive world that I am interested by, glitch-free, inventive ways to neutralise enemies, ability to enter and leave different buildings, etc., etc.

This Hitman is boring because of its shortfalls. It's boring, it's glitchy, it's unfinished and it's been released, seemingly, because they couldn't face another delay after December. The online/no save problem means that you just can't be bothered to go through the repetitive steps getting back to where you were just to complete a pretty cheap extra opportunity. 'Enter a world of Assassination [Where The Only Thing That Dies Convincingly Is Your Interest].'