View Full Version : To IO_Gun Play BAD compared to previous games.

13th Mar 2016, 22:29
To any IO developer or member who looks at this post I am a long time fan of the series since the early 2000's with Hitman 2 and I have to say even gun play in that 13 year old title is better than this one. Now I know the Hitman series was first and foremost a stealth game and this one is the best in that regard but to go in on a level guns blazing was also a big part of the series if you wanted to and that always comes back to choice of the player which the series has been big on. I feel in this game the player has no choice but to go in and complete the level in only a stealth way and for someone who paid the full $60 bucks for the game on PC is very disappointing. I know many people have mixed feelings regarding Absolution but it by far has the best shooting mechanics of the whole series and worst level design (sandbox fan). 47 in this game has no health stats at all and his killed with 3 to 4 gun shots with no armor upgrades like in blood money and the way health regenerates is bad. Automatic weapons have horrible shooting mechanics so it is not even an option to use them and not to mention we are missing the 2 silver-baller combo that has been in EVERY Hitman game for the last 13 years and no way to upgrade weapons. Unless IO is planing to release content that resolves this in the future this just doesn't feel like a proper Hitman game. Take Absolution's shooting mechanics and Blood Moneys level design and this would be a perfect game. Just if you were wondering below is a list of best Hitman games in regards to shooting mechanics in my opinion. Anyone with an opinion on this please feel free to comment. Thank you

1. Absolution

2. Contracts

3. Blood Money

4. Silent Assassin

I know about Codename 47 but never played it so I withhold judgement. I cannot even count Hitman 2016 on this list since shooting feels incomplete.